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Essay on Yoga

The practice of yoga began in India centuries ago and is still followed by many thanks to its benefits for health and overall life. Yoga has changed the lifestyle of many people. It is the inheritance followed by centuries and will go for years. From working individuals to celebrities, everyone practices yoga to maintain a balanced life. Yoga helps to unite people in harmony and peace.

Centuries ago, people belonging to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism started the following yoga and continued even now. Over the years, yoga experts have discovered different types of yoga offering numerous benefits. India is currently the centre stage of yoga and people from other countries visit India to practice it. Yoga is safe and is practised even by kids and older people. There is no use of hard equipment, but only movements of the body for the extension. Yoga gives relaxation to not only the mind but also the flexibility to the body.

Benefits of Yoga

Like mentioned above, yoga offers flexibility to the body and relaxation to the mind. There are different asanas practised by people, and each asana has its benefits on mind and body. Yoga is designed to sharpen our mind and to improve overall our intelligence power. Regular practice of yoga can help in controlling our emotions and promote well-being.

Some Other Benefits of Practising Regular Yoga are -

  • Helps to develop self-discipline and self-awareness if practised regularly

  • Helps to strengthen our flexibility and postures

  • Increases muscle strength, tone and balanced metabolism

  • You will gain a sense of power and helps to lead to a healthy life free

Besides physical benefits, yoga also helps to benefit mentally long run. If you are stressed out, then practising yoga will bring change in your mental behaviour. If incorporated with meditation and breathing exercise, yoga will help to improve mental well-being.

We live in an age where we struggle to get mental peace. Professional and personal stress takes a toll on us. Lack of physical activities further builds stress. Practising yoga regularly can help in bringing calm, increasing body awareness, relief from chronic sleep patterns and others.

No matter what you are, practising yoga can benefit you in a long way. Many experts practice yoga and help by teaching the same.

On June 21, International Yoga Day is celebrated to make people aware of yoga benefits. It is the day to celebrate the gift the entire humankind has received and follow it with full-fledged.

Different Types of Asana

There are different types of asana. From beginners to advanced level, one can perform yoga as per the need.

Some Standing Yoga Poses

  • Big Toe Pose

  • Chair Pose

  • Dolphin Pose

  • Downward Facing Dog

  • Eagle Pose

Twist Yoga Poses

  • Bharadvaja's Twist

  • Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

  • Marichi's Pose

  • Noose Pose

Like these, there are many more poses to practice, and each offers flexibility in its sense. In the initial stage, you may take time to adjust and balance your body. However, as you practice daily, you will be able to balance your body.

Importance of Yoga

It is essential to practice yoga daily to get benefits out of it. In this stressful lifestyle, practising workout or yoga is very much important, and it can be greatly helpful, irrespective of the age. It is the cheapest and free of cost treatment from all the health issues we face. From blood pressure to stress and body pain, everything gets under control upon performing yoga regularly.

The main idea behind practising yoga is to control the body part movement using breathing exercises. There is no specific day to practice yoga. Depending on your schedule, you can practice this easy workout. However, it is highly recommended to practice yoga in the morning.


Yoga improves the quality of our life, and we need to work on it regularly. The main aim of writing this essay on yoga is to give you the primary picture of how yoga is beneficial for our life in the long run. You can practice or learn yoga from online classes or under the expert. The ultimate aim is to make your life healthy physically and mentally fit, which is a great challenge in this fast-paced life.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) What are the Benefits of Yoga?

Ans: There are many benefits of yoga in our life. From flexibility to breathing and getting relieved from the stress, an individual can get multiple benefits. Yoga focuses on the mind, soul and body, and all these three get positively affected if practised yoga daily. Some of the services are-

  • Improved Immunity

  • Offer Greater Awareness

  • Helps to Get Inner Peace

  • Releases Stress

  • Increases Energy

There are different types of yoga asana you can practice that bring benefits to other areas of the body.

2) Is Yoga enough to keep you Fit?

Ans: Yoga is not the only way to keep you fit. When we say, keeping fit, it does not mean physically, but mentally too. Therefore, along with yoga, you also need to work on your diet, lifestyle and thinking process. Practising meditation and keeping stress away is the best way to keep yourself fit.

Moreover, you cannot just perform yoga or a healthy lifestyle just for a few days, but keep practising regularly. We face stress daily, which is contributed by professional and personal life. It can take a toll on us if we do not take a healthy lifestyle seriously.