JEE Main Reservation 2020

JEE Mains 2020 Examination: Reservation Criteria and Procedures Quotas

JEE Main Reservation

JEE Mains 2020 is one of the most prestigious and esteemed examinations for candidates looking to enroll in an engineering institute. After the change in its governing body, NTA has begun to conduct tests in India since last year. Along with its modified criteria, JEE Main reservation criteria has also been declared. It is based on candidates who are from backward communities/classes (OBC) and those from Scheduled Caste or Tribe (SC/ST). 

The specific applicants who fall under the above-mentioned categories are provided with certain benefits over common (general) category. It is primarily in qualifying score, cut off percentage and in the distribution of seats. Candidates belonging from a particular group (category) need to produce the necessary documents as evidence of their reservation in those specific categories. 

Primary features of reservation criteria for JEE Mains 2020

1. Specific candidates to be granted the reserved seats will be determined by JEE Main scores. GoI has set specific guidelines for reservation criteria, which will be followed by the NTA (National Test Agency).
2. Reservation benefits will only be provided to those categories which will be officially issued by the Indian Government in the central list.
3. In all reputed engineering colleges like NITs, GFTIs, etc. reservation criteria will be solely applicable based on the scores secured by candidates in 2020 JEE Mains.
This table below will give you a brief idea regarding the percentage of seats reserved for specific categories of applicants for JEE Mains 2020:

1.Other Backward Classes (OBC)27%
2.Scheduled Tribe (ST)7.50%
3.Scheduled Caste (SC)15%
4.A person with Disability(PWD)3%

Apart from the above-mentioned table where you can see the distribution of seats among minority or backward classes, the Indian Government also has a quota for women. Its primary reason was to educate more percentage of women and inspire education of girl child in this country. 

Reservation for women applicants:

  • Majority of the engineering colleges in India reserve a minimum of 5% seat for women. All a female applicant needs to do is apply through the Women Quota System.

  • Women who fall under PWD category (People with Disability) get a new 3% seat reservations in all the topmost Indian engineering colleges.

  • What is the procedure to claim JEE Main reservation of 2020?

  • Interested and eligible applicants have to fill up a form (JEE Mains 2020) by providing with all personal details of their category.

  • Applicants need to show proof of their reservation category with all the necessary documents like the reservation certificate provided by the GOI. The candidates will need to carry all those documents during their counseling process.

  • If by any chance an applicant is unable to show any proof of the official documents, his/her reservation will not be considered. He or she will then fall under the General category.

  • What documents are required for JEE Main reservations?
    Applicants will require the following two official documents while going for the interview or counseling process in any of the top engineering institutes. 

  • The reservation certificate which has been issued by any competent authority under the Government of India (GOI).

  • Disability certificate for candidates who fall under the PWD category.

  • Reservations /Quotas based on the State of Residence
    Apart from the reservations mentioned above for JEE Mains, all engineering colleges and institutes are further divided into two quotas. They are – Home State Quota (HS) and the Other State Quota (OS). 

    Home State Quota: It is applicable for candidates who have passed the 12th board examination or any other equivalent examination from a state. 

    Other State Quota: This one incorporates all the states and the Union territories except the home state or province the candidate has applied from. 

    The table below will give an applicant a brief idea regarding the percentage of seats under each quota.

    1.Home Quota50%
    2.Other State Quota50%

    While this was all about JEE Main reservation, applicants will always have certain queries in their minds. To assist them better, below are some essential FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to provide a fair idea regarding JEE Mains reservation criteria 2020.  

    JEE Main FAQs for reserved criteria

    1. My son is dyslexic; will he be able to qualify under the PWD quota in JEE Main?
    Answer: PWD quota includes applicants who are partially blind or have low vision, hearing issues or some cerebral or motor disabilities with a 40% minimum defect. Therefore, any aspiring individual who has dyslexia will not be eligible.

    2. When will NTA receive JEE Main reservations details?
    Answer: JEE Main results will be declared on 31st January and 30th April 2020 respectively. So, only after that, the state and central government institutes will submit their seat reservation process to the NTA.

    3. Who will be benefited from JEE reservations?
    Answer: Candidates falling under those classes, tribes or castes being allotted in the list by the Indian Government will get admission through the reservation rules.

    4. My father is an ex-serviceman. So, will my son get any benefits?
    Answer: Only applicants who come under a category of SC/ST, OBC and PWD are eligible for reservations. Everyone else will fall under the General category.  

    Hopefully, the above-mentioned details have cleared your doubts, confusions, etc. regarding the criteria and procedures you need to know for JEE Mains 2020 examination. Make sure that you prepare yourself in the best way possible. Get enrolled at a reputed engineering college in India with some of the best and most exceptional teaching faculty and global recognition.