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English Grammar for Class 5 Comprehension

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Class 5 Comprehension English Grammar - Importance of English Grammar for Class 5 Students

English Grammar for Class 5 Comprehension is basically the study of grammar to excel in the English language. Thus, the students must take English Grammar as one of the core subjects quite seriously. Also, students who are further attempting to study for masters and higher education in the English language must not fuss with this subject at their basic levels. In these classes, learning effective grammar will take a student on a long career development path.

In this article, we will be studying Class 5 Comprehension English Grammar and we will be notifying you about the topics that are included in the Class 5 th English Grammar Syllabus 2023-24. Students must note that we are discussing the general syllabus for Class 5 Comprehension English Grammar, you must once cross-check with your own respective school’s or board’s syllabus for 2023-24.

English Grammar for Class 5 Comprehension Download Free PDF

In today's lesson, we will understand comprehension and its usage. Reading comprehension questions are made to evaluate a variety of skills necessary to count, read, and comprehend the types of text that are frequently seen in competitive exams.



Comprehension itself means understanding the meaning of words and sentences in a text.



Ways to Improve Comprehensive Reading:

  • Recognizing the meaning of words and sentences individually.

  •  Recognizing the significance of paragraphs and longer text sections.

  • Interpreting the information presented to draw conclusions. 

  • Using reasoning to extrapolate missing information from incomplete data.

  • Recognizing the text's structure in terms of how its various components interact.

  • Recognizing the perspective and assumption of the author. 

  • Examining a text critically and drawing conclusions from it.

  •  Determining a position's advantages and disadvantages.

  •  Creating and taking into account alternate explanations.

Definition of Comprehension

Definition of Comprehension

Comprehension Helps in Testing the Following:

  • Kids' capacity to comprehend concepts in their own language.

  • His or her capacity for understanding how ideas originate and are organized.

  • His or her capacity to comprehend varied words and phrases, to communicate others' thoughts in their own language.

  • To draw conclusions.

Comprehension Helps the Kids to Master in the Following Areas:

  • Be short and direct.

  • Fill up the blanks with one or two points as appropriate.

  • Expanding vocabulary.

  • Reviewing the response, and fixing any spelling or grammar mistakes.

  • Playing the recall game.

  • Asking questions.

  • Using a pointer.

  • Setting goals to track progress.

How to Assist Yourself While Practising Comprehension.

  • Make flashcards for important words you might wish to keep in mind.

  • Read brief chapters or stories and make sure you understand what happened before moving on.

  • Do you think this makes sense? Reread the section that didn't make sense if it doesn't.

  • Read aloud to someone. Every few pages, pause, and alternate between summarizing what you've read.

  • Before reading a book on your own, ask a parent or instructor to preview it with you.

Unseen Passage(Solved)

A Lizard with a Blue Tongue

One of the most fascinating animals in the world can be found in Australia. On the Australian continent, one particular kind of lizard stands out in a striking way because they all have blue tongues. The name of these lizards is blue-tongued skinks. Reptiles with smooth scales and huge heads, lengthy bodies, and extremely short legs are known as blue-tongued skinks. Finding food is one of the most crucial tasks for the blue-tongued skink. It discovers delicious meals including fruits, flowers, snails, insects, slugs, and worms using its blue tongue as a "smell" organ. It must be on the lookout for predators like giant raptors, large snakes, and wild dogs and cats at the same time. The blue-tongued skink must employ a different defence strategy than losing its tail when it is directly confronted by a predator. This is due to the mild blue-tongued skink's peg-like teeth, which are incapable of producing lethal bites.


1. Compared with other reptiles, the blue-tongued skink is more

a. Gentle

b. Poisonous

c. Aggressive

d. Fearful

2. What is the most important job for the blue-tongued lizard?

a. Searching food

b. Playing

c. Sleeping

d. Killing


1. Gentle

2. Searching food

Difficult Word Meanings:

Difficult Words





To make peace


Fierce and savage




Abusive language


Possessing an adequate vocabulary or being familiar with enough word meanings is important for comprehension. Strong readers are able to infer information from their reading, such as what is significant, what is true, what led to an incident, and which characters are humorous. Thus, comprehension requires integrating reading with logic and thought.

Practice Questions

Read the below passage and answer the questions that follow:

Morris and Mike shared the same village. Mike was a struggling farmer, whereas Morris had the biggest jewellery store in the community. They both had sizable families. Mike made the decision to relocate to the city, where he was certain he would be able to earn enough money to support his family, after growing frustrated with not being able to provide for them in the village. He travelled to the metropolis with his family after leaving the village. They came to rest under a big tree at night. They may refresh themselves by bathing in the nearby brook. He asked his sons to clear the area around the tree, his wife to get water, and his daughters-in-law to build the fire, and he himself began cutting wood off the tree. They were unaware that a thief was concealed within the tree's limbs. He observed Mike's family at work and noted that they were without food to prepare. The same was felt by Mike's wife, who enquired to her husband, "Everything is ready, but what shall we eat?" Don't worry, Mike remarked while raising his palms to the sky. He is observing everything from above. He will support us. The burglar became concerned when he realized how big and cohesive the family was. He made the decision to flee right away, taking advantage of the fact that they were unaware he was concealed among the trees.


1. Why did Mike and his family decide to rest under a tree?

a. It was a convenient spot for taking a halt at night.

b. They knew they could easily catch the thief because they were a big family.

3. Which of the following statements is true about Morris?

a. He was a rich businessman

b. He paid his servants well

4. What did Mike mean when he said ‘He is watching all this from above’?

a. He spotted the thief and wanted to scare him

b. He was encouraging his wife to believe in God.


1. It was a convenient spot for taking a halt at night so Mike and his family decided to rest under a tree.

2. He was a rich businessman

3. He was telling his wife to have faith in god.

NCERT Solutions - Class 5 Comprehension Grammar Solution

NCERT Solutions for English Grammar serves as a comprehensive solution book for the students of Class 5 Comprehension who are willing to expertise in the English Grammar subject.

The Class 5th English Grammar syllabus is comprehensively mentioned in this NCERT Solutions. Exhaustive Class 5 Grammar topics are present in the NCERT Solutions. Also, this is to ensure that students from any board can refer to the NCERT Solutions for English Grammar Class 5 Comprehension.