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Year 2 English for Kids of Age Group 6–7 Years

Last updated date: 12th Apr 2024
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An Introduction to English For Kids

In the learning phase of year 2, our kids used to develop confidence once they gain some basic knowledge of grammar and punctuation, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Children become familiar with a common vocabulary. At this point in time, we should encourage our children to explore their own ideas through creative writing and poetry.

English For Kids

English For Kids

The main source of their learning English come from talking, listening and reading. In this article, you will learn what basics of English Grammar your kid should know in year 2 English learning.

What Should be Taught in Year 2 English?

There are a lot of different simple things and concepts of English grammar that we can teach kids to develop their English skills.

1. Grammar and Punctuation

Basic rules of English grammar and punctuation are the basic things that a 6-7 year child should know.

In the basic concepts of grammar, a child should know the use of different types of sentences, suffix and prefix, noun, pronoun, conjunctions, articles etc.

The knowledge of punctuation marks is also important for kids. They should know where to use punctuation marks such as question marks, full stops, exclamatory mark and commas etc.

Punctuation Marks

Punctuation Marks

2. Spelling

As a kid grows, he/she gets to learn a lot of more tricky words. It is the time when introduced to different word meanings. Hence we should keep teaching new words.

3. Writing

Good writing skills are necessary to learn for every child. The writing skill helps kids to improve their communication skills as well.

If a kid focussed on his writing skills, bring your child's attention to phonetics and reading comprehension.

4. Handwriting

Handwriting is also an important factor.

In year 2 English, the child will learn the formation of letters of the right size such as where the lower case and upper case letters are required.

5. Reading and Listening

Reading and listening are two important skills for improving a child's English.

Children improve their vocabulary by reading and listening. Hence we should encourage them to read.


We often get confused about what concepts and things should be introduced to a child when he/she is small.

The above article is useful for parents and teachers as they will get an idea of what should be taught to a 6-7 years old kid.

FAQs on Year 2 English for Kids of Age Group 6–7 Years

1. How can I teach my child English?

English can be taught to a child by creating such an environment where the child can learn new words of the English language, get to read poems, stories, listen to conversations of English etc. These are basic activities that will help a child to learn the English language faster.

2. Why English Grammar is important for children?

English Grammar is important to learn for a child because it is the building block that is helpful to understand the English Language. It provides the precise meaning of the thing that one wants to convey. Kids start learning grammar in schools.