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Family Values - What We See, We Think and We Become

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Last updated date: 20th Jul 2024
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An Introduction

“Mom, I'm hungry. Please give me some food.” Or, “Dad, I'm getting late. Please come fast.” Have you listened to these phrases? What? What are you saying?


You are saying that you have used them, all of them. Oh, that is great. What do you think your parents offered when you asked them the same? Probably you are thinking about some food or dropping at the right time. Isn’t it?

Your mother is not just offering you food, she nourishes you with her unconditional love. Your father is not just dropping you off at the right time to your school, even becoming a person in your life to whom you can call in any difficult situation and seek help. This is Family.

Values we learn from family

Values we learn from family

What are Family Values?

Family values have a wider definition. Before getting into it, we must know a few terms. Let's get started with them.

What is Family? 

Family is a group of people where one or more parents live together with their children as a unit. Sometimes a pet also becomes a member of the family. Families are of two types, nuclear family and joint family. Both offer different family values; however many of them are similar.

Nowadays, in the modern world, the concept of the nuclear family is trending, especially in urban areas. In nuclear families, parents live with their children, and as they grow they make a separate family. Whereas in the joint family, parents live with their children and grandchildren, brothers and sisters. Joint families could be seen in rural areas usually, and very less in urban areas.

What are Family Values?

Family values are something that we get from our parents in the form of love, care, trust, honesty, kindness, empathy, compassion, perseverance, and many more. They instil these values in us knowingly or unknowingly to make us good human beings.

Family values are sometimes called cultural or traditional values that show the beliefs, roles, attitudes and values of one's family.

Though nuclear families and joint families are very different in nature, being a family, parents try to instil the same core family values that they get from their parents.

Some of the core traditional family values are the following: 

1. Unconditional Love

Undoubtedly, this core value is built in each one of us by our loving and caring mother or grandmother.  This value you can only learn from family. They pour their love into food, which eventually makes us a little fat. Isn’t it?

This value teaches us to show love to all people, animals or nature. It not only makes us a kind-hearted person, but one who could feel the pain of others and take care of them. Unconditional love is the purest value that strengthens a person to stand alone on this planet. 

2. Spiritual and Religious Values

These values somehow instil self-awareness and belief in the power of nature or God. It also motivates us for charity or donation. In many religions, tithing is performed. Also, regular family worship unites us as a unit.

3. Character Values

Character values are those values that we receive from each of our family members in the form of honesty, positivity, courage, grit, kindness and integrity.

4. Social Values

Social values are the combination of our behaviour towards family, society, and environment. We all are social animals. We have to follow certain rules and regulations and cooperate with each other. Acceptance, empathy, respect, appropriate language are some of the key factors of social values. The main purpose of instiling social value in an individual is to foster them to serve society.

5. Work Values

Your mother cooks the best food and still manages her office work perfectly, whereas your father washes the dishes and follows his job routine strictly. Do you know what values you learn from this? You learn team spirit, cooperation, punctuality and always to do one's best. These are the work values that you need to adapt to flourish your life.

6. Civic Values

These are the most important principles to live a life with dignity and respect. In a family, we nurture with love but are never allowed to do something wrong or unjust. Civic value teaches us the fundamental rights of a person, which includes freedom of speech (without damaging the other people) and standing up for the rights of others.

7. Home Values

Home values include the value of the time we share with family. Sharing meals, going for a picnic or spending some special quality time with our loved ones maintains a freshness in relations. This value teaches us to cheer each moment of life and be together in any circumstances of life.

These are some of the values we all learn from our families. We believe each child gets the best parenting values while growing. These values are the lesson for life. It helps them to deal with society, its issues and to make the world a better place to live.

Sharing the values that you hold, is the best part of parenting. While parenting not only a child learns in each step, it also involves the parents. No one family is perfect, yet the healthy environment of a family makes a happy family. 

Tip for Parents

Character and social values come directly from our family, so we request all parents to behave well. Your child will grow up to be the person they see rather than the one you teach. We sincerely request each guardian to never disrespect each other, any family member or even the person who worked under you. Your gestures, actions or words will reflect in your kids. Remember, your good deeds result in a better society.

Thus, people say, “As you sow, so shall you reap”.

FAQs on Family Values - What We See, We Think and We Become

1. What are the core family values you learn from family?

There are seven fundamental core values that each child learns from their family. They include unconditional love, spiritual and religious values, character values, social values, work values, civic values and home values. These values make us good human beings.

2. What factors do character values include?

Character values are values that are used to enhance our character. They include various factors that are honesty, kindness, courage, grit, etc. They help us to become a person of good values.