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SRMJEE Result 2023

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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Significance of Studying at SRM Institute of Science and Technology

SRM Institute of Science and Technology is one of the leading institutes of India providing B-Tech degree to students from all over the country. It is also a dream destination for the students outside India. SRM Institute of Science and Technology was previously known as SRM University. The students get the chance of admission in this institution by qualifying the SRMJEE conducted on a pan-India basis. Various undergraduate engineering courses are offered by this prestigious institute. Here we provide you with detailed information on SRMJEE result 2020.


What is the Tentative Date of SRMJEE 2020 Result?

SRM Institute of Science and Technology is likely to publish the SRMJEE Result 2020 in the last week of April.


What is the Procedure to SRMJEE Result 2020?

Candidates can check the SRMJEE 2020 Result by entering their registered email id and password which were communicated to them well in advance. The SRMJEE is conducted to offer the students admission to all the campuses of SRM Institute of Science and Technology for various undergraduate engineering courses.

What is the Date-Wise Breakup of the Whole Process of SRMJEE?

Serial No

Course of Action



SRMJEE 2020 entrance  examination

12.04.2020 to 20.04.2020


Publishing of SRMJEE 2020 Result

Last week of April


Commencement of counselling (offline mode)

First week of May


Starting date of Counselling (Online mode)

Third week of May


What are the Steps to Check SRMJEE Result 2020?

The candidates will have to follow the following steps to check the SRMJEE 2020 Result:

  • Visit the official site of SRM Institute of Science and Technology

  • Click on the Candidate Log in button 

  • Enter your registered email id and password 

  • The result will be generated automatically. 

  • You can save the result in a PDF form and take a print out for future reference.


What are the Details stated in the SRMJEE Result 2020?

The following details are specified in the SRMJEE 2020 Result:

1. Candidate’s name

2. Roll Number

3. Photograph (same as at the time of registration)

4. Registration number/Application number


What Procedure Follows the Publishing of SRMJEE Result 2020?

After the publishing of SRMJEE 2020 Result the candidates who qualify will be called for counselling (online/offline) and the allotment of seats follows. The whole counselling and seat allotment take place on the basis of ranks obtained. The letter inviting the candidates for counselling will be sent immediately after the release of SRMJEE 2020 Result. 

The counselling will be of two types. One is online and another is offline. In the online mode, the candidate will have to register himself in online mode. In this part, you are required to choose your preferred branches and campus. In the offline procedure, you will have to appear physically at the venue with all the relevant and necessary documents for the purpose of seat allotment. Seats will be allotted on the basis of ranks and given preferences. 

Which Institutes are not Covered Under SRMJEE 2020?

There are six participating institutes in the SRMJEE 2020. They are:

1. SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur

2. SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram

3. SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Vadapalani

4. SRM Institute of Science and Technology, NCR Ghaziabad

5. SRM University AP- Amaravati

6. SRM University Delhi NCR- Sonepat

Currently, SRM Institute of Science and Technology is one of the best engineering colleges that India has. Since the year of its foundation, it has been producing many genius engineers. Many of them are carving a niche in their individual fields of work in different corners of the world. Quite logically so, it is not so easy to get a chance to study in this prestigious institution.

Tips for SRMJEE 2020 Online Preparation

SRMJEE 2020 online preparation is one of the best ways to prepare for the examination. There are numerous platforms offering digital study materials and mock test papers. Students can do a comparative study among these platforms and choose the best one. SRMJEE 2020 online preparation can save a lot of time and make their study more systematic and result-oriented.

The teaching-learning method is undergoing a sea change all across the world, thanks to the emergence of online education. Students in large numbers are embracing the digital mode of study. A candidate who can tactfully manage the SRMJEE 2020 online preparation is likely to crack the examination in a far easier way.

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