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A train takes 3hrs to travel between Mumbai and Pune with an average speed of $65kmph$. Find the distance between the two cities.
$\left( a \right)$ $195km$
$\left( b \right)$ $21.66km$
$\left( c \right)$ $130km$
$\left( d \right)$ $None{\text{ of these}}$

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Hint: Speed, distance, and time confer with the three vital variables within the field of physics. Moreover, these three variables facilitate the finding of many sorts of issues in physics. Initially of all, speed refers to the measure of how quickly an object moves from one purpose to a different. The speed of any explicit object refers to the magnitude of its rate. It’s certainly a scalar quantity.

Formula used:
Distance $ = $Average speed $ \times $ Time

Complete step by step solution:
Distance refers to the amount of area that exists between any 2 points. It may be explained as the quantity something has affected. Moreover, the measuring of distance takes place in units like miles, kilometers, meters, centimeters, millimeters, yards, and inches. Moreover, space within which one thing travels features a relation with the modification in position,
So we have to calculate the distance between the two cities. For this they had given us the time and the speed at which the train was running.
By using the formula, we will get the required distance.
As we know
Distance $ = $Average speed $ \times $Time
So now we will put the values and will get the required result,
Given that the average speed is $65kmph$
And Time taken is $3hrs$
Therefore, the distance traveled will be
$ \Rightarrow \left( {65 \times 3} \right)km$
$ \Rightarrow 195km$

Hence the required distance will be $195km$

Note: This progression is in such a fashion that it goes from the past to this and into the longer term. Therefore, if there's an unchanging system, then it's dateless. What is more, time isn't one thing that one will see, touch, or taste. One will solely live its passage. Scientists believe the time to be the time of reality.