ISC Class 12 Accountancy Question Paper 2016

Class 12 Accountancy ISC Question Paper 2016 - Free PDF Download

Vedantu is a leading educational organization that aims to provide ISC study material for Class 12 Accountancy. Along with the important notes, students can avail of previous years’ board papers for the class 12 Accountancy examination. Previous years’ papers solved by our experts will work as a gold mine for the students revising for the board exam. These solutions prepared by our experts can be relied upon by students for effective guidance in Accountancy. Students can access other important study materials available on Vedantu for their exam preparation.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Can I Study for ISC Class 12 Accountancy?

Our subject experts suggest the following tips.

  1. Know the basics of ledger posting, debit, and credit balances.

  2. Remember the definitions of terms like assets, debts, liabilities, profit, and loss, etc.

  3. Make flashcards of these definitions and read them at regular intervals.

  4. Be consistent throughout your preparation.

2. How Can I Achieve a 95+ Score in the Accountancy Exam?

Make consistent studying your Mantra!

  • Practice all the numerical type questions on every topic covered in your syllabus. 

  • Go through our stepwise strategy to score 95+ in the accountancy exam on our website. 

  • Revise all the concepts with our study materials. 

  • Practice the sample papers available on our website.

3. Is the NCERT Helpful for the ISC Accountancy Class 12 Exam?

Yes, definitely, NCERT books are very helpful in scoring a good percentage in the ISC accountancy class 12 exam.

4. How Vedantu Helps in the ISC Class 12 Accountancy Exam Preparation?

To prepare for your Class 12 Accountancy exam, you can refer to Vedantu. We at Vedantu, provide free study materials, sample papers for practice, free tutorials to clear all your doubts from our faculties in our live classes. All you need to do is, stay connected with us for the best study materials and test papers for your exam preparation. 

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