Inert Gases: Uses

What are Inert Gases?

Elements of group 18 are all gases and have completely filled outermost orbital that’s why these elements are highly stable and don’t react with other elements easily. This is the reason these elements are known as inert gases or inert elements. The word inert means chemically unreactive. These gases are also known as Noble Gases. Group 18 is also called zero group. So, elements of group 18 are also called zero group elements. 

Noble Gases List 

Here we are providing list of Inert Gases with their electronic configuration – 

Group No. 

Period Number 

Noble Gas Element

Atomic Number 

Electronic Configuration 

18 (also called zero group)








[He]2s2 2p6


















Noble gas Helium was discovered by Pierre Janssen and Joseph Norman Lockyer. Noble gas Radon was discovered by Friedrich Ernst Dorn while remaining four noble gases Neon, Argon, Krypton and Xenon were discovered by Sir William Ramsay. He was awarded the Nobel Prize of Chemistry in 1904 for his achievements. 

Applications of Inert Gases

There are numerous uses of inert gases or noble gases in various fields specially in the field of metallurgy. Here we are listing few applications of each inert gas separately in many fields – 


  • Helium is used for the treatment of asthma, emphysema and other breathing problems. 

  • Helium is used in balloons.

  • Helium is used in welding. 

  • Helium is used in industries for preventing explosions. 

  • Helium is used for cryogenics. 

  • Liquid Helium is used for magnetic resonance imaging. 

  • Helium is used in semiconductor processing. 

  • Helium is used in laser processing as well.  


  • We used to use Neon in television tubes. 

  • Neon is also used in cryogenics. 

  • Neon is used in sign boards as on passing electricity it glows brightly. 

  • Neon is used in lasers. 

  • Neon is used in wave meter tubes.

  • Neon is used to shield electrical equipment from lightning. 

  • Neon is used in lighting systems such as lamps etc. 

  • Neon give different colours with metals such mercury. It is used for landscaping and interior design. 

  • Neon is used in parts of aircrafts. 


  • Argon is used to create inert atmosphere. 

  • It is used for the production of titanium. 

  • It is used in welding.

  • It is used in light bulbs to prevent them from corrosion. 

  • It is used in tyres of luxury cars to protect tyre and reduce noise on road. 

  • It is used in double-glazed windows. 

  • It is used in radioisotope dating. 

  • Being an inert gas argon is used in heat treating processes for matters. 

  • It is used in 3-D printing. 

  • It is used in metallurgy as it prevents oxidation or rusting. 


  • It is used in tubes of fluorescent lights. 

  • It is used in flash lamps which are used for high-speed photography. 

  • It is also used in sign boards. 

  • It is used in nuclear fusion energy research experiments. 

  • It is used in constructing electromagnetic calorimeters. 

  • It has application in MRI for imaging airways. 

  • It is used in nuclear medicine for lung ventilation or perfusion scans. 

  • It is used in satellites as propellant. 


  • It is used in photographic flashes.

  • It is used in high pressure arc lamps. 

  • It is used in bactericidal lamps which are used in food preparation and processing. 

  • It is used in those lamps which are used in ruby lasers. 

  • It is used in spacecrafts. 

  • It is used in silicon microprocessor to form protective layer on it. 

  • Xenon lamps can be used to kill bacteria. 

  • Mixture of oxygen and xenon helps in increasing the number of RBCs in blood. 

  • It is used in NMR Spectroscopy. 

  • It is used in imaging heart, brain and lungs. 


  • It is chemically inert but radioactive element. It is used in cancer therapy. 

  • It is used for treatment of tumours. 

  • It is used in radiation therapy. 

  • By measuring radon content, we can track air masses. 

  • It is used in the hydrological research. 

  • It is helpful in earthquake predictions. 

  • It is used in industrial radiography. 

  • It is used to cure arthritis. 

  • It is useful for obtaining polonium by radioactive decomposition. 

  • By measuring radon concentration in soil, we can map surface geological faults. 


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