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IMAO Full Form

Last updated date: 18th Apr 2024
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What is IMAO?

IMAO means “In My Arrogant Opinion”. It is an internet slang similar to LoL (Laugh Out Loud), ROFL (Rolling on Floor Laughing), which is used by people as an acronym during online chatting with others via email or text messages. It usually takes less time to type a few words in comparison to a phrase thereby it is frequently used by internet users and gaining popularity in various platforms such as SMS, email, messaging, and similar other channels used for chatting. 

The IMAO abbreviation "In My Arrogant Opinion",  clearly suggests that slang is used in unfriendly, rude situations.  Hence, the use of IMAO is only restricted to an informal, day-to-day conversation, and not suitable to use in formal conversations.

What is IMAO Full Form Meaning?

IMAO means In My Arrogant Opinion.

IMAO Examples

Following are a few examples of the use of IMAO.

Example 1:

Sam: Which chocolate would you like to have?

Peter: IMAO, please take whichever you want from the fridge if you are feeling hungry. We are already long delayed.

Example 2:

Sam: The factory is not making sufficient profit for the last three years.

Peter: IMAO, Sell this factory and buy a spacious and comfortable apartment and rent it for cash.

From Where Does IMAO Originate?

  • The IMAO is a hard acronym that replaces IMHO.

  • IMHO full form In My Humble Opinion is typically used in terms of requesting in comparison to the IMAO which is more of a harsh word where it specifically says Arrogant.

  • IMAO was introduced in a discussion with Jam Band “ The Grateful Dead” in the year 1989. 

  • The IMAO abbreviation gained popularity in the year 1989 and was used in debate and arguments.

  • It is gradually considered as being transphobic.

  • By the year 1993, IMAO's full form got popularised and spread widely among online users to be used in the hot discussion. 

Other Meanings of IMAO

With the huge popularity of the acronym IMAO, people started using it with other meanings also.

Following are the Different IMAO Full Form Meaning:

  • In My Missed Opportunity

  • In My Awesome Opinion

  • I Must Ask Obama

  • I Am Also One

  • In my Amazing Opinion

  • I Am Also One

FAQs on IMAO Full Form

Q1. What is the Abbreviation of IMAO?

Ans. IMAO abbreviation is “ In My Arrogant Opinion”.

Q2. What does IMAO Mean?

Ans. The term IMAO means “in My Arrogant Opinion” and is generally used by a person when sharing an opinion. The acronym is widely seen in social media or text messages where everyone loves to share their opinion. The acronym IMAO is similar to the acronym IMHO that stands for “ In My Humble Opinion”, but is an arrogant rather than an honest opinion. The IMAO is often used jokingly.

Q3. Where is IMAO Often Used?

Ans. IMAO is often used in abusive online or text messages to minimize the impact of imperative opinions. Therefore, it is quite obvious that people using this acronym were not quite being humble and hence IMAO stated to be used in reactions. Its usage is halfway in self-effacing jokes and halfway to acknowledge that the opinion is actually arrogant.