NSEJS - National Standard Examination in Junior Science Sample Papers

What are NSEJS Sample Papers?

NSEJS is National Standard Examination in Junior Science is the preliminary examination that the student has to clear for a chance to attempt the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO). NSEJS is a national examination and that is difficult to crack because of the high cutoff and a large number of students appearing for the exam that is 80000 of which only 300 are selected. To crack these exams, sample papers will be extremely helpful. And for other notifications regarding the NSEJS exam, you can log in to the Vedantu website and even refer to the sample papers. 

FAQs on NSEJS - National Standard Examination in Junior Science Sample Papers

Q.1) What are the Benefits of Sample Papers for NSEJS?

Ans.) There are multiple benefits and importance of Sample Papers:

  • Sample papers are based on the format of the actual question paper which will help the students to gain an understanding of the sections and markings.

  • The subjects included are Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics and sample papers will also help you understand the way questions are asked. 

  • Along with the questions, the students will understand the marks distribution of the NSEJS exam and the frequently asked questions, even the most important topics. 

Q.2) How to be a Top Scorer in NSEJS?

Ans.) Solving sample papers for NSEJS will bring you one step closer to achieving your goal of scoring well. With the help of sample papers, you will be able to test yourself and all the questions will also help you in revising the entire syllabus thoroughly.

Q.3) Is the Difficulty Level of the Sample Papers of NSEJS the Same as That of the Main Paper?

Ans.)  The level of difficulty of the sample papers can be easy, intermediate or hard. Because the competition is high and the difficulty level of the NSEJS exam is also high you have to be prepared enough to easily solve all levels of sample papers. And with practice, even the hard level will become easy to solve. 

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