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NTSE Stage 1 Booklet 2

Last updated date: 02nd Mar 2024
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NTSE Stage 1 Booklet 2 PDF Download

National Talent Search Examination or NTSE is one of the highly competitive exams of our nation at the school level. Around 9-10 Lakh students appear for the exam every year and out of which only 2000 students are selected for the final NCERT fellowship. This fellowship aims at nurturing students who wish to pursue higher studies in Science & Social Sciences. This exam is conducted in two stages wherein stage-1 is conducted under the guidance of SCERT or the state authorities and the later stage is conducted under NCERT at the National level.


NTSE tests students' learning across various streams namely: Science, Social Science, Mathematics and Mental Ability. Preparing for NTSE sometimes may be a bit exhaustive because you don’t just have to learn all the concepts but also you need to solve them efficiently. Therefore sensing the importance of the right guidance in preparation Vedantu gives you an NTSE Stage-1 booklet 2 specially curated by experienced NTSE Experts & Master Teachers. This booklet will help you clear & revise your concepts and you can test your NTSE preparation by solving these questions.


Download the NTSE Stage-1 Booklet and keep learning at Vedantu.