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JEE Main 2022 Admit Card: Important Details to Check After Downloading It

By Manasvi GuptaJune 13, 2022
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JEE Main Admit Card 2022: Key Points for Candidates Appearing in Session 1

The first session of JEE Main 2022 is scheduled to be conducted from June 23 to 29, 2022, by National Testing Agency (NTA). With the prestigious exam only less than a week away, candidates can download JEE Main Session 1 Admit Cards at its official website from 21 June 2022.

JEE Main admit card 2022 is an important document that allows applicants to sit in the JEE Main exam on exam day. It will contain information related to the candidates’ personal details, exam centre name and address, exam day instructions, and more. 

JEE Main 2022 Admit Card: 5 Important Things to Note

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The information mentioned in the JEE Main 2022 Session 1 admit card may still be required at various stages after the exam has concluded such as during the result declaration or counselling process. Therefore, it is advised that students keep safe the downloaded copy of their admit cards, and also have a hard copy of the same for future reference. 

Since JEE Main admit card 2022 is an important part of a student’s identity in the JEE Main 2022 exam, it is imperative that the applicants must go through all the details and instructions given in their admit cards soon after downloading them from the official website, and they must check and report for discrepancies if any.

5 Important Things to Note in JEE Main 2022 Admit Card

If you’re wondering what we are suggesting you look out for in your admit cards, here are five key points that JEE applicants must check:

1. Personal Details

The foremost thing JEE Main 2022 applicants must check in their admit cards as soon as they download them is their roll number, as it is every candidate’s personal identification number in the exam hall and is also required to check the results. 

In addition to checking roll numbers, students must check their personal details and ensure that their name, address, parents' names, and registration numbers are correct. Upon finding any error, they should immediately report it to the NTA.

2. Exam Centre Details

JEE Main admit cards contain information pertaining to the candidate’s exam centre name and the exact address to help them reach the exam. Thus, candidates should check their venue and JEE Exam Centre details without fail. Also, it is strongly advised that candidates reach their respective exam centre ahead of the exam day if it's quite far, and if possible, to avoid the last-minute rush. 

Candidates with exam centres near their home locations are also advised to visit the venue a day prior to the exam to have an estimate of the travel time and know the exact location to avoid any problems on the exam day. 

3. Exam Day Instructions

Often, candidates tend to overlook the descriptive instructions that the JEE Main admit cards carry, however, they are equally important. The exam day instructions include reporting time, preferred pens/pencils, use of dropbox, frisking and biometric verification, etc. Reading them thoroughly in advance will ensure a smooth experience on exam day. Remember to check, especially, the reporting time mentioned on admit cards as it will ensure that you reach the venue on time as entering after the gates are closed is not allowed. 

4. COVID Guidelines

After the COVID-19 pandemic, it is expected that the JEE Main 2022 exam will be conducted following the COVID-19 protocols set last year, and thus, JEE Main Session 1 admit cards will also contain the precaution guidelines including social distancing, mandatory use of masks, sanitization of exam centres, etc. So, candidates must give it a look and follow the same on the exam day. 

5. Self Declaration Form

The JEE Main admit cards 2022 come along with a self-declaration (undertaking) form that asks candidates to provide their recent travel details and health status, along with other details like if they had any flu-like symptoms – cough, fever, breathlessness, sore throat or runny nose, body ache in the last 14 days. However, leave the candidate signature column empty as it is to be signed in the exam hall, in the presence of invigilators. Therefore, candidates must fill up the form before the exam day. 


We hope that now you must have gained clarity on all your queries related to when will the JEE Main Session 1 admit card be available on the official website and all the key points in the admit card to ponder upon before sitting in the exam hall.

So, don’t forget to remember all the important things mentioned above. All the best for your JEE Main Exam 2022!

FAQs on JEE Main 2022 Admit Card: Important Details to Check After Downloading It

1. Is the JEE Main admit card important on the exam day?

It is mandatory to carry a copy of the admit card and a photo identity card on the day of the exam. Without an admit card, no candidate will be allowed entry into the examination hall.

2. When will the JEE Main 2022 admit card for Session 1 be issued?

The admit card is available on the official website of JEE Main from 21 June 2022.

3. How can I download the JEE Main 2022 admit card?

Here’s how to download the JEE Main 2022 admit card.

  1. Visit the official website of NTA for JEE Main -

  2. Click on the download link which reads: ‘NTA JEE Main Session 1 Admit Card 2022.’

  3. Enter your application number and password, or your date of birth to log in.

  4. Download it and print a hard copy for future use.

4. When will the JEE Main be conducted in 2022?

According to NTA’s revised schedule, the JEE Main 2022 exam dates for session 1 are June 23 to 29 and for session 2 are July 21 to 30, 2022.

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