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How To Score 60+ In JEE Main 2024 Chemistry

By MayukhaDecember 20, 2023
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Chemistry, according to most aspirants, is the most high-scoring section in JEE Main. One can easily score 80+ marks in this section if he/she is conceptually clear and has practised relevant problems, taken ample mock tests, and developed an efficient time management strategy.

Given the short time left for JEE Main 2024, you should focus on covering all the important topics of JEE Main Chemistry Syllabus as soon as possible. Following that, focus on practising and taking mock tests while simultaneously revising important chapters and topics. It is extremely important to give full-length JEE Main mock tests and solve past years' JEE Main questions. That way, you will have a better sense of what to expect in the actual examination.

JEE Main Top Tips to Score 60+ in Chemistry

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JEE Main 2024 - Topic-Wise Weightage

There are an equal number of questions in each of the three sections in JEE Main. As per the new exam pattern for JEE Main 2024, the Chemistry section consists of 25 compulsory questions that carry 4 marks each. Below is a table listing unit-wise weightage for each sub-section of Chemistry in JEE Main 2024:

JEE Main 2024 - Most Important Topics

Following are some tips to ace the Chemistry subject in the 2024 JEE Main exam. These come from the experts in the subject to make the process of preparation smoother and easier for the aspirants. Candidates who follow these tips and tricks religiously are bound to score well in Chemistry in JEE Main 2024:

Organic Chemistry

  • Reactions and their mechanism

  • Acidity

  • Nomenclature

  • Basicity

Inorganic Chemistry

  • Methods of Preparation and Chemical Reactions, uses, etc. of the compounds.

  • Chemical bonding

  • Elements of the periodic table

  • Transition elements and coordination chemistry

  • S & P block elements and Hydrogen

  • Dipole Moment

  • Shape and Hybridisation

  • Molecular Orbital Theory

  • Fajan’s Rule & its application

Physical Chemistry

  • Equilibrium

  • Chemical Thermodynamics

  • Chemical Kinetics

  • Electrochemistry & Redox Reactions

  • Surface Chemistry

  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

  • Solutions

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JEE Main 2024 - Recommended Books

There are several books in the market that JEE aspirants can use for their preparation. JEE Main Chemistry Books that we recommend to the candidates preparing for 2024 JEE Main are:



Concise Inorganic Chemistry for JEE

JD Lee

Inorganic Chemistry

OP Tandon

Textbook of Organic Chemistry

Arihant Publications

Organic Chemistry

P Tandon

Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations

RC Mukherjee

Physical Chemistry

OP Tandon

University Chemistry

Bruce M Mahan and Rollie J Meyers

JEE Main 2024 - Tips To Score 60+

Clear and doubt-free knowledge of the basics, a comprehensive strategy that includes solving ample mock tests and previous years’ papers, and the willingness to make the best use of the time at hand will take a candidate far in 2024 JEE Main, maybe probably till he/she gets accepted to a top engineering institute and release his/her dream of pursuing the course. Mentioned below are some important pointers curated by subject experts and previous years’ toppers for the candidates set to appear for the test this year.

No Substitute for Revision

Revision is essential for success in any kind of competitive exam simply study, in general. Until you revise a topic regularly, you are bound to lose your grip on the same. And, the story for Chemistry for JEE Main is not different. Candidates preparing for the premier engineering entrance exam must ensure that they are regularly revising the topics that they have completed.

Basics - A Vital Cog

Each and every candidate must have a strong hold over the basics of a subject. For Chemistry for 2024 JEE Main, look no farther than the NCERT books, as they provide candidates with ample knowledge about the subject. Once you’re done with the NCERT books, move on to the reference books that we have listed to further enhance your knowledge as well as your skillset in the subject. The final nail is, as we just said, revision to keep the topics afresh in your brain.

Too Many Cooks Spoil a Dish

As the saying goes, “too many cooks spoil a dish”, the same is the case for Chemistry for  JEE Main 2024. Referring to too many books and study material may end up playing the role of spoilsport in your preparation for the important exam. Hence, stick to NCERT and a minimum number of reference books as you prepare for the much-anticipated engineering entrance examination.

Mock Tests & Previous Years’ Papers

Unlike books, reference books, and other study material, you must not set a limit to the number of mock tests and previous years’ papers you solve while preparing for the JEE Main. The more sample papers and previous years’ papers you solve, the better the chances of your success at 2024 JEE Main. Thus, take ample online mock tests and solve the previous years’ papers from the last 10 years.

JEE Main 2024 - Benefits of Online Preparation via Vedantu

E-learning platforms such as Vedantu have become very useful for students to prepare for various competitive examinations from the comfort of their homes. In India, the cost of the internet has decreased, leading to an increase in the use of smartphones and online courses in recent years. Students can access video lectures, mock tests, and study material on Vedantu in order to improve their preparation.

Vedantu has all the major resources required for a student to prepare well for exams like JEE Main.

Everything ranging from solutions to questions from books of major writers to All India Mock Tests and live video lectures, Vedantu has an array of meaningful and helpful resources that students would ever need to boost their preparation for Chemistry in JEE Main 2024.


Candidates preparing for JEE Main 2024 must pay special attention to their time management and accuracy, as these two are the factors that will either make or break their chances to crack the examination for admission to a premier engineering college. Solving as many mock tests and previous years’ papers as possible is another vital part of good preparation.

With Chemistry featuring three different sub-topics, candidates must emphasise their stronger areas to score high in the subject as there may be topics that many candidates are not too good at. With that said, we wish all our readers all the best for their upcoming JEE Main exam.

FAQs on How To Score 60+ In JEE Main 2024 Chemistry

1. How can I achieve a score of 60+ in JEE Main 2024 Chemistry?

Focus on understanding fundamental concepts, practice regularly, and solve previous year papers to strengthen your preparation.

2. Is it necessary to memorize every chemical reaction for a good score in JEE Main 2024?

While some memorization is essential, understanding reaction mechanisms and concepts is more crucial for scoring well in JEE Main Chemistry.

3. How can I improve my time management during the Chemistry section in JEE Main 2024?

Practice time-bound mock tests, prioritize topics based on their weightage, and develop a strategy to allocate time efficiently.

4. Are NCERT textbooks sufficient for JEE Main 2024 Chemistry preparation?

NCERT books are a good starting point, but supplement your study with reference books and online resources for comprehensive coverage.

5. Should I focus on physical, organic, or inorganic chemistry for better scores in JEE Main 2024?

Allocate time to each branch but tailor your focus based on personal strengths and weaknesses; a balanced approach is key for success.

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