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IIT Goa 2023-24: Admission, Eligibility Criteria and More

Last updated date: 27th May 2024
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Everything You Need to Know About IIT Goa

Admission to the IIT Goa B.Tech courses is based on qualification in the JEE Advanced exam. Applicants can apply for JoSAA Counselling 2022 till September 21 by visiting the JoSAA 2022 official website. Also, the JoSAA Round 1 Seat Allotment results are expected on September 23. IIT Bombay released the JEE Advanced 2022 results on September 11.  JEE Advanced 2022 results can be accessed on the official website, candidates can view and download their results. Read the entire article to know more about IIT Goa 2022 Admissions, Eligibility Criteria, Cutoffs and More.

IIT Goa Admission Dates 2022


JEE Advanced 2022 result date

11 Sep'22

Candidate registration/ choice filling for academic programs under JoSAA

12 Sep'22 - 21 Sep'22

JoSAA 2022 Seat Allocation Round 1

23 Sep'22

JoSAA 2022 Seat Allocation Round 2

28 Sep'22

JoSAA 2022 Seat Allocation Round 3

3 Oct'22

JoSAA 2022 Seat Allocation Round 4

8 Oct'22

JoSAA 2022 Seat Allocation Round 5

12 Oct'22

JoSAA 2022 Seat Allocation Round 6

16 Oct'22

The Cut-Offs for IIT Goa

JoSAA successfully completed all 6 rounds of admissions counselling for the B.Tech programme for the academic year 2021. IIT Goa has published the JEE Advanced 2021 cutoff scores per category, along with the opening & closing ranks for all 6 rounds of JoSAA counselling. The highest cutoff for IIT Goa's most popular programme, B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering, is 2925 (OP), while the lowest cutoff is 4104 in round-6 for general category students.


IIT Goa Cutoff rank 2021

IIT Goa Cutoff rank 2020

Computer Science and Engineering



Electrical Engineering



Mathematics and Computing



Mechanical Engineering



IIT Goa JEE Advanced Cutoff Trends

In the previous three years, the cutoff for all B.Tech courses at IIT Goa has decreased. In contrast, the Computer Science and Engineering cutoff shows a variable pattern. The CSE cutoff for IIT Goa closed at 3865 ranks in 2019, dropped to 4277 in 2020, and then raised to 4104 in 2021.


Closing Rank 2021 (Round 6)

Closing Rank 2020 (Round 6)

Closing Rank 2019 (Round 7)

Computer Science and Engineering




Electrical Engineering




Mathematics and Computing




Mechanical Engineering




Admission Process for IIT Goa

The Admission Process for IIT Goa is structured and well organised. Any candidate will be assigned the seat according to the JEE Advanced Rank and their course preference. The candidates also need to undergo 6 counselling sessions and eligibility criteria for the courses is as follows. Class 12 clearance with physics and maths as core subjects. 65% aggregate for scheduled caste or tribes and 75% aggregate for general category in class 12 examination. Chemistry, Bio-technology, or Biology as optional subjects. Meeting respective cut-offs for the specific course.

The stepwise application process involved in admissions for IIT Goa is as follows.

  • Visit the official portal of IIT Goa.

  • Choose the desired course and click on the “apply online” button.

  • Sign up as a new user by providing your details.

  • Login to the portal and note down your qualifications.

  • Make the payment for the application form and then press submit.

Documents to be Submitted with the Application Form:

  • Scanned copy of coloured photograph 

  • Scanned copy of signature

  • Scanned copy of birth certificate

  • Scanned copy of passing certificate 

  • Scanned copy of qualifying mark sheet

  • Scanned copies of Results

  • Caste certificate

Eligibility Criteria for IIT Goa

  • Passed 10+2 with 60% aggregate marks

  • Candidates must qualify JEE Advanced

  • Should attend JoSAA Counselling

Courses offered by IIT Goa

IIT Goa offers the B-Tech program that has a duration of 4 years. The courses that are offered by IIT Goa under this program are Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Mathematics and Computing, and Mechanical Engineering.

Placements by IIT Goa

The placements offered by IIT Goa are considered highly and involve some of the most sought after positions. The IIT Goa is widely recognised as one of the most prominent hubs for placements. Other than maintaining an exceptional record for placements, the courses from IIT Goa provide candidates with excellent potential for pursuing their careers.  

Scholarship for IIT Goa

The top pioneering scholarships offered by IIT Goa are as follows.

  • Institute MCM scholarships

  • Institute merit prizes and certificates

  • Institute free studentship and post-matric scholarship

  • Scholarships for distinguished students from SC/ST category

  • Scholarship for dual degree of B-Tech/M-Tech

  • Top education scholarship for SC/ST category

  • Added scholarships


Admission to IIT Goa programmes such as B.Tech depends on JEE Advanced. Cutoff marks for courses at IIT Goa are strictly announced by the relevant qualifying exam authorities. Read the entire article to know more about IIT Goa Admissions with reference to courses.

FAQs on IIT Goa 2023-24: Admission, Eligibility Criteria and More

1. What are the different scholarships offered by IIT Goa?

IIT Goa offers various merit-based and requirement based scholarships to students. The merit-based scholarships are provided to 25% of UG candidates based on their family income. The students or candidates can visit the official website of IIT Goa for more information on the different types of scholarships that are offered and the eligibility criteria which is required for them. The scholarships offered by IIT Goa have benefitted thousands of students over the years.

2. How can I gain admission to IIT Goa?

If you want to get admission in IIT Goa then the candidates need to take advanced exams related to JEE Mains. The admission to IIT Goa will be granted depending on the rank that candidates achieve in the advanced and JEE main exams. If you want to apply to these exams then it can be done through the online portal or website provided by IIT Goa for admissions to the university.

3. Which is the most prominent program offered by IIT Goa?

The most prominent course or program that is offered by the IIT Goa is the B-Tech program. The B. Tech program provides four different, distinguished courses with specialisations. These courses that come under the umbrella of the B. Tech program are Mathematics and Computing, Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and Computer Science engineering. Each of these courses provide excellent career options and placement opportunities to the prospective candidates.

4. Can I find accommodation at IIT Goa?

Yes, you can find accommodation at IIT Goa. The institute offers hostel rooms for both the boys and the girls. The single as well as double occupancy rooms are available for the students and candidates taking admission in IIT Goa. These rooms are furnished with beds, cupboards, chairs, and study tables amongst other furniture. The students can also take advantage of other facilities such as gym, internet connection, and hostel mess.

5. How can I find comprehensive information related to IIT Goa?

If you want detailed information and data related to the admissions to IIT Goa plus other aspects then you can refer to the notes document provided by Vedantu. This documentation is available in the form of PDF and can be downloaded for free. Just visit the specific webpage and then click on the “Download PDF” button that is provided on the top of the page. Once you do that, the PDF file containing full information will be downloaded on your device.