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JEE Advanced Sample Question Paper-1 (Paper-4)

Last updated date: 27th May 2024
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JEE Advanced (Paper-1) Sample Question Paper-4 with Answer Keys - Free PDF Download

JEE Advanced Sample Question Paper-4 with Answer Keys for Paper-1 (Physics, Chemistry & Maths) solved by our expert teachers on Download the JEE Advanced Sample Question Paper-1 with Solutions and Answers will help aspirants to score more marks in your IIT-JEE Examinations.

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Blueprint of JEE Advanced Question Paper 1

Here we are sharing the blueprint of JEE Advanced Question Paper 1. The JEE Advanced question paper 1 has 54 questions. And carries 188 marks. A similar pattern goes with paper 2. Both the papers contain three subjects- Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Paper 1 consists of 3 sections. These are 

Section 1- Consists of 6 single correct answer type questions.

Section 2- Contains 6 more than 1 correct answer type question.

Section 3- Consists of 6 numerical value answer type questions.

Significance Of Sample Papers

Practising sample papers daily is the key to cracking the JEE Advanced exam. These papers assist students in the following ways.

  • Clarify Concepts - Practising sample papers is a great way to be thorough with the concepts. This technique will let students know their weakly prepared topics so they can brush up on them before the main exam.

  • Time Management - Sample papers enable aspirants to know how much time they are taking to solve each question on average. Plus, it also gives a rough idea of the time duration of attempting the entire paper.

The more students will practise, the faster they will solve questions. This approach can help them to manage their time during the exam.

  • Build Confidence - Practising JEE Advanced sample papers create a positive mindset in the brain. If students can easily solve sample papers, their confidence will automatically boost up and they will be able to perform well in the main paper. 


Why choose Vedantu to prepare for JEE Advanced? 

Vedantu helps students to understand concepts simply. It also offers attractive study materials like online video lectures, revision notes, question papers with solutions, etc, for JEE Advanced preparation. All these materials are prepared by our top faculties.

Plus, we also offer the advantage of sample papers for all subjects that are highly beneficial for students to score decent marks in the exam.

These sample papers will help aspirants comprehend the concepts and remember the important key points for the exam.

Serious JEE aspirants can access these materials like sample papers for free on our portal.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Sample Question Paper-1 (Paper-4)

1. How does Vedantu help students in preparing for their JEE Advanced exams?

Vedantu is the greatest online learning platform that helps students in preparing for their JEE Advanced exams by furnishing them with the right study materials. One of these educational materials is the JEE Advanced Sample Question Paper - 1 (Paper - 4). It allows them to download this sample paper in PDF format by hitting the option of 'Download PDF'. Also, it does charge any money for this PDF file. Students can talk to Vedantu experts for clarification of their doubts through online chat.

2. Which topics are covered in the JEE Advanced Chemistry syllabus?

The topics covered under the JEE Advanced Chemistry syllabus are listed below:

Physical Chemistry - Gaseous and Liquid state, Chemical bonding, Atomic structure, Energetics, Electrochemistry, Chemical equilibrium, Solutions, Solid-state, Chemical kinetics, Nuclear chemistry and Surface chemistry.

Inorganic Chemistry - Preparation and properties of non-metals and compounds, Transition elements, Extractive metallurgy, Ores and minerals and Principles of qualitative analysis.

Organic Chemistry - Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Phenols, Reactions of benzene, Practical organic chemistry, Polymers, important name reactions, Peptides and amino acids and Carbohydrates.

3. What is the weightage of the topics of the Mathematical Section of the JEE Advanced Paper - 1?

The topic-wise weightage of the Mathematical Section of the JEE Advanced Paper - 1 is discussed underneath:

  • Ellipse: 4-5%

  • Application of derivatives: 14-15%

  • Parabola: 11-12%

  • Circles: 9-10%

  • Complex numbers: 6-7%

  • Probability: 6-7%

  • Hyperbola: 6-7%

  • Limits and continuity: 6-7%

  • Matrices: 11-12%

  • Sequence and series: 4-5%

  • Permutations and combinations: 4-5%

  • Definite integral: 11-12%

As the above-mentioned topics are of high weightage, therefore, every student must practice these topics to score well in the JEE Advanced exam. They can understand these topics from the NCERT books, sample papers and other reference books.

4. What is the JEE Advanced examination pattern?

Underneath is the JEE Advanced exam pattern:

  • Examination mode - Computer-based test (online test)

  • Number of question papers - Two question papers (Paper 1 and Paper 2)

  • Number of sections in each paper - Three sections (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)

  • Time duration - 3 hours for each subject

  • Languages used - English and Hindi

  • Number of questions - 90 questions

  • Types of questions asked - Numericals and multiple-choice questions

It is mandatory for the students to appear in both papers. If students get absent in any of the papers then their results will not be declared.

5. How to download the JEE Advanced admit card?

The procedure for downloading the JEE Advanced admit card is as follows:

  • Candidates will get their admit cards on the official website of the JEE Advance.

  • They should click on the given link.

  • The admit card will consist of all the personal details like name, roll number, signature, photograph, category, date of birth and exam centre.

  • After checking all the details, students can download their admit cards.

  • If there is any mistake in the admit card, then candidates must discuss this problem with the Zonal Chairman of the JEE Advanced.