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JEE Advanced Limits Continuity and Differentiability Important Questions

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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JEE Advanced Important Questions of Limits Continuity and Differentiability

Formerly known as the IIT JEE, the JEE Advanced in the current times is the second phase of the JEE Examinations. It is usually after the candidate completes his/her JEE main exams. JEE Advanced is a very important exam for students who choose to opt for the course of engineering for their future, and are trying to get admissions in some of the most esteemed colleges such as the IIT. This exam is wholly computer-based and is conducted by the IITs. These are IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Roorkee, IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, and IIT Guwahati. 

Maths is a subject that has always is a foster fear for many students. It is seen as a phobia among the majority of students. This is because they have never seen this subject in the way it actually had to be seen. The best way to get rid of this phobia is to take a smart forward step. Stop thinking that Mathematics is a subject that is all about numbers. Apart from the numbers, there is a lot more to know and understand about it.


JEE Advanced Important Questions


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JEE Advanced

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Limits Continuity and Differentiability

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Limits Continuity and Differentiability Important Questions for JEE Advanced

When we talk about calculus, we often realize that limits and continuity hold a very special place because of their very unique and important concepts. On the one hand, the term limit refers to the number that a given function approaches, while the term function is said to be either continuous or discontinuous. The different types of discontinuity that fall in this category are  Positive Discontinuity, Jump Discontinuity, and Infinite Discontinuity. The given article by Vedantu will look into the important questions dealing with limit, types of limit, indeterminate form, algebra of limit, standard limits, expansion of some functions, continuity at a point, continuity in a domain, differentiability at a point. Understanding all these concepts will help the candidate immensely in the JEE Advanced examination. This is because the questions set for the exam demand the student to have a good understanding of the given topics. 

In this chapter, students will learn about the indispensable analysis for convergence and divergence of infinite series. This is the chapter that will take more time for preparation because of its vast syllabus. You will also learn the theory of limits, defining continuity, differentiability, and the definite integral. This unit has a weightage of around 6% to 7% that is approximately 10 marks in the final examination. So, focusing more on this chapter will fetch good marks for the students. 

IIT JEE Advanced Limits Continuity and Differentiability important questions are provided in detail for Mathematics. Each and every question asked comes with a detailed step-by-step solution along with a graphical or pictorial explanation to help students understand the concepts thoroughly. Our subject matter experts who have years of experience have prepared these solutions to the important questions. These will help students in the last-minute preparations as well. Students can download the solved pdf of the important questions.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Limits Continuity and Differentiability Important Questions

1. Are limits, continuity, and differentiation important for the JEE Advanced?

Yes, limits and differentiation is important topic for the JEE Advanced examinations. Having a basic insight into the concepts that the topic Limits and Differentiation holds, will help the student score well in the examination. To help the students achieve this, the website of Vedantu provides the candidates with the relevant materials and guidance that will help them immensely to prepare for the exam. The website also provides the candidates with the important questions that will help them figure out the type of questions that are asked in these exams. The students can download the pdf for free and utilize it for preparing. 

2. Can Students who missed the JEE Advanced  2023 appear for the JEE advanced 2024?

Yes, in accordance with the recent rules and developments, those students who have missed their JEE advanced exam in the year 2023, can definitely appear for the same in the year 2024. But, to score good ranks in the exam, the student will have to be thorough with all the important topics and concepts that the syllabus of JEE Advanced holds. To help students prepare diligently for the exam, the website of Vedantu provides the candidates with all the important materials. Apart from this, the students are also given important questions from every topic. The practice of these questions will help the student come to terms with the question pattern and figure out their areas of strength and weakness. This insight will help them perform and practice in a way that will bring out the best results. 

3. Are both Paper 1 and paper 2 compulsory for the JEE advanced examination?

Yes, both paper 1 and paper 2 are mandatory for the student to attempt in the JEE advanced examination. It is based on the marks obtained in these examinations, that the student will be evaluated and given a place for the admissions. Therefore, it becomes quite evident that in order to get placed in the college of the student's desire, the candidate needs to score good grades in the JEE advanced examination. And to achieve this, immense practice and hard work are to be put into play. The website of Vedantu realizes the needs and the requirements of the students and provides them with the relevant materials that will help the student prepare for the exam.

4. What type of questions are asked in the JEE Advanced examination?

The JEE Advanced question papers mostly provide the students with multiple-choice type questions. These questions are not always straightforward and need analytical skills to solve them. The main subjects that the question paper covers are Physics, Chemistry, and Math. Because the questions are MCQ types, the student also needs to learn the skill and importance of time management, which will help them solve the question easily and effectively within the given time limit. This can be achieved only through constant practice and revision. 

5. What is the registration fee for the JEE advanced exams?

The JEE Advanced registration fee is as follows. 

For Indian candidates from the general category, the fee to be paid is Rs 2800. Whereas the fees for the female candidates from India are Rs 1400. The aspirants belonging to the reserved category in India are also supposed to pay Rs 1400.

Indian students in foreign lands have different criteria. Those who belong to the SAARC countries are to pay 75 USD, while those who are from the Non-SAARC Countries are supposed to pay 150 USD. 

To get more information about the JEE Advanced examination, the students can visit the website of Vedantu.