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JEE Advanced Vectors Algebra Important Questions

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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JEE Advanced Important Questions of Vectors Algebra Free PDF Download

The JEE Advanced examinations, formerly called the IIT JEE, is considered the second phase of the JEE examination which  takes place after the JEE Main exam. This is a very important examination for the  candidates aspiring to take engineering  courses in esteemed institutions like the IITs. This JEE advanced examination is mostly  computer-based . The venue for the exam is usually one of the seven esteemed IITS- IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Roorkee, IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi and IIT Guwahati.  The most prominent and important subjects that the question papers of the JEE Advanced examination presents arePhysics, Maths and Chemistry.


JEE Advanced Important Questions


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Chapter-wise Important Questions with PDF

The entrance exam for the JEE Advanced takes place  in two different phases, consisting of two papers Paper 1 and Paper 2. Both the papers are conducted in two different shifts conducted on the same day.  It is mandatory for the candidates to sit for both the papers to be eligible for the merit list, because the marks secured in both papers will be the source of evaluating  the candidates which will in effect decode the colleges or institutions that the student will get admissions in. 

This article will provide the student with the relevant important questions that will be the guidance and assistance for the students in their preparation of exam.  For more such information the students can visit the website of vedantu and get rid of all their doubts and queries. 

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JEE Advanced Important Questions of Vectors Algebra

The concept of vectors is introduced at the 10+2 level. Initially, a vector can be defined as any quantity that has a magnitude along with a particular direction. For instance, a line in the coordinate plane, that has a direction, is a vector. The important questions on Vectors Algebra for JEE Advanced with solutions are available in the below PDF. Aspirants may download this PDF for free and refer to the questions so as to secure a better percentile in JEE Advanced 2023.

Vector Algebra Important Questions

This concept of vector algebra has a number of applications and related concepts. With the help of this concept, geometry can be related to algebra. Also, sums of vector algebra can be solved with the help of matrices. With the proper understanding of the coordinate planes, namely xy, yz, xz, vectors can be realized as a matrix of dimension 1xN. Geometry turns to linear algebra with the concept of vectors.

JEE Advanced Vectors Algebra important questions based on the updated syllabus are provided in the PDF below. These questions are solved by subject matter experts at Vedantu. Aspirants may download this PDF for free and practice them, in order to get a better understanding.

The following are the basic types of vectors that are included in the syllabus of JEE Advanced 2023.

1. Null Vector: Both the initial and final coordinates of this vector lie on the same point. Hence, it is called a null vector. 

2. Unit Vector: The magnitude of a unit vector is 1.

3. Free Vector: The coordinates of the initial point of this vector are not mentioned.

4. Negative of Any Vector: The negative of any given vector has the same magnitude as the original vector, but a reverse direction. 

The JEE Advanced important questions on Vectors Algebra provided in the PDF will help aspirants to get a better understanding of vectors.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Vectors Algebra Important Questions

1. What are vectors?

The physical quantities that can only be described when their magnitudes are specified are called scalars. The examples of these are mass, work, distance, speed etc. Whereas, the physical quantities where both magnitude and direction are required in order to describe them are known as vectors. The examples of these vector quantities are velocity, displacement, acceleration, force and momentum. Thus, it is not wrong to state that a vector is a directed line segment that possesses a defined magnitude and also points towards a certain direction.

2. What is the parallelogram law of vector addition?

The parallelogram law of vector addition states that when two adjacent sides of the given parallelogram are represented by two vectors, in this case the diagonal of the given parallelogram gets represented as the result of the two vectors.  


To get more such information about the given topic, it is advised that the student should visit the website of vedantu. This website provides the students with the important questions pertaining to the given topic that will help and guide the student in preparing for the exam. The students can download these in the pdf format, and utilize it even offline. 

3. What is the importance of the topic concerning vectors in the JEE advanced examination?

The topic concerning the vectors hold a very important place for the candidates who aspire to sit for the JEE Advanced examinations. This topic occupies 5 percent of the JEE screening. Apart from this, this topic also helps the student fetch marks easily in the examination. Therefore, it is important that the student needs to be very thorough with all the concepts that this particular Topic has to offer. In order to achieve this, the students can visit the website of vedantu and access all the important questions. A practice of these questions will help the student get an idea on how the questions are set in the exam. It will also help the student develop the skill of time management .   

4. Why is Algebra important for JEE Advanced?

The topic of Algebra is very important for any student who aspires to sit for the JEE Advanced examination. In fact, one can blatantly state that in order to prepare for the exam, the student’s starting point should be the practice of Algebra. The topic of Algebra does not hold a lot of theory applications, instead it has certain important formulas and definitions that the student needs to be very thorough with in order to score good ranks in the exam. To achieve this, the candidates can visit the website of vedantu and access all the study materials and important questions in the form of a pdf. A practice of this will help and guide the student in every step of their preparation.    

5. What are the practical applications of vectors?

The practical application of vectors is as follows: 

  1. The vector dot and cross concepts find its application to figure out the estimate and capability of the solar panels that produce the electrical powers.

  2. The unit vector concept is applied to determine the directions , like north and esart.

  3. The application of vectors also comes into play in the case of the flying planes.

  4. The practice of driving and sailing also uses the concepts of vectors. 

To get more such information on the topic of vectors, the students can visit the app or website of vedantu and access all the important questions and study materials that will help the student prepare for the exam.