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JEE Advanced Circle Important Questions

Last updated date: 27th May 2024
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JEE Advanced Important Questions of Circle

If you are willing to score the best possible marks in Mathematics, you need to understand the concepts and formulae first. Also, you need to practice a lot to memorize the formulae as well. JEE Advanced Maths syllabus is vast as it consists of Class 11th and Class 12th Maths syllabus. That’s the benefit. You have already studied the same syllabus for the CBSE board exam. So it will be easy to complete the JEE Advanced syllabus. Among all the chapters in JEE Main and JEE Advanced Mathematics syllabus, the chapter Circle is quite important. That’s why we, at Vedantu, have gathered all the JEE Advanced Important Questions for Circle along with the solutions.


JEE Advanced Important Questions


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Circle Important Questions for JEE Advanced

The chapter Circle consists of several units and we have jotted down all the units in the following keeping your convenience in mind. 


Unit Names


Definition of Circle


General equation of Circle


Equation of Circle with the endpoints of diameter


Equation of a tangent to a Circle


Equation of normal to a circle

With the help of these important questions, you can revise your basic concepts of every chapter thoroughly as the questions are created in such a way from all the important parts of the JEE Advanced syllabus. These JEE Advanced Circle Important Questions are provided in PDF format on our site for absolutely free of cost. You can download these anytime you want to practice. This will help you to save your precious time.

JEE Advanced Important Questions of Circle

Are you ready to take the JEE Advanced? 

On the Vedantu education platform, you can find FREE PDFs with some important questions to test your comprehension of the basic concepts for the Circles chapter. These questions have been produced from all of the important areas of the JEE Advanced syllabus. Free PDFs can be downloaded and printed whenever required, making them easy to use as a quick revision tool.

If you are going through the JEE Advanced curriculum, we have created free online question papers and prepared study materials with the help of Vedantu experts for you to practice. Download JEE Advanced Circle Important Questions here. These key questions are available in PDF format on our website and you can practice them at any moment.

Unit-wise JEE Advanced Circle Important Questions

Here are the topics of the important questions:

  1. Definition of Circle

  2. General equation of Circle

  3. Equation of Circle with the endpoints of the diameter

  4. Equation of a tangent to a Circle

  5. Equation of normal to a circle

FAQs on JEE Advanced Circle Important Questions

1. What is the chapter “Circle” that is needed for the JEE Advanced?

Circle” is a chapter in the JEE Advanced Mathematics. The chapter defines the term circle and its properties. A circle is the locus of all points equidistant from a given point while the Circumference is the measurement of the circle's border. The chapter delves into various properties of circles, such as the center of the circle, the radius of the circle, and the chords of the circle.

2. Is the chapter Circles important for the JEE Main and JEE Advanced Mathematics syllabus?

The chapter Circle is one of the most important chapters in the JEE Main and JEE Advanced Mathematics syllabus. The questions asked from this chapter range from simple to difficult, but students can easily solve them by practicing the questions from Vedantu's free PDF, which is a solved easy-to-understand solution for your exam preparations.

3. What should the answer be if the question in JEE Advanced comes as What are the various components of a Circle?

The circle is one of the most utilized figures in the field of geometry. A basic understanding of circles is required for the understanding of many other concepts in geometry. Radius, diameter, tangent, chord, arc, center, secant, and sector are the major components of a circle.

4. What are the different types of Circle Formulas that are asked in JEE Advanced Maths?

  • Formulas are a key part of Mathematics. A formula is a mathematical tool that helps us in solving problems and expressing relationships between different quantities accompanying the problem at hand.

  • Circle Formulas is very important for the Maths JEE Advanced exam to learn and practice. There are various formulas to calculate the circumference, area, and diameter of a circle.

The most common formula used to calculate the area of a circle is:

D = 2 × r - The diameter of a Circle

C = 2 × π × r - Circumference of a Circle 

A = π × r2 - Area of a Circle  


r = radius of the circle

d = diameter of the circle

c = circumference of the circle

5. How do I prepare mathematics for JEE Advanced?

Mathematics is the strongest section in JEE Advanced. Vedantu has set questions from the previous year’s JEE to test your preparation level. You must practice these questions on a regular basis since the level of difficulty may vary. Plan your day out and solve your question papers. This will help you plan for a proper time, understand which areas you need to study further, and track your improvement.