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JEE Mains and Advance Mock Test - An Overview

Last updated date: 27th Mar 2023
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This is an undeniable fact that JEE is one of the most competitive exams in India where more than 11 lakhs of students test themselves so that they get admitted into the prestigious engineering colleges and other engineering institutes in India. 

It takes a lot for the students to prepare for the exams with sheer effort. They are required to solve many sample papers and study hard for their exam.

One of the ways of preparing for these exams is by solving the mock test question papers. In Vedantu, we offer the students with free mock test papers which will help them to prepare for their studies in a full-fledged manner. We prepare the test with the help of the master teachers at Vedantu. 

Mock test papers of both JEE Advanced and JEE Main are presented by us where the students can come and practise with the best curated test papers. The test taken in Vedantu strictly follows the latest format which is provided by the council itself.

Mock Test Papers for JEE

In Vedantu, we provide subject-wise mock test papers which will help the students to prepare according to the latest guidelines for the JEE exams. After the completion of the test series, the students are assured of an exhaustive revision from every topic. With these test series in-depth knowledge of the aspirants. With the help of these test series, one can know where they will rank. The students who do not score well can understand where they lack and thus can take necessary steps towards it. Via these exams, students will solve the questions and answers as per the time limit and thus will give them an idea as to how to manage time in the exam. 

The JEE main mock test series will help the students to solve questions and answers as they would solve in the exam. The JEE advanced mock test is also based on a complete syllabus where it contains 7 free online tests where the students can test themselves and see where they are landing. These tests can be only attempted once. The JEE Advanced test series requires a lot of practice while giving online exams and thus a realistic approach is provided in Vedantu and the students should know that from the start. 

Reasons for Taking Up the Free JEE Mock Tests 2022

The online test series of JEE gives a competitive platform for free to the students where they can analyse their performance and approach their studies accordingly. 

So, why should one take these free JEE mock tests?

  • JEE mains and advance is a competitive exam and hence to crack such exams you are required to know how to approach such exams. Simply covering each and every topic will not be enough. Thus, these Mock test papers will help the students in a competitive environment in the exam hall. 

  • Time Management plays a very important role in this type of exam. Through the help of these mock test papers, one can perfectly learn to manage time effectively. 

  • The JEE test series will also help the students to get rid of their fear and anxiety before they face the real question papers. 

  • The JEE mock test papers are of very high quality and standard material that will help the students to prepare for the exam appropriately.

  • These mock exams are designed in a way which is sure to cover all the topics of JEE Advanced and JEE Mains and this will help the students in the total guided revision of the same.  

Know the Steps to Take JEE  Mock Test on the Official Website

If you have not yet started taking the test series seriously, this is a sign for you to take it immediately. Mock test papers do wonders when it comes to the preparation for the competitive examinations. The students are recommended to solve the various mock test series uploaded by different websites including the official website. 

The students can visit the official website and take the mock tests according to their preferred time. Let us see the following procedures which are involved in this mock test:

  • First, the student is required to log into the website of JEE. 

Here the students are required to click their exam whether it is Advanced JEE or Mains JEE.  For this, they need to click the link which is present at the top of the page. Then they are required to fill the sections which say registration number and mock test papers. Carefully fill out the fields and then select “submit”. 

  • To take up the test you need to fill up the important information required like roll number, date of birth, e-mail id, etc. After completing, click on to submit.

  • Next, you will land upon a page where you have to sign in. Here, you will create your self password and then click on sign in. 

  • Suppose you have completed other mock tests, then you can select other mock tests that are present there. 

  • Next click on the link which says “JEE Advanced Mock test” or “JEE  Mains Mock test”. 

  • Next click on “Appear for the test”.

  • You will land on the questions which you are required to answer. Before you start with the test, note the time limit and the number of questions you are required to solve. 

  • Next, you have to set your own time. This is the step where students will learn about time management. 

  • You can opt for two timings, either solve it in 15 minutes or in 30 minutes. 

  • After answering these questions, you can check your answers immediately by clicking the icon “result view”. You can thereby download the result from there. 

How Does Vedantu Help in Providing the Students with Free Mock Tests for JEE Exams?

You can now align your JEE preparations with us. Start your JEE Advance and Main preparation with us in Vedantu. This is suggested that all the aspirants are required to attempt the mock test as many times as possible. This will help the students to refer to Vedantu and prepare with high quality. 

Let us check out these simple steps which will help you in taking up the JEE Mock test series:

  • Visit the website of Vedantu and there you can download the app right from the play store. 

  • Click on the start button to begin your preparation and select the top right corner of the screen. 

  • Then you will land to a page where you will be asked the details about your phone number and email id. This is the way you will get registered in Vedantu for the JEE Mock tests. 

  • You will fill up the necessary details including your name. 

  • Then after that you will land to another screen where you can take up the free mock tests.

  • You can either choose for JEE Mains or JEE Advance test series. 

  • After you choose your preference, you will be presented with questions accordingly. 

  • After completing the required details, click ‘submit’.

  • Then the exam will begin in a few seconds. 

  • If you are having any problems to log in, then you can use other alternative login methods like:

  • Login with google authentication

  • Log in with the verified account

  • Login with facebook

  • Login with twitter

  • For other login issues, you can contact Vedantu - or give a call at 98184-58898

Benefits of Solving the JEE Mock Test Papers With Vedantu 

You will enjoy all the advantages if you avail Vedantu to guide you in the JEE exam preparation. Here are the benefits:

  • You can easily access the mock test papers anytime and anywhere.

  • The mock test papers are curated by the master teachers here keeping in mind the subject matter, the exam pattern, and the standard of the JEE question paper.

  • We provide mock test papers of both the JEE Mains and JEE Advance. 

  • We will help you to make your registration easy. This will also save a lot of time.

  • We will follow up with the exam results. 

  • By checking our assessment of your exam, you will stand benefitted as this will be done by subject experts.

  • You get to appear for the mock tests for free!

  • We also provide other information related to JEE. This means you will get all you need for your exam preparation under one roof. 

  • Vedantu will help you sharpen your knowledge before you appear for JEE exams. 

  • The texts, videos, and animations all will help you understand the concept even better. 

Tips to Set a Schedule Which Will Help You the Best

It is often stated by the toppers that you are required to have a study plan even before you start your study. Firstly, this will require a practical approach to make your own study plan. You need to understand your strengths and weaknesses in your studies. You need to highlight those parts which require your main attention. Let us check some pointers which will give you some tips as to how you can create a schedule for yourself:

  • Try getting regular feedback from your mentors or teachers on the basis of your performance. 

  • Attempt as many mock test papers, and sample question papers as you can, this will help you in knowing the exam pattern thoroughly. 

  • With the help of past year's papers, you will understand the reality of the exam. 

  • Appear for JEE Mains and Advance tests for free, this will help you get adjusted with the exam system and will give you the knowledge of time management etc. 

  • You can also access practice papers. You can get those for free from Vedantu. 

  • Get some valuable tips from the experts.

  • Test what you know by taking up the mock test papers before starting your exam. 

  • Apply for tests for different levels. 

  • Check your progress level with statistical data. 

  • Try to get the corrected answers if your answer is wrong after you solve a question. 

  • Do smart revision by taking up various revision tests. This will help you get rid of boring revisions. 

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses and work accordingly. 

This content is well comprehensive and gives the students information about what are the benefits which the student can avail and how can the students schedule their study life creating a good analysis of their strengths and weaknesses in each subject. The students are suggested to take up the mock test series from Vedantu as soon as possible and reap the advantages which they can get from the exam preparation materials provided by us. 

FAQs on Enroll Yourself for JEE Mains and Advanced Mock Test

1. From where can I get the mock test series free of cost?

You can avail the mock test series from Vedantu. This is absolutely free here. In Vedantu, the JEE questions are prepared in a manner which will help the students to create a strong foundation before their exams and will help them to know the standard of the exam. 

2. Which one is important to solve? Mock test papers or previous year's question papers?

The answer will be both. You are required to solve the mock and PYQP as well. As much as you solve these practice question papers, you will get confident and will be able to compete in the exam with high potential. Also, you are suggested to solve the Mosk test papers from different websites. You can get one here in Vedantu. We provide mock test papers for both Mains and Advanced test papers. 

3. Is it compulsory to take up the mock test?

No, it is not compulsory but if you take a test on mock papers, you will be well aware of the type of question paper you are going to encounter in the exam hall. This will make you prepare for all the contingencies. Also, by solving these question papers, you will understand where you stand. Hence, solving the mock test papers isn’t compulsory, but good if you take up one.