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Dictation Words for Kids

Last updated date: 12th Apr 2024
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Overview of Dictation Words

Numerous words are necessary for kids to learn to cope with their studies through different stages of studies. One should learn every new word they find and apply it in their life or study as much as they can.

The best way to teach any kid a new word is by making them learn about the meaning of that word, where they can apply that word, and how to use it. Moving forward, to make sure that a kid remembers that word is through dictation.

Dictation Words for Kids

Dictation Words for Kids

Giving and using dictation words can help anyone to remember a new word very soon. This process makes sure you remember the word’s correct spelling and meaning throughout your entire lifetime. In this article, we are going to learn about the important easy words for kids.

Why is Taking Dictation Necessary?

The main help dictation words provide is to help children learn important easy words to remember and learn their usage, making them enrich their vocabulary. These days maintaining a rich vocabulary for kids has become necessary.

Process of Learning New Words for Kids

Process of Learning New Words for Kids

Moreover, taking dictation words helps in building up a strong memory for kids which later in higher grades helps a lot to remember answers to different questions. Dictation helps in maintaining a psychological challenge and well-being.

Therefore, below are the dictation words for kids according to the needs of different grades which are necessary to remember and can be learned through dictation.

Some Important Dictation Words

Dictation Words for Grade 1

There are several dictation words that children from a young age should start remembering since their first class which even come to use further during their studies in higher grades. Below is the list of mandatory dictation words for kids of grade 1.

  • All

  • And

  • Mom

  • Good

  • Had

  • Before

  • After

  • Man

  • Look

  • Like

  • Run

  • Home

  • Play

  • Pig

  • Pet

  • Ten

  • Stop

  • Sun

  • Moon

  • This

  • Toy

  • Ride

  • Hide

  • Was

  • Into

  • Hot

  • Here

  • Become

  • because

The dictation words for kids in grade 1 can be different colours, the spelling of numbers they are learning and the spelling of animals the kids might have learned. Such spelling for kids can be used during dictation.

Dictation Words for Grade 2

The words that grade 2 students should learn should be advanced from the grade 1 spelling for kids. Through such methods, it will be easy and quick for the kid to learn and remember a new word.

  • About

  • After

  • Apple

  • Ate

  • Ask

  • Before

  • Between

  • Baby

  • Back

  • Being

  • Cute

  • Cutter

  • Cape

  • Circle

  • Cake

  • Coming

  • Dear

  • Deer

  • Door

  • Drive

  • Duck

  • Eat

  • Egg

  • Eagle

  • From

  • Force

  • Farm

  • Fast

  • Father

  • Food

  • Goose

  • Great

  • Give

  • Gold

  • Grass

  • Hive

  • Hen

  • Hammer

  • Igloo

  • Ice cream

  • Jump

  • Jog

  • Kite

  • Kid

  • Kangaroo

  • Lion

  • Lame

  • Last

  • Money

  • Monkey

  • Nest

  • Night

  • Open

  • Quick

  • Rest

  • Road

  • Study

Dictation Words for Grade 3

Important easy words to remember for grade 3 are a bit advanced and hence kids should do proper practice to ace these dictation words and remember them thoroughly.

  • Afternoon

  • Able

  • Amazing

  • Boring

  • Bathroom

  • Basket

  • Bedroom

  • Because

  • Birthday

  • Child

  • Care

  • Cage

  • Clothes

  • Corner

  • Dart

  • Dance

  • Dream

  • Deal

  • Elephant

  • Everyone

  • Elevate

  • Fright

  • Furious

  • Five

  • Fiver

  • Forgot

  • Games

  • Garden

  • Glow

  • Gem

  • High

  • Hour

  • Half

  • Hive

  • Inglot

  • Joker

  • Jumper

  • Knife

  • Lower

  • Monastery

  • Talking

  • Teaching

  • Teacher

  • Rival

  • Remember

  • Reform

Along with such words, the daily usage of the words should increase, ultimately making their vocabulary enriched throughout the learning.

Dictation Words for Grade 4

The dictation words for grade 4 comprise some crucial spellings which might take time to learn and remember. But with proper practice, it is not impossible to use such words in their daily life and become masters of English words.

  • Across

  • Archery

  • Await

  • Boardroom

  • Bottom

  • Baskets

  • Captain

  • Common

  • Distinction

  • District

  • Evergreen

  • Loom

  • Lonely

  • Grieve

  • Helpful

  • Horrid

  • Mountain

  • Mortifying

  • Movie

  • Reason

  • Survive

  • Sunshine

Dictation Words for Grade 5

Successfully clearing upgrade 5 should not be a big task if a kid is willing to learn and has been enjoying giving dictations. Hence, here are the words to take up a notch for important words for kids.

  • Although

  • America

  • Armenian

  • Attention

  • Countries

  • Cousin

  • Different

  • Daunting

  • Cross

  • Decide

  • Foul

  • Fringe

  • Ghastly

  • Grieving

  • Interstellar

  • Interesting

  • Horrifying

  • Invisible

  • Inevitable

  • Joking

  • Lovingly

  • Principal

  • President

  • Property

  • Quiver

  • Resort

  • Refreshing

  • Tavern

  • University

  • Xylophone

  • Zeal

With this, the kids must have gotten accustomed to practising different words, and learning the spelling for kids must have become an easier task.


Using dictation words in everyday life makes it easier for kids to learn and use different words throughout their life. People can teach their kids new small words to learn and make them remember those words verbally and later test their memory by giving dictation to make sure if the kid retains the knowledge or not. Parents should take dictation of their kids using the important easy words given in this article. These are small words to learn which can help develop a great vocabulary for kids. We hope this article will helped you in learning about the dictation words for kids.

FAQs on Dictation Words for Kids

1. Where should we find new words for dictation?

Dictation is the process where one has to learn several words and the other person asks them for the first one to write them down. Dictation is the process used for children to learn and retain new words for their usage and help them later in reading or writing in different languages. 

One can use new words they learn throughout their everyday life as dictation words. One does not have to choose a specific word for this process, rather can use any new word they come across for the learning process through dictation. 

2. What are the benefits of dictation?

Dictation is considered the easiest method to learn new words and has proven to be effective for children to learn. Dictation can be regarded as a method of effective learning. 

This is the major benefit of dictation as it helps in remembering different words as and when required. Apart from this, it is considered a good exercise to train your brain to focus and retain knowledge as and when given. This helps in the psychological development of the brain and helps kids to train properly in their studies.

3. How can I start taking dictation from my child?

You can refer to the dictation words for kids in this article. These are some major, important easy words and small words to learn. They will help enrich the vocabulary of kids. Keep asking them for spellings whenever you come across any difficult worm for them. Make it an everyday habit so that they become familiar with learning new words and knowing more about them.