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NSEJS Exam Sample Paper 1

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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NSEJS Sample Papers With Solutions

Solving sample paper 1 plays a vital role while preparing for the National Standard Examinations in Junior Science (NSEJS). The experts at Vedantu recommend solving as many sample papers as possible to crack the exam. One can avail the NSEJS sample paper 1 on Vedantu’s site. Provided by our experts, it is the best way to understand the NSEJS exam pattern and solve relevant questions. This NSEJS sample paper 1 is solved by our Science wizards who are dedicated to training students for such contests. Get the sample paper 1 for free download here. 

NSEJS Exam Stages

Stage 1- Annually, around 80000 people from the country appear for the examination, of which they need to qualify for the merit list and around 300 students are selected among them according to the merit clause. And the last rank, if tied, then all students with the same marks at this position are qualified to appear for the second level examination or stage 2. 


Stage 2 - This stage of the examination is tougher and among the qualified candidates who appear for the second stage, have to clear the cutoff of 50% of the maximum score which is also called the MAS (Minimum Admissible Score). Among the 300 members that appear for the Indian National Junior Science Olympiad (INJSO), the top 35 attend a two-week camp. A team of six members are then selected to represent our country India in the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO). 

NSEJS Exam Dates 2022-23

Most important step is to stay updated with the key dates of your exam. This surely must be on your mind already so check out the important dates mentioned below of NSEJS Exam 2022-23.



Registration Begins

August 1,  2022

Registration Ends

August 21,  2022

Exam Date

November 27, 2022

Result Date

December 29, 2022


NSEJS Exam Sample Paper 1 2022-23 - Important Topics 

Aspirants must prioritize their preparation according to their weak and strong topics and they should also be aware of the important topics that are to come in the NSEJS exam 2022-23.

S. No.


Important Topics



  • Light- Concave Mirror, Deviation Through Two Plane Mirror, T.I.R, Shadow

  • Sound- Echo, Node & Anti Node 

  • Electricity

  • Work, Power, Energy- Efficiency & Power

  • Magnetism, Gravitation

  • Simple Harmonic Motion- Simple Pendulum

  • Fluid- Floatation

  • Force

  • Heat- Radiation, Anomalous Behaviour of Water, Thermal Expansion

  • Rectilinear Motion-  VelocityMotion, Newton’s Laws Of Motion

  • Unit Dimension

  • Electrostatics- Ohm’s Law, Coulomb’s Law, Combination Of Resistance, potential



  • Biodiversity- Chordates, Monera, Non-Chordates

  • Biotech- GMC (Genetically Modified Crops)

  • Control and Coordination- Endocrine System, Nerve conductor, Sympathetic Nervous System

  • Cell Biology- Cell Organelles, Types of Cell

  • Human Health & Diseases- Immunity

  • Reproduction- Asexual Reproductions

  • Heredity and Evolution- DNA Fingerprinting, DNA

  • Microbes in Human Welfare



  • Acids, Bases, And Salts

  • Analytical Chemistry

  • Metals And Non-Metals

  • Mole Concept

  • Carbon

  • Study Of Gas Laws

  • Equivalent Concept

  • Periodic Table And Periodicity In Properties


NSEJS Exam Sample Paper 1 - Pattern 2022-23

Students must have a thorough idea of the exam pattern before they sit to prepare for the same. Find below an overview of the NSEJS 2022  exam pattern.


Exam Duration

Total Marks

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Mathematics

2 hours 



Benefits of Solving Sample Question Papers

  1. This method of learning is a proven effective method of increasing a student’s confidence and giving the result of enhanced time management skills.

  2. Solving sample papers can be of a great help as many questions are repeated in context.

  3. This is the best source of learning for your last minute preparation.

  4. Students can experience the outcome of their so-far preparation and then prepare themselves accordingly.



The National Standard Examination in Junior Science will help students in a number of ways. It will identify and strengthen students' scientific prowess. They will be able to develop creative and original problem solving skills. And with Vedantu’s help, students will clear the tests easily. The students will benefit immensely from the set of sample papers provided for the exam.

FAQs on NSEJS Exam Sample Paper 1

1. Is NSEJS a MCQ?

Yes, the National Standard Examination in Junior Science Sample Papers has MCQ format.

2. Can Class 9  give the NSEJS exam?

Yes, the eligibility criteria of NSEJS states that students in high school who are in the 10th or lower classes and have not yet completed their 10th board examination with passing marks before November 2022 can apply for NSEJS 2022 exam.

3. What should I study for NSEJS?

The NSEJS tests students on the class 10 CBSE syllabus of Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. 

4. Can we give NSEJS twice?

Yes, the NSEJS exam can be taken twice.

5. How many students appeared for NSEJS?

Annually, more than 80000 students appear for NSEJS countrywide.