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Class 12 Economics ISC Question Paper 2019 - Free PDF Download

Economics is one of the most interesting subjects that teach students how to develop conceptualized models of behaviour, make changes in the policy, and market. In today’s time, economists not only advise the Prime Minister and political parties on economic issues, but they also advise the central banks, real estate, and public and private businesses. Economics also fosters the ability to make everyday decisions. So this subject gives both theoretical and practical knowledge to students. 

With economics being such an extensive and important subject, it demands hard work for students to score well. Hence they can score good marks only by just understanding the theories and practicing various types of questions.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Write One Difference Between Accounting Cost and Opportunity Cost.

Accounting cost is recorded in the accounts book of a firm. These are the expenditures incurred by an industry/firm in terms of the production process. 

For example, a furniture industry manufactures sofa sets,  the cost of labour used in its production is the accounting cost.

Opportunity cost is the value of the next best alternative selected over another while making a certain decision. 

For example, a producer can use the firm for either producing the gloves or electrical items. He finds benefits in manufacturing the electrical items. So, producing electrical items is the opportunity cost over producing the gloves.

2. How Can I Study for Class 12 Economics?

Our faculties suggest the following tips:

  1. Study topic wise.

  2. Try to understand what exactly is asked in a particular question.

  3. Analyze all you read and ask questions to yourself.

  4. Go through all the economic models thoroughly and learn all the important definitions.

3. Can I Access the Study Materials for Class 12 Economics from Vedantu?

Yes, you can access the study materials for class 12 Economics from Vedantu. You can download these study materials for free.

4. How to Score Good Marks in Class 12 Economics?

To score good marks in Class 12 Economics, you need to be consistent with your preparation. Be focused and stay updated with the types of questions asked in the previous years and the exam pattern.

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