Look Before You Leap Essay

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Essay on Look Before You Leap

Looking before you leap does not actually mean to think and then jump. But it means one must think of the consequences and then act. Humans at times without thinking take hasty decisions that are ill-advised.

They come with disastrous results. Before jumping into the river, one must know how to swim. More importantly, one must know the depth and current of the water. The essay Look Before You Leap Essay seeks to shed light on the importance of living one's life safely. 

Look Before You Leap Paragraph

The long essay on look before you leap highlights the fact that it is always necessary to think deeply about every step in one's life. This avoids unnecessary problems. When one acts without thinking hard about their actions, several problems can haunt until death. 

One must understand that the greatest gift God has given is life. Life is a bottomless pit, that comes with no second chances. During childhood, one must have heard their grandparents often telling them; haste is waste. 

They try to say that, rushing into anything without proper planning, is a sheer waste of one's time and energy. Because the results are most likely going to end badly. 

The look before you leap paragraph will help one understand the phrase. One is reminded of the story of a woman who killed her pet dog, assuming that it harmed the baby. The woman used to leave her pet dog in charge of her baby when she went for work. 

One day, when she came back, her pet dog came running to her. She noticed that the dog had blood on the mouth. Frightened, she hurried inside to notice that her baby was not moving. She thought that the pet dog killed the baby. 

In a rage of anger, he took an iron rod and beat the dog mercilessly to death. Upon moving closer to the cradle, she noticed a huge snake lying motionless next to her baby. Alas, in her haste, she had killed the poor dog who had saved her baby from the poisonous snake. 

In life, humans take rash decisions like the woman in the story. Then they end up filled with regret lifelong. All this can be avoided if one thinks before concluding. This never means that one must delay the actions and take their own time. 

But think a few times how the action can be done differently or avoided entirely. Decisions taken smartly and with intelligence helps in the long run. One must have heard about how Napoleon Bonaparte failed when he decided to take on Russia. 

The simple reason being, he did not consider the weather. It not only destroyed his army but his confidence. An emperor whose attacking his enemies could never fathom skills was now a broken man. 

It brought out the foolishness that many people tend to live on at times. They act without exercising good reasons and let their emotions guide them. On the other hand, people who tread with reason, logic, and understanding view the larger picture. 

They visualize the harms and dangers before embarking on the journey. Such individuals know how to differentiate between the good and the bad. 

Short Essay on Look Before You Leap 

Paragraph on Look Before You Leap 

Life is full of ups and downs. The end depends on how one acts to it. This makes it extremely necessary for one to walk carefully and know the consequences of the actions beforehand. Doing so enables the person to avoid facing any problems later on. 

Before the problem can surround them, they come to a wise decision and solve it effortlessly. With that being said, one must not act carelessly. Before one scales a wall or a boundary, they need to know the length and width. 

One must not begin working before knowing everything about it. The foolish people tend to hurry up things without using their minds. This leads to unwanted problems in the end. The tasks do not get completed on time and have to be redone from scratch. 

A good example would be Sanjay Gandhi, who lost his life unnecessarily. He ventured on a flight without having the plane checked for faults. Sadly, when he knew it during the flight, everything was lost, and the inevitable happened. 

One must use caution because anything can happen in life. The pilot paid with his life because he was negligent. Successful people are known for their planning and caution. Pilots having a backup plan succeed in landing their plane safely, despite engine trouble. 

At times, one has to make quick decisions in a split second, but these circumstances rarely come in life.


Acting with proper thought never fails, and one can see that in occupations like pilots and train drivers. The essay on look before you leap suggests those who value their life, make wise decisions only after immense thought. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What can One Learn from the Look before You Leap?

Ans: The first few words of look before mean that one must not act before knowing its consequences. Leap does not refer to jumping here, but rather doing something. Quick thinking actions can save you out of trouble, but not rash ones. 

During emergencies, one tends to think in haste and does what they feel is right. The simple fact being, once a task is done, it cannot be redone. So before one wants to do something, one must think hard wisely. 

2. Where did the Term Look before You Leap Originate? 

Ans: The phrase look before you leap in English has been around since the 16th century. It was used often by authors in the UK and America. The first author to use it was John Heywood in 1546. Authors use it to describe the hurry to get into a wedlock without adequate preparation. 

It leads to unwanted problems. Hence, look before you take the leap into a wedlock. The saying has been around for quite sometime now.