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National Defence Academy

Last updated date: 24th Feb 2024
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National Defence Academy - Know All the Posts & Ranks, Offered Salaries, Allowances and Perks

Salary Provisions at the National Defence Academy

The remuneration of the National Defence Academy and Naval Academy has changed dramatically after the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission. The benefits associated with the pay scale of NDA applicants begin with the training term itself.

Candidates would be paid Rs 56,100 as a stipend for this training session at IMA. In detail, this article will go through the NDA salary, allowances, perks, and other benefits available to applicants who join the Indian Security Forces.

National Defence Academy Salary

In addition to fulfilling their desire to serve their country, aspirants who seek to join the Indian Army, Indian Navy, or Indian Air Force must be intrigued about the precise pay scale, allowances, privileges, and in-hand NDA salary. To cater to such queries, the table below displays the remuneration of NDA from trainee level to various positions.

Stipend for Cadet Training of Army Officers and Equivalent Ranks in Air Force and Navy

Training Stipend – NDA

Stipend Amount

Stipend to Gentlemen Cadets during the training period at IMA.

Rs 56,100/ per month (Pay Matrix Level 10)

Following successful completion of the NDA training, the remuneration of NDA candidates will be established in the first Cell of Level 10 of the Pay Matrix of the Officer Commissioned.

Candidates should be aware that the training term in the NDA is not considered commissioned service, and cadets are paid arrears on account of permissible allowances for the training period.

Rank Wise NDA Salary

The Indian Army ranks, Army salary and equivalent ranks in the Air Force and Navy are as follows:

Indian Navy Salary and Army Salary

NDA Posts or Ranks

Salary of NDA Officer (Per Month)


INR 56,100/- to INR 1,77, 500/- 


INR 61,300/- to 01,93,900/- 


INR 69,400/- to 02,07,200/-

Lieutenant Colonel

INR 01,21,200/- to 02,12,400/-


INR 01,30,600/- to 02,15,900/- 


INR 01,39,600/- to 02,17,600/-

Major General

INR 01,44,200/- to 02,18,200/- 

Lt. General HAG Scale

INR 01,82,200/- to 02,24,100/- 

HAG+ Scale

INR 02,05,400/- To  02,24,400/-

VCOAS/ Army Cdr/ Lt Gen (NFSG)

INR 02,25,000/- Fixed


INR 02,50,000/- Fixed

Note: There is a fixed Military Service Pay – MSP given to the officers, which are as follows:

NDA Officers Military Service Pay


MSP to the officers from the rank of Lieutenant to Brigadier

Rs 15,500/ per month fixed

Army Officer Salary – Allowances and Perks

Aside from the army salary, NDA officers receive numerous allowances and bonuses based on their sector, nature of employment, and posting area. The NDA allowances and perks available to candidates upon joining the Indian Navy, Army, and Airforce are highlighted below.


Allowances to NDA Officers

Amount Payable

Dearness Allowance

Acceptable at the same rates and under the same conditions as civilian people from time to time

Kit Maintenance Allowances

INR 20,000/- Annually with Dress Allowances

Para Allowance

Rs 10,500/- Per Month

Special Forces Allowance

Rs 25,000/- Per Month

Para Jump Instructor Allowance

Rs 10,500/- Per Month

Project Allowance

Rs 3,400/- Per Month

Para Reserve Allowance

Rs 2,625/- Per Month

Technical Allowance (Tier-I)

Rs 3,000/- Per Month

Technical Allowance (Tier-II)

Rs 4,500/- Per Month

Based upon rank and area of posting, NDA officers posted to field areas are eligible for the following allowances.

Field Area Allowances

Field Area Allowance To NDA Officers 

Amount Payable

Highly Active Field Area Allowance – HAFA

Rs 16,900/- pm

Field Area Allowance – FD Area

Rs 10,500/- pm

Modified Field Area Allowance – Mod FD Area

Rs 6,300/- pm

High Altitude Allowances

Candidates assigned to Siachen are entitled to a monthly Siachen Allowance of Rs 42,500/-. Similarly, NDA officers assigned to high-altitude regions have the same benefits:

Levels of NDA Officers

Allowance amount


Rs 3,400/- Per Month


Rs 5,300/- Per Month


Rs 25,000/- Per Month

Transport Allowance (TPTA)


Higher TPTA Cities

Other Places

9 and Above

Rs. 7200/ Rs + DA thereon (Per month)

Rs. 3600/Rs + DA thereon (Per month)

Flying Allowances

Pilots or Army Aviators working in the Army Aviation Corps are entitled to a monthly flying allowance (R1H1 of the Risk and Hardship Matrix) of Rs 25,000.

NDA – Other Allowances

NDA Salary – Special Allowances


Children Education Allowance – CEA

Rs. 2250 Per Month Per Child for two eldest surviving. This allowance is admissible from Nursery to class 12th. 

Hostel Subsidy

Rs. 6,750/- per month per child for two eldest surviving only (admissible from Nursery to class 12th).

Ration in Kind 

In Field Area and Peace Area to all Defence officers every month

NDA – Monetary Benefits in Case of Accidents

The following information enlists the benefits that are offered in case of unfortunate accidents leading to disability or death of personnel.

Compensation for Disability

  1. Ex-gratia payment of Rs 9,000 per month

  2. In the event of total disability, an ex-gratia disability award of Rs 16,200 per month is paid.

  3. When the degree of disability is less than 20%, no disability award is given.

  4. Constant Attendant Allowance - CCA of Rs 6750/month for the completely incapacitated on the Invalidating Medical Board (IBM) suggestion.

Compensation in Case of Death

  1. The NoK will receive an ex-gratia payment of INR 12.50 Lacs.

  2. The NoK will receive an ex-gratia payment of INR 9,000/- each month.

  3. Ex-gratia rewards to Cadets (Direct)/NoK shall be sanctioned only on an ex-gratia basis and should not be construed as a pension.

Pensions, gratuities, and casualty pensions shall be admissible under the NDA salary from time to time, according to the rules in effect. 

We have finally supplied full salary information for the National Defence Academy and Naval Academy to candidates seeking to join these prestigious services. Army employment offers both a profitable and recognised profession and numerous benefits.

The services and contributions they offer to our country are the cause for such perks and rewards for army members. The NDA exam is one of the best ways to join the military as an officer. So, to have a successful career, you must prepare for it. Hopefully, this article successfully covered all about the Indian Army ranks and salary and other details. 

FAQs on National Defence Academy

1. What is the army clerk's salary in NDA?

Indian Army Clerks get their salary based on the 7th pay commission guidelines. With the time, they are given various increments in army clerk salary. Generally, they begin with a monthly salary of Rs.20,000. They are also provided with different sorts of allowances. On average Indian Army Clerks receive Rs. 32,000 per month, which means that the annual package for a clerk in the Indian Army is approximately Rs 3,00,000.

2. What allowances are available to officers in the military academy in addition to the NDA salary?

Aside from the regular wage of the Airforce, Army, or Indian Navy, officers are entitled to different allowances such as field area allowance, high altitude allowance, flying allowance, travelling allowance, dearness allowance, and so on. If a candidate at the National Defense Academy or the Naval Academy is involved in an unfortunate accident, these are the eligible benefits. NDA also has a clear leave policy. Leave shall be granted in conformity with the rules in effect at the time.

3. What are the benefits after retirement from the National Defence Academy/Naval Academy?

NDA retirement benefits include pension, gratuity, and casualty pensionary award, which will be given under the rules in force from time to time. These benefits differ as per the rank and types of the forces in which the officers worked. Also, the officers of higher positions will be given other compensations and honours after their retirement by the government of India. The officer's spouse is also eligible to get these benefits up to a certain extent after the officer's death. 

4. What is a para commando salary in the National Defence Academy?

The Para (Special Forces), often known as Para SF, is a group of special forces battalions of the Indian Army's Parachute Regiment. The monthly salary of Para Commando soldiers in the role of Sepoy is 17,300. The Army officer salary in Para Commando (Special Forces) ranges from 3.6 to 4.6 lakhs. Special Forces also receive a monthly allowance of 6000 in Para Battalion as Para Pay. They must work under unique missions such as direct action and hostage rescue.