How to Make Slime at Home?

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Slime was initially a toy product prepared by An American Multinational Company Mattel. It is non-toxic, viscous, easy to squeeze, and made from gums. It can be easily prepared at home using glue. The only drawback is that it is so sticky in nature. It is not easy to remove it from carpets. In this article, we will discuss how to make slime with glue, how to make slime with clear glue, how do you make slime without glue, how to make good slime.

Now our question is how to make slime with glue. This method is the easiest way to make slime. It only takes 3-4 ingredients and will be made in a few minutes. 

Slime Ingredients

  • 7-ounce of clear school glue (We can use white glue also)

  • Food colouring

  • 2 spoon saline solution

  • Baking soda


  • Take glue in one bowl and add food colouring. Stir until they are combined well. Then add some baking soda to it.

  • Add one spoon of saline solution and mix it until combined properly. We can add more saline water to make it thicker. But if a saline solution is less, it will be slimier.

  • Now store it in a zip bag or a box with a lid over it.

Now our slime is ready to play at home. If we want to learn how to make slime with glue, how to make slime easy, it is the easiest way.

How Do You Make Slime Without Glue or How to Make Water Slime?

Slimes can be made with glue or without it. Slime made with glue is so sticky, it is almost impossible to remove it from the surfaces when dried. So, there is another way to make it without glue. We can use any shampoo that is easily available at home. So, we will also learn how to make slime at home. Most shampoos are already coloured. So, we do not need to add any food colouring to it. We just need to replace the glue with shampoo in the above-mentioned procedure. Then we will add water as per requirement.

We can also add some cornstarch into water, it will make slime easier to stretch. 

Though it won’t be as sticky as the one made with glue, we still need to keep it in a thin plastic zip bag or box.

How to Make Good Slime?

There are numerous ways to make slime. Here, we will discuss how to make good slime using some chemicals.

Material Requirements

  • Borax powder

  • White glue 

  • Water

  • Spatula 

  • Cups and bowls


  • Take the borax powder(10 ml) and add water(500 ml) to it;  mix it until combined.

  • In another container, take glue and add water to it. Mix it until a clear solution is obtained.

  • Add food colouring to the glue solution. We can skip this part if we want to make our slime colourless.

  • Take the borax solution and start adding it to the glue solution. We will observe the constant changes while mixing.

  • Keep mixing it until it gets thoroughly mixed. Knead it with hands.

Our slime is ready to play. We can keep it in a zip bag or plastic box with a lid. Take it out when it looks mouldy.


Do not add too much borax or glue. More chemicals can make it toxic. Keep it away from small children. Do not try to eat it. Wash your hands before and after preparing and playing with them. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1: What are the Ingredients to Make Slime at Home?

Answer: We only need 3-4 ingredients if we want to learn How to make slime at home. We need white school glue, a saline solution, and food colouring. If the glue is not available, we can use shampoo also. If coloured shampoo is being used, then there would be no need to add food colouring. We need a plastic zip bag or box with a lid to store the slime.

2: How Do You Make Fluffy Slime with Just 2 Ingredients?

Answer: If borax is not available at home but we need to make slime. Then we can use cornstarch to give it a fluffy look. We will mix the cornstarch in water and add it to the shampoo. After mixing, we will get the desired slime without glue.