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CBSE Class 8 Social Science Worksheet Chapter 1 How When and Where - PDF

VSAT 2023

CBSE Class 8 Social Science Worksheet Chapter 1 How When and Where - Free PDF with Solutions

Social Science or SST is one of the scoring subjects in Class 8. There are different chapters and topics related to historical events, trade, territory etc., and one such chapter is How, When, and Where. In this chapter, students will learn how, when, and where different historical events took place in India and other countries. Students will learn what the reason behind starting various historical events was. Well-curated PDFs contain MCQs, ques/ans, etc. that can benefit students to learn according to the exam pattern.

If students focus on the chapter and get help from the Class 8 History Chapter 1 worksheet, they can easily score very good marks in their exams. PDFs and worksheets are a new way of summarising and understanding the chapter. Students can easily level up their knowledge and insights on the chapter if they study from PDFs.

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Benefits of Learning from Class 8 Social Science Worksheets with Answers PDF

Some benefits of using worksheets and PDFs to prepare the lessons are listed below:

  • The worksheet and pdf contain how when and where Class 8 MCQ, which is really helpful for the right preparation for the exam. Students can understand the chapter in one go with the help of the pdf.

  • The worksheet and PDF both come in handy because they contain chapter explanations and the summary, which can help students learn the lesson easily.

  • After understanding the lesson thoroughly, students can easily use the social science pdf to solve question answers in the Class 8 History Chapter 1 worksheet.

  • The students can easily clarify the concept of various historical events and why they took place by solving Class 8 SST History chapter questions in the PDF

  • The PDFs and worksheets are great for clearing tough topics, and if students want to understand the concept of the chapter easily, they learn a lot of insights about the chapter by practising how when and where Class 8 questions and answers.

Exercises and Questions on the Chapter How When and Where

Here are some examples of how when and where questions and answers for Class 8 students will help them learn the concept easily: 

1. Fill in the blanks. 

  • The rice was first grown in ______.

  • Language used by ordinary people is called ________. 

  • Some lakes are seasonal while others are______. 

  • The area along with the south of Ganga is called _____. 

2. Answer the following questions. 

  • Explain sources. How many sources are there?

  • What is the meaning of the word India and where does it come from?

  • Write a brief note about ancient India.

  • Where are Garo hills?

  • What are manuscripts? Where is it usually written?

Download Class 8 Social Science Worksheets with Answers PDF

With the help of Class 8 Social Science worksheets with answers pdf, it is easy to clear all the doubts about the chapter how, when, and where. The PDFs explain each subtopic in detail and understandable language.

  • The PDFs and Class 8 History Chapter 1 worksheet act as a chapter summary, and students can easily download the pdf from the Vedantu website.

  • The PDF has various exercises with solutions, and students can easily understand the concept, and it is hard to remember with the help of the PDF. The Class 8 SST History chapter is easy to understand with the help of the PDF.

  • The PDF is easily accessible and printable, and it contains short question answers and detailed how when and where Class 8 MCQ, which will act as a blueprint of the chapter.

Lastly, the subject matter experts at Vedantu have created a Class 8 Social Science worksheets with answers pdf. These pdfs are made after researching the topic deeply. The questions in the PDFs are very helpful for students and are based on the exam pattern. Therefore, Class 8 can use these free downloadable PDFs to make their preparation easy.

FAQs on CBSE Class 8 Social Science Worksheet Chapter 1 How When and Where - PDF

1. Why did the British preserve official documents?

The British preserved official documents because they thought they wrote and recorded everything important. They kept official records so that those records could serve as proof of all the decisions they had taken in the future.

2. How can students learn this chapter easily? 

The easiest way to prepare this chapter is to learn it and summarise it with the help of a PDF. Downloadable and printable PDFs of this chapter will help students in the preparation.

3. What will students learn from this chapter?

Students will learn how different things occur over a period of time and how things were in the past and how they have changed in recent times.