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JEE Advanced Straight Line Important Questions

Last updated date: 20th May 2024
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JEE Advanced Important Questions of Straight Line

Mathematics is an important part of the JEE Advanced syllabus. If you practice well, you can secure the highest possible score in the exam. To help the JEE Advanced candidates, our subject matter experts have handpicked the important questions from all the units of the syllabus. You need regular practice to enhance the speed of solving the problems with accuracy. But you must have strong fundamental knowledge about Class 11th and 12th Mathematics in the first place.


JEE Advanced Important Questions


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JEE Advanced

Chapter Name:

Straight Line

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English Medium



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Chapter-wise Important Questions with PDF

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Straight Line Important Questions for JEE Advanced

S. No

Unit Names


Distance between two points


Coordinates of the point divide any line segment


Area of triangle


Inclination of line


Angle between two lines


Equation of a horizontal line


Equation of a vertical line


Point-slope form of a line


Two-point form of a line


Slope-intercept form of line


Normal form of a line


Distance of a point from a line


Perpendicular distance between two lines


The unit Straight Line holds sheer significance in the JEE Advanced exam as you will come across quite a few questions from this chapter. Once you complete the entire syllabus, you can focus on practice as in solving these JEE Advanced important questions for the Straight Line chapter.

These questions are provided in PDF format on our site for absolutely free of cost. You can download it anytime as per your requirement. It will save a lot of time of yours. So that you can practice other subjects (Physics, Chemistry) as well prior to the exam.

What do you mean by JEE Advanced Straight Lines Important Questions?

A Straight Line is a small distance between two points that are not bent in any direction and continuous in the same direction. The Straight Line is one of the key concepts in the JEE Advanced syllabus. We at Vedantu understand the importance of well-defined solution modules, and therefore, we have come up with the final set of JEE Advanced Straight Lines Important questions. Straight-line solutions are available for students who want to resolve questions from JEE papers last year. 

Students can find a detailed description of all the problems in a simple and easy-to-understand way, a perpendicular distance between two lines, a point separating a line segment, a normal form of a line, an area of a triangle position, a point-slope line form, two-point line form, etc. Approximately 2-3 questions are frequently asked in this chapter in the JEE Advanced exam.

JEE Advanced Straight Lines Important Questions - Strategies to Answer Different Types of Questions

The main strategies to prepare the answers to different questions are as follows:

  • Single Choice Correct: The students must run through the question or the question way to attempt this. It will be easier for the students to strategize the approach to solve the question if they repeat the options in mind as the options guide them to the correct answer.

  • Multiple Choice Correct: Each question should be solved and mapped with all options. It is also possible that the options are the same values ​​written in different ways. Mathematically, these are questions with a small percentage of correct answers.

  • Based on Understanding and Comprehension: Even if you know the concept in Comprehension, you should still read it well, there are still opportunities to redefine the concept or provide hypothetical ideas. If so, your correct approach could lead to a wrong answer.

  • Matrix Matching Type (One to One Matching): If the question is One-to-One Matching Match, your approach should be to find the odd one out (if any). This will help you to quickly access the correct map.

  • Matrix Matching Type (One too Many Matching): This Matrix Matching type can be very challenging and time-consuming. The suggested approach would be to try this problem if you are confident in the ideas of all 4 lines, or keep this question to solve at the last.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Straight Line Important Questions

1. What does Vedantu provide for JEE Advanced Straight Line Important Questions?

Vedantu provides last year's JEE Advanced Straight Line Important Questions with Solutions. Familiarizing yourself with JEE Past Year Papers and Mathematical Quiz Papers will help JEE students to identify the quiz pattern and assist in analyzing weak and strong areas. Vedantu helps students to clarify and understand each topic in a better way. Vedantu notes also provide comprehensive smart notes for classes 11 and 12 in all subjects. In addition to this, Vedantu also offers NCERT Solutions, last year's JEE Main and Advance questions, exercise questions, JEE Main Test Series, and JEE Advanced and NEET papers.

2. What are the topics to be focused on while preparing for JEE Advanced Straight Lines important questions?

A great focus should be given to the following topics apart from Straight Lines Important Questions:

  • Mathematics: Functions, Limitations, Continuity and Differences, Subtitle Use, Guaranteed Consolidation in Calculus; Quadratic Mathematics and Speech, Complex Numbers, Opportunities, Vector & 3D Geometry, Matrix in Algebra; Circle, Parabola, Hyperbola in Coordinate Geometry.

  • Physics: Mechanics, Fluids, Heat & Thermodynamics, Waves and Sound, Capacitors & Electrostatics, Magnetics, Electromagnetic Induction, Optics, and Modern Physics.

  • Chemistry: Qualification Analysis, Coordination Chemistry & Chemical Bonding in Inorganic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium in Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry are complete as a topic.

3. What are some of the preparation tips for the students of JEE Mains Straight Lines Important Questions?

Students preparing for JEE Advanced must follow a study strategy to ensure success in the exam. Candidates are provided with helpful tips to help them prepare for JEE Advanced 2022:

  • Students must select appropriate learning materials in preparation for the exam.

  • Create a study plan, a timetable with a space provided for each lesson.

  • Read the study material regularly and apply it regularly

  • Read concepts thoroughly and avoid memorizing topics

  • Regularly revise the material you are reading

  • Practice the numerical

4. What is the weightage of solving previous year's questions for JEE Advanced Exams?

The questions that are related to JEE Advanced Straight Lines Important Questions of the past years are important here with simple step-by-step explanations. These Straight Line solutions are very popular among IIT JEE (Advanced) Chemistry students. Straight Line Solutions helps you finish your homework faster and prepare for exams. It helps in concept building and yielding the students an avenue for improvement. All questions and answers from the IIT JEE (Enhanced) Multi-Year Questionnaire (Advanced) Chapter Straight Line must be practiced with the prior schedule. Vedantu is always there to assist you online with any doubts/clarifications.

5. How can I download the JEE Advanced Straight Lines Important Questions online?

You can choose from the various websites available online but remember that the quality of study material available at Vedantu comes with several advantages. Vedantu is the leading website in India that provides the JEE Advanced Straight Lines Important Questions free of cost. We have the best experts who have curated the PDF of Straight Lines Important Questions. Therefore, you just log in to the website of Vedantu and find what you require. Then just hit the PDF download option.