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Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Pyrolusite Mineral

Pyrolusite mineral, essentially containing manganese dioxide is an important ore of manganese. It has a metallic luster, a black or bluish stream, and speedily tarnishes the fingers. The Pyrolusite is named from the Greek pyro and louein meaning “ fire” and “ to wash” because it was used to remove tints from glass. The specific gravity of Pyrolusite is 4.8. Pyrolusite mineral occurs associated with braunite, hollandite, manganite, goethite, hematite, and chalcophanite under highly oxidized conditions. It is minded in Germany, India, United States, Cuba, Ghana, Morocco, and South Africa. As an oxidizing agent, it is used in the preparation of chlorine.  Read the article below to get detailed information on Pyrolusite properties.  

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Pyrolusite Physical Properties


Darkish, black to lighter grey, sometimes bullish 

Crystal Habit

Granular to massive: botryoidal, crystal rare


Perfect Prismatic {110} {are}

Specific Gravity

4.4- 5.06




Metallic, dull to earthy





Moho Scale Hardness

6-6.5, 2 when massive

Crystal System


Pyrolusite Ore Chemical Formula

The Pyrolusite ore chemical formula is MnO₂.


The Pyrolusite hardness ranges from 2- 6.5 on the moh scale.

Where is Pyrolusite Ore Found?

Pyrolusite ore is formed under high oxidizing conditions and high Ph.  As it is a mineral of shallow marine, bogs, and lacustrine, it is also found in an oxidized zone of magniferous deposits and deposits formed by circulating meteoric water.  Both bacteria action and colloidal processes are important in its formation. The leading producing countries of pyrolusite are India, Brazil, China, Russia, South Africa, and  Gabon.

Pyrolusite Uses 

  • It is used in the manufacture of green and violet paints.

  • It is used to prepare disinfectant and for decolorizing glass.

  • As a coloring material, pyrolusite is used in calico printing and dyeing.

  • It is used for imparting black, violet, and amber colors to glass, pottery, and bricks.

  • It is extensively used in the preparation of various alloys such as manganese-bronze.

  • As an oxidizing agent, pyrolusite is used in the preparation of chlorine. 

Pyrolusite Crystal Healing Properties

  • The pyrolusite crystal protects the intention of those who populate the lower frequency of the Astral words and during ritual work.

  • This gemstone strengthens the eyesight and treats bronchitis and walls of the blood veins.

  • It defends against the diseases of constipation, colon, and bowels.

  • It provides relief from pain, numbness, arthritis, and scalar tissue.

  • It also treats the blood rate disorder and stimulates sexuality

  • Pyrolusite crystal diminishes fear and aligns the chakras as well as auric body.

  • Derived from the Greek “ fire wash”, the pyrolusite is a stone of purification.

  • It offers support during emotional healing, and also releases blockage and stabilized relationships.

  • The stone promotes confidence, optimism, and determination.

  • The stone drives off the negative power, evil, and dispels all the physical attacks.

Pyrolusite Metaphysical Properties

  • Pyrolusite transforms negative expectations and thoughts into positive ones.

  • It stabilizes relationships.

  • The stone has the power to transfer and restructure the powers.

  • The stone contains every possible color to heal the aura of the body. 

  • By raising a person with strong will determination, also enhances mental clarity.

  • It is also known as the stone of transformation as it is used to undue mental influence.

  • The gemstone helps one to be truthful to their beliefs and remove interference.   

  • The gemstone helps someone in promoting a strong determination.

Did You Know?

  • Pyrolusite is a mineral essentially containing manganese dioxide(MnO₂)

  • Romanechite and pyrolusite are the most important manganese minerals. 

  • The mineral is obtained by reduction of the oxide with magnesium, sodium, aluminum, and electrolysis. 

  • Pyrolusite is widely used in the manufacture of various manganese-bronze alloys.

  • It forms in stagnant shallow marine and freshwater bogs along with swamp deposits.

  • Pyrolusite is derived from the Greek “ fire wash” as it is used to remove stains from the glass.

  • Pyrolusite is also formed as direct deposits from cold groundwater in bogs and on the ocean floor. 

FAQs on Pyrolusite

1. What is Pyrolusite?

Ans: Pyrolusite is the common manganese mineral of the rutile group. Light grey to black, metallic, moderately heavy coating, crust, or fibers is formed under the highly oxidizing conditions. This desolate, dark grey colored stone is known as pyrolusite because of its ability to transform and restructure, and was dependent on ancient magicians. In terms of its use as a way to remove tint from the glass, its name is from the Greek for fire and to wash.  

2. Is Pyrolusite Toxic?

Ans: Yes, pyrolusite is moderately toxic and should be handled with care while dealing with the dry powder pigment so as not to inhale the dust.

3. What Are the Benefits of Pyrolusite?

Ans: The most renowned pyrolusite mineral protects the individual from the earth demons aa they throw off the spells. It also protects against bronchitis and eyesight problems and is highly useful in purifying and neutralizing one's negative views and internal fights, by transforming them into positive, usable energy. Excelling at repelling negativity, It is a powerful grounding stone that provides a connection between Earth and the human heart.