ACC Full Form

ACC Full Form is Associated Cement Companies. ACC is one of the leading manufacturers of ready to mix concretes and cements in India. It has a vast chain of the network throughout the country operating with over 50000 dealer networks. 

The subsidiaries of ACC include ACC Concrete Ltd Bulk Cement Corporation, Lucky Minmat Ltd National Limestone Co Ltd, and Encore Cements & Additives Pvt. Ltd. The company was renamed ACC Limited in 2006. It is the only cement company in India to get superbrand status.

History of ACC

ACC was formed by amalgamating 11 cement companies in 1936. The first chairman was Sir Nowroji B Saklatvalaand consisted of prominent industrialists JRD Tata, Walchand Hirachand, and Sir Akbar Hydari. 

This is one of India’s first notable mergers and was a historical achievement. It tinkered with the country’s nationalist pride and touched every walk of Indian life. 

Milestones of ACC

Let’s now look at some of the milestones of this company.

1936 – Company incorporated on August 1, 1936, and the first board meeting was held

1939 – Company’s head office was constructed based on the design of Ballardie Thompson & Mathews and emerged winner at all India contest

1947 – First indigenous cement plant was established at Chaibasa in Bihar

1957 – Technical training institute was established at Kymore, Madhya Pradesh

2010- It was the platinum jubilee year of the company, and it received the FICCI award

2012 – ACC introduced the M-100 grade concrete for constructing high-intensity towers

2014 – It launched Waste Heat Recovery System at Gagal

2016 – ACC received the Silver Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting

ACC has continued to inspire generations of cement manufacturers throughout India and continues to work on its CSR initiatives. 

Sustainable Development Initiative By ACC

The Associated Cement Company has engulfed the life of every Indian, and it's not too difficult to understand when we take a peek into the sustainability measures adopted by this company. 

ACC takes full care of its employees and takes continuous efforts to mitigate accidents. ACC conducts monthly safety audits at its plants and uses health and safety signs at the workplace. 

ACC takes extra care to promote the use of alternative fuel sources. ACC has a no-nonsense approach towards waste management and offers unique solutions for it. These tasks are undertaken through its Geocycle technology innovations. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

The company has a comprehensive CSR program and was the first one to receive the ASSOCHAM award in 1976. ACC has a team of young CSR specialists that looks after the neighboring communities and tribal taking care of their education and health. They also have a robust village welfare scheme that cares about sanitation, healthcare, and protects the crafts of local artisans.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Meaning of ACC Cement?

A. ACC Stands for Associated Cement Companies and now known as ACC limited. It is India’s pioneering company in manufacturing ready to mix concrete and cement. The headquarter is located in Maharishi Karve road in Mumbai and is known as the Cement House.

2. Which ACC Cement is Best for Your Roof?

A. ACC manufactures different grades of cement. The most commonly used cement is the 33 grade ordinary Portland cement. Other forms of common ACC types of cement that can be used in roofs are 43 grade ordinary Portland cement and 53 grade Ordinary Portland Cement.

3. What is the Strongest Cement Used in India?

A. Concrete is considered the strongest cement with less water mixing. Aggregate is also another factor that gives strength to concrete. A strong concrete cement should have low water to cement ratio and below to a high aggregate category.