Uses of Solar Energy

What is Solar Energy?

The energy of the sun that is soaked up by the solar panels is known as solar energy. This is a natural, sustainable renewable source of energy.  Since this source of energy can be replenished and is therefore renewable, it is easily accessible and is universally available on our planet Earth. This was also an important source of energy that was utilized by our ancestors in ancient times. The various benefits it provides, make solar energy a popular source of clean energy.

Benefits of Solar Energy

  • Solar energy proves to be an extremely valuable resource as it is eco-friendly and, therefore, helps reduce the high pollution levels. 

  • Solar energy is known for not emitting carbon dioxide. Solar energy happens to be an affordable, natural, and renewable resource that can be easily used to replace the non-renewable resources that cannot be replenished once they are over. 

  • Solar energy can also be used in rural areas to help them avail of the benefits of this energy and get their household chores and other tasks done easily. 

  • It is a reliable source of energy for cooking, drying, electricity, amongst many more. 

  • Solar energy is an affordable and easily accessible resource as compared to the other expensive power generation methods. 

Significant Uses of Solar Energy 

Not only is solar energy a naturally sustainable source that can be replenished, but it is also an extremely reasonable source of energy. Solar energy can be absorbed by the help of two devices that are - passive and active. This is an extremely convenient method to decrease pollution substantially that exists in our environment. Solar energy is considered to be one of the unadulterated and healthy forms of natural energy. Some of the ways solar energy can be utilized are - for the purpose of heating, indoor and outdoor lighting, fuel for transportation. 

Some Other Ways This Energy Source Proves To Be Beneficial Are

  • Cooking using Solar Energy

Cooking using solar energy is an extremely easy method. Not only is it easy, but replacing your traditional oven with a solar oven will help you save the hard-earned cash that you spend every month on the hefty electricity bills. All you need for this method is a thermometer, which is a common household item, a box layered with aluminum foil, which again are two items readily available, pan duct tape, a cooking bag, and a Styrofoam insulation. 

  • Industries Can Use Solar Energy

Industries always need a high voltage of electricity to support the heavy built machinery and technology. This high level of electricity can be provided to these mechanisms using solar energy. It can also be beneficial to safeguard pipes from the reaction caused by the process of corroding. This is again a useful way to reduce the sum that you get on the electricity bill. 

  • Solar Energy for Charging of the battery

We use batteries in our daily lives for operating different things like in video games and many more. These batteries, once exhausted, can be replenished using solar energy during the daytime, especially when there is an unexpected power cut. Again, this helps in saving you money that you would have to spend on electricity by reducing the consumption of electricity. The reserve batteries can be charged during the daytime for it to be used later in the night. 

  • Solar Heating Water System

The conventional water heating system can be replaced by two kinds of solar water heaters, namely, passive hot water systems and active solar hot water systems. 

In the Active water heater system also there are two classifications dividing the two types of active solar water heating systems-

  • Direct Circulation system – This system has a pump to transmit the water all across the household using solar collectors.

  • Indirect Circulation – This method requires non-freezing liquid to transmit water that circulates into the home. This method is generally used in areas where the climatic conditions are severely cold, and the temperatures are almost freezing. 

  • Passive Water Heater System – Less efficient but high affordable, the passive water heater systems are available in two types: 

  • Integral Collector-Storage Passive Water Heater Systems – This system is adopted in places of the world where the climate is generally never freezing, and occurrences of freezing climatic conditions are very rarely seen. The solar collector in this kind of system is incorporated right within the water storage tank. The water then warms up when the sun rays fall directly on the water storage tank.

  • Thermosyphon Passive Water Heater Systems – The solar collector, which is used to heat up the water, is positioned right under the storage tank.

Facts about Solar Energy

  • The very first solar panel cell was created in 1941.

  • Solar panels are capable of generating power even without sunlight falling on them directly. 

  • A home that is supported by solar power can help in reducing pollution by decreasing the emission of carbon dioxide by 100 tonnes in the time span of 30 years.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is a solar cell, and what are the applications of solar cells?

A solar cell, also known as the photovoltaic cell, is an electrical mechanism that transforms the solar energy directly into electricity with the help of the photovoltaic effect, which is both physical as well a chemical occurrence. 

Uses of solar cells - Solar cells are extremely beneficial in fuelling space vehicles such as satellites and telescopes. They are also useful in generating electricity for solar power farms, off-grid power, and rooftop solar panels.

2. What is solar power, and what are the uses of solar power?

Solar power is known as the transformation of solar energy to electricity with the help of photovoltaic cells or concentrated solar power or the blend of both. 

Uses of solar power - It reduces electricity costs, helps in the usage of lands that are left underutilized as solar farms can be set up in these lands to generate solar power, it helps in strengthening grid security, helps in creating employment and economic growth.