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Names of Things in the Kitchen

Last updated date: 25th Feb 2024
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What is a Kitchen and What are the Common Things in a Kitchen?

A kitchen is a room, or a portion of a room, in a home or a business that is used for cooking and food preparation. There are many various kinds of kitchen tools and appliances (apron, bowl, teapot, oven glove, rolling pin, grater, cabinet, cupboard, dinner table, etc.) that are found inside the kitchen.

Food is one thing that unites people, no matter where they are from or what language they speak. Food is important for everybody in this world. There is a variety of food cooked inside each kitchen. Many people cook the same dish but by using different methods and different ingredients that make the different taste of the same food.

You will need to know the things used in the kitchen for cooking food in detail like tools, utensils, etc. So, you will learn the terminology for the various kitchen objects used in the kitchen in this section.

Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets

There is overlap between the terms "gadget," "utensil,", "tool," and "appliance." A kitchen gadget can be a specialised tool used to prepare a single type of cuisine or to carry out a single task across several different dishes.

As a result, it can be distinguished from the more general word "kitchen utensil," which would encompass critical and versatile kitchen tools like chefs' knives and big appliances like ovens and refrigerators. The use of gadgets lightens the burden to work in the kitchen. 

The given are the names of the appliances and gadgets that are used in the kitchen- 

Tea maker, Toaster, Kettle, Mixer, Refrigerator, Blender, Cabinet, Cupboard, Cooker hood (U.K) – range hood (U.S), Microwave, Dish soap, Kitchen counter, Dinner table, Kitchen scale, Pedal bin, Grill, Drawer etc. 

Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets

Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets 

Kitchen Utensils

A kitchen utensil is a common household item. To prepare ingredients, cook food, bake food, or serve food, utensils are used.

Culinary tools are mostly used to carry out kitchen tasks, such as sprinkling soup or stirring potatoes. The majority of kitchens have culinary utensils, which are needed to prepare food. When consuming particular items, such as meats or pasta dishes, kitchen utensils are also required. The most popular utensil categories are cooking, baking, and eating utensils. 

  1. Cookwares

Kitchen items used for cooking are referred to as cookware and include pots, pans, baking sheets, and baking dishes.

  1. Bakewares 

Kitchen tools used to bake foods in the oven, such as fruit pies or casseroles, are referred to as bakeware. Some bakeware can also be used as cookware, and vice versa. Some varieties of bakeware are Cake pans, Bundt pans, Loaf pans, and Roasting pans. 

  1. Ovenwares 

Kitchen tools used to cook foods like casseroles and lasagna are referred to as ovenware. Some ovenware tools could also be categorised as bakeware. Dutch oven, casserole dish, pizza stone, and tart pan are examples of ovenware.

  1. Eating Utensils 

In order to get food from a dish to the mouth, one uses eating utensils. Forks, spoons, and tongs are examples of eating utensils.

Other utensils used in the kitchen are Apron, Breadbasket, Bowl, Teapot, Measuring cup, Baking tray, Timer, Spice container, Chopping board, Grater, Pie plate, Salad spinner, Colander, Butter dish, Oven glove, Napkin, Chopsticks, Rolling pin, Measuring spoon, Whisk, Wooden spoon, Strainer, Steak hammer, Spatula, Mesh skimmer, Cleaver, Ladle, Kitchen shears, Corkscrew and cake slice. 

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils 

Cups and Glasses 

In the kitchen, various cups and glasses are used to present the different drinks. A cup is a tiny, open container that people use to sip from and transport beverages. It could have a stem, handles, or other decorations, and it can be made of wood, plastic, glass, clay, metal, stone, china, or other materials.

Below are a few varieties of glassware which are present in the kitchen. 

  • Wine glass, Water goblet, Margarita glass, Hurricane glass, Champagne flute, Cocktail glass, Irish coffee glass, Cognac balloon, Plastic cup

  • Mug, Beer mug, Weizen glass, Teacup, Demitasse, Footed pilsner glass, Collins glass, Vodka glass, Shot glass. 

Cups and Glasses

Cups and Glasses 


The given article tells us about the kitchen (a room where food is prepared and cooked) and the things which are present in the kitchen. The major items which are present in the kitchen are kitchen appliances, utensils and cups. In the kitchen utensils popular utensils are discussed for cooking and baking like cookwares, bakewares, ovenwares, and last one is eating utensils.

FAQs on Names of Things in the Kitchen

1. Define a kitchen.

In general, the kitchen is the area designated for food preparation and cooking. The kitchen is situated in the centre of the building, where the order of the areas for receiving, storing, preparing, cooking, serving, and clearing food is clearly defined and maintained. 

The kitchen is one of the most crucial areas for storage, seating, and communication. It is also essential since it has all the equipment needed to create any type of meal. The absence of the kitchen would probably make the house seem empty and aimless.

2. Write about kitchen utensils.

The most popular utensil categories are cooking, baking, and eating utensils. Cookware used for cooking food in the kitchen and it includes pots, pans, baking sheets, and baking dishes. Bakeware used for baking food. Bakeware is a term for kitchen appliances used to bake items in the oven, such as fruit pies or casseroles. Ovenware is the term for kitchen appliances used to cook dishes like casseroles and lasagna. Eating utensils are used to transfer food from a dish to the mouth. Tongs, a fork and  spoon are a few examples of eating utensils.