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JEE Advanced Sample Question Paper-1 (Paper-5)

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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JEE Advanced (Paper-1) Sample Question Paper-5 with Answer Keys - Free PDF Download

JEE Advanced is a must for those who want to pursue engineering courses from the reputed institutions of the country. This exam tends to provide admissions into different undergraduate courses at IITs. This exam is tough to crack, but if candidates prepare well they can pass it in a single attempt. For this, they need to go through lots of concepts, questions and chapters. However, they can practise all these things by solving JEE Advanced sample papers. Therefore, we provide JEE Advanced Sample Question Paper-5 with Answer Keys for Paper-1 (Physics, Chemistry & Maths) solved by our expert teachers on Download the JEE Advanced Sample Question Paper-1 with Solutions and Answers will help aspirants to score more marks in your IIT-JEE Examinations.

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Sample Question Paper-5 with Answer Keys For JEE Advanced

Preparation Tips for IIT- JEE Exam

IIT- JEE is a matter of discussion for every aspiring engineer. Several candidates aspire to crack this exam, however, only a few can make it. Candidates should make the exam their ambition, goal and must prepare for it with full determination. Therefore, we are sharing some preparation tips that are applicable for both JEE Mains and Advanced. These tips will surely help students if they follow them regularly.

  • Draft a Well-Planned Study Schedule

Before beginning with the preparation, candidates must prepare a well-planned study schedule to make their preparation journey smooth. In the study plan, they should prioritise chapters that take more time, so they can complete the syllabus on time. Plus, they must stick to the schedule and pay more attention to solving problems. 

  • Check the Syllabus

Students must download the syllabus and read it thoroughly. This will give them an idea of high weightage topics, repeatedly asked concepts and questions, marks distribution, etc. 

  • Manage Time

Candidates should not waste most of their time doing unproductive things. Once they detect what unnecessary activities are consuming their time, they can reduce them and utilize the saved time in doing their studies. 

  • Comprehend Basic Concepts

Before diving into JEE preparation, it’s crucial to know the syllabus and the basic concepts present in it. Candidates must evaluate their knowledge of the concepts. 

  • Solve the JEE Advanced Sample Papers

Solving JEE Advanced Sample Papers has its Own Benefits, Like

  1. They help students to understand the latest exam pattern, marking scheme, important questions, etc.

  2. They help in improving time management skills.

  3. Enhance the critical thinking ability of candidates.

  4. Boost speed and accuracy. 

FAQs on JEE Advanced Sample Question Paper-1 (Paper-5)

1. How is Vedantu helpful for JEE Advanced aspirants?

Vedantu is one of the considerable platforms for JEE aspirants. Here, students will discover all the necessary study stuff for preparation including revision notes, important questions, sample papers with solutions, etc. All these materials are developed by our highly experienced team. Moreover, we also provide the facility of premade video lectures so students can take classes anytime at their convenience. All the JEE related content is available for download for free of cost. At the same time, aspirants can carry this stuff along with them at their schools and coaching classes.

2. What things are necessary to keep in mind while filling the JEE application form?

Aspirants must check out the following points before filling the JEE Advanced application form.

  • Students should ensure that they fill all the mandatory fields properly.

  • The exam conducting body will reject the application forms if they are incomplete.

  • Candidates must check the form thoroughly before submitting it to avoid any mistakes.

  • Any wrong details will prohibit students from appearing in seat allotment and admission process.

  • Candidates must ensure that they have a high-speed internet connection while filling the application form. They can prefer the following web browsers- Mozilla Firefox (version 50 to 61), Internet Explorer (version 11 above).

  • Mobile should not be used for filling the form.

3. What is a good rank in JEE Advanced?

A good rank varies from IIT to IIT and course to course. For example, a student needs to get a rank under 500 for getting admission to the CSE department at top IITs like Bombay and Delhi. However, a rank under 3000 is also good, but it is not sufficient for the CSE branch in these IITs. The top ranks change year to year. Several factors determine the rank of a student. These include the difficulty level of the question papers, the number of candidates who appeared for the exam, the number of seats available for admission, etc. To get a good rank in the exam, a candidate needs to control his state of mind on the final day to give his best shot.

4. How to apply online for JEE Advanced?

Candidates can access the JEE Advanced application form in online mode only. However, they can pay the form fee in both online and offline mode. They can check out the application form on the official website. While filling the application form, candidates can choose their preferred exam centre. Moreover, they must also look for the eligibility criteria beforehand.

Steps to fill the application form.

  • Students can register themselves on the portal using their JEE Mains application number and password.

  • Then, upload the required documents.

  • Pay the registration fee.

5. What is the eligibility criteria for foreign students to apply for JEE Advanced?

According to the JEE Advanced eligibility, applicants who are not residents of India by birth and are settled overseas are treated as foreign nationals. These candidates must have appeared for the 10+2 exam or any equivalent exam at the time of registration. Also, candidates who are currently studying in Class 12 at foreign schools are eligible to apply.

10% of the total number of seats are reserved for foreign nationals in every course at all the IITs. These candidates are outside the ambit of the reservation criteria set for GEN-EWS, SC, ST and other reserved categories.