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Surface Chemistry Important Questions - JEE Main 2022


JEE Main Important Questions of Surface Chemistry

As JEE Mains 2020 is drawing closer, each minute slipping by is valuable for the JEE Mains aspirants. Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry, all three subjects have equal weightage in this exam. There are a total of 75 questions from all three subjects and for each subject, 100 marks are allotted. This PDF below consists of the chemistry important questions for Jee Mains. JEE Mains aspirants may download it for free, and make a self-assessment by solving the JEE Main Surface Chemistry Important Questions Chemistry.

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Advantage of Jee Mains chemistry chapter wise questions with solutions

Practicing for Chemistry while preparing for JEE Mains, it is recommended by teachers that aspirants should take as many mock tests as possible. Chemistry Jee Mains important questions cover the vital topics from all three sections namely, Organic, Inorganic and Physical, along with chapterwise solutions. The PDF provided below contains JEE Main Chemistry Important Questions solved by subject experts at Vedantu that will help students to excel in exams. 

Most JEE Mains aspirants aim to score high in both JEE Mains and Advanced, so as to meet the cut-off percentiles required to get an admission in one of the top-ranked universities. Chemistry Jee Mains important questions covering all important topics for this year are included in the PDF. Mostly, the difficulty levels vary for JEE Mains questions. For Chemistry, nearly half of the questions can be categorized as Difficulty Level 1. Of the rest, a greater number of the questions are of Difficulty Level 2 and a few questions can be expected to be of Difficulty Level 3. In order to get an admission in an IIT JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, both are required to be cleared by an aspirant.  Download the PDF to get a better understanding of the types of questions one may get in JEE Mains from Chemistry.

Syllabus for JEE Main Chemistry 2022

Physical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Some basic concepts in chemistry

Classification of elements and periodicity in properties

Purification and characterisation of organic compounds

States of matter



Atomic structure

Block elements (alkali and alkaline earth metals)

Chemistry in everyday life

Chemical bonding and molecular structure

P Block elements group 13 to group 18 elements

Principles related to practical chemistry

Chemical thermodynamics

d- and f – block elements

Organic compounds containing halogens


Coordination compounds

Organic compounds containing oxygen


Environmental chemistry

Organic compounds containing nitrogen

Redox reactions and electrochemistry

General principles and processes of isolation of metals


Chemical kinetics


Some basic principles of organic chemistry

Surface chemistry



Important questions for the JEE main, Surface Chemistry, are available for a free download at Vedantu.

Unit 10 of the JEE main syllabus is “Surface Chemistry”, and students are required to understand the chapter very well, for passing the exam with good marks. The unit of Surface Chemistry is divided into two parts. Part one is Adsorption, and part two is Colloidal State.

In part one, Adsorption of Surface Chemistry, many important topics are covered. Such as Physisorption and Chemisorption and their characteristics, factors affecting adsorption of gases on solids, homogeneous and heterogeneous factors, etc.

In part two, Colloidal state, topics such as distinction among true solutions, colloids and suspensions, classification of colloids etc are included.

Therefore, it is very much important for the students to solve the important questions of Surface Chemistry, which Vedantu Provides.

Advantages of the Important Questions for JEE main, Surface Chemistry.

Only learning and understanding the concepts of Adsorption and Colloidal state of surface Chemistry will not help the students to score better in the JEE main exam. Students are required to have a solid practice of the exam-like questions as well. Because solving the questions will help you understand the concepts in a better manner. And hence, the Important questions for Surface Chemistry provided by Vedantu comes to help you.

The Important questions provided by the Vedantu for JEE Main Surface Chemistry covers important aspects of the chapter. The questions included are the same type of questions that students may encounter from this chapter in the exam. So, solving the important questions for Surface Chemistry will give the students an idea of the real exam before the actual exam.

Other Study Materials to Help Students with JEE Main Chemistry Preparation

  1. Solve these mock test papers JEE Main Online Mock Test Series for Free and be confident while answering in the exam hall. 

  2. JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper with Answer Keys should also be solved by JEE Main aspiring students to know the pattern of JEE Main exam and other important factors.

If you want to achieve good results in your JEE Mains then you have to do smart studying. Skip studying aimlessly, instead know the weightage of each chapter, each portion and then study accordingly. The important questions and answers are in fact shared with this point of view. Students must primarily focus on the important points in the chapter. Study them to score the maximum marks.


From the chapter on Surface Chemistry, our experts have included some important questions and answers which will help the students in covering the most important topics from this chapter. 

You can download the free PDF of the same and use it offline as well. Also, check the syllabus for JEE Main Chemistry and get updated for the year 2022.

FAQs on Surface Chemistry Important Questions - JEE Main 2022

1. What should I do to master the chapter of JEE Mains Surface Chemistry?

Follow the given steps to master the JEE Mains, Surface Chemistry.

  • First of all, find the syllabus and check out the unit of Surface Chemistry and take a thorough look at all the topics covered in the chapter.

  • Find which topics will be easy for you and which will be hard.

  • Now, make a schedule according to your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Then, start studying the chapter and take notes in your book whenever required.

  • Then revise the notes.

  • Lastly, practice as much as possible, for which you are required to solve the Important questions for the JEE Main Surface chemistry.

2. Where can I find the Important questions for JEE main Surface Chemistry?

Your search for finding the important questions ends at Vedantu, because Vedantu provides all the required educational material to the students, so that the students of JEE Main can focus completely on their exam preparation. Vedantu provides the Important questions for Surface Chemistry, in a downloadable file format, and it is completely free. So all the students can benefit from it, and can prepare for the JEE main exam, to the best of their capacity. So, download the Free PDF of important questions for Surface Chemistry here.

3. Is it important to solve all the questions given in the PDF for JEE Main, Surface Chemistry?

Yes, it is very much important to solve all the questions given in the free PDF for JEE main, Surface Chemistry. Solving the questions will acquaint you with the type of questions that are asked in the actual exam, and also practising the questions is one of the best ways for mastering the unit of Surface Chemistry. Solving all the questions will help you know which topic you are good at and which topics still require a little bit of practice. In this manner, you can strengthen your weak areas as well.

4. What is included in the Important questions for JEE Main, Surface Chemistry provided by Vedantu for a free download?

The important questions provided by Vedantu covers all the major aspects of Surface Chemistry. It comes with the important questions from Adsorption, as well as from the Colloidal state.

A total of 30 important questions from Surface Chemistry are provided for the students to solve. These 30 questions are divided into two parts, in the part one there are 23 questions and all of these questions are multiple-choice types, while question numbers 24 to 30 are the Integer type of questions.

5. Why should I download the Important questions from Vedantu for JEE Mains, Surface Chemistry?

There are many reasons for downloading the important questions for the JEE mains surface chemistry from Vedantu, a few of them are given below:

  • The important questions for JEE mains Surface Chemistry are available in PDF file format, which is supported in almost all the devices.

  • The PDF is completely free of cost, so no subscription of any kind is required.

  • The PDF also includes the solutions to all the important questions asked.

  • It is prepared by experienced teachers, after considering all the factors of the JEE main exam.