How to get a Good Rank in JEE Advance Without Performing Well in Mains?

by Sagar Mankar, August 14, 2020

At the outset, yes, you can secure a good rank in JEE Advanced even if you did not perform well in your JEE Mains exam. To achieve this target, you need adequate planning, as well as ample practice during the period you will have between these two exams.

NTA has finally announced the date for JEE Mains and Advanced after rescheduling it twice. In 2020, these two exams will take place in September. The JEE Mains will be from 1st to 6th September, and the Advanced will be on 27th September.

So, even if you fail to secure a good rank during JEE Mains, you will have 3 weeks to rectify your mistakes and gear up for the final phase of this exam.

Read on to understand how to get good rank in JEE Advanced, after your performance in the Mains.

A Question that Every Candidate Ask - What is a Good Rank in JEE Advanced?

Before moving on to the effective ways to secure a better result in JEE Advanced, let us discuss the question that is in the mind of every aspirant. While the higher you rank, higher is the chance for securing a seat in your desired college, but it is difficult to point out which rank is good and which is not.

Instead, you can focus on the previous years’ trends to identify the final marks and the rank associated with it. In this way, you will know how many marks you need to score to get your desired rank.

Here is a List of JEE Advanced Marks vs Rank Based on the Data from JEE Advanced 2019:

All India Rank






40 to 45

280 to 285

80 to 90

273 to 279

200 to 230

250 to 272

490 to 500

227 to 249

600 to 650

217 to 226

720 to 780

210 to 216

800 to 820

208 to 209

990 to 1000

200 to 207

This will give you some idea about the rank you need to get admission in the college of your choice.

6 Effective Strategies to Ace JEE Advanced after Poor Performance in Mains

The first phase of JEE, i.e. JEE Mains, is the selection process from which a handful of candidates get a chance to appear in the next phase, which is JEE Advanced. If you have not performed well in the first part, then you can rectify your mistakes in the second part, and secure a better rank in the same.

Keeping in mind the question of how to get good rank in JEE Advanced, here are some effective strategies that will help to achieve your goals.

Strategy 1: Adhering to a Timetable

If you have not followed a timetable during your preparations of JEE mains, then it is time to change that. With the help of a timetable, you can allocate the required time to different subjects, practising sample papers, and revision.

Here is a sample timetable that you can follow to create your own, as per your requirements.

Day 1 to Day 20



Creating a study plan for the whole day

7- 7:15 am

Initial study of a particular topic

7:15- 9 am


9- 9:30 am

Deep study of the same topic

9:30- 12:30 pm

Lunch break

12:30- 1:30 pm

Solving practice set

1:30- 4:30 pm

Tea break

4:30- 5 pm

Evaluating the test and marking the mistakes

5- 7 pm


7- 7:30 pm

Understanding the mistakes made in the practice set and reviewing them

7:30- 10 pm


10- 10:30 pm

Revision and marking important points

10:30- 11:30 pm


11:30- 6:30 am

Since you will have around 21 days to prepare for this exam, this is a sample routine for 20 days. You should keep the day before your exam for revising the important topics that you have marked in these 20 days. Also, you must not forget to make a checklist of the essential items like admit card, registration papers, etc. Use this checklist to pack your bag, and double-check it to ensure that you are not missing anything.

Strategy 2: Assessing JEE Mains Performance

The second point on the list tips on how to get a good rank in JEE Advanced is following up on your JEE Mains performance. As you have already qualified this exam, you are aware of the areas you are falling behind, and where you are performing well. Make a pointer of these topics and chapters, and then work on them to enhance your preparation.

However, you should not take up an entirely new topic during this period. If you indulge more time in managing such areas, you may fail to revise other portions, and may eventually adversely impact your rank.

Stick to your strengths, and improve on the chapters you have lacked preparation during the JEE Mains examination. An organised way to do it, is writing them on a paper and then put it somewhere you can see it daily. After you complete a topic from that list, check it. You can then keep a tab on your progress.

Strategy 3: Practice, Practice and More Practice

Practice papers will always help you get a better understanding of the exam. You have already solved such practice materials and gave mock tests before JEE Mains preparation; it stays the same for JEE Advance as well. Practice is one of the key elements in the answer to your question of how to prepare for good rank in JEE Advanced 2020.

A point that you must keep in mind is to review your practice set results after completing them. Go through them minutely and comprehend the mistakes, and if possible, keep a note. Revise these topics, and talk to your mentor in case you have any doubts.

Strategy 4: Exam Planning

Exam planning is very crucial to ensure efficiency; it is one of the essential tips on how to get good rank in JEE Advanced. You can follow the pointers mentioned below to formulate a plan for the final exam:

  • Choosing the subject among Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics that you want to attempt first.

  • Mark the chapters that you find challenging to manage, and attempt them after you complete answering the questions easy for you.

  • Recognise the time-consuming section, and manage them properly.

  • Lastly, figure out those sections which will help you to secure marks easily.

You can apply this method while solving your practice sets. Once you become familiar, it will help you to answer quickly in the final exam.

Strategy 5: Get Rid of All Distractions

Removing unnecessary distractions is a must to perform better in the exams. It helps you to save considerable time and keep you focused on your studies. Nowadays, mobile phones and other gadgets are a constant source of distraction. If you want to recover from the unfortunate result of JEE Mains and secure a better rank in Advanced, then you need to keep a distance from such devices for the time being.

Strategy 6: Be Mindful of Your Health

Starting from the Mains to the Advanced, this period is very crucial for your future. Thus, staying fit and healthy during this time is vital to handle the pressure of these two exams. You should maintain a proper diet during this period, get adequate sleep, and refrain from activities that may harm you. Doing exercises every day can also help you to stay healthy.

A Final Word

JEE Mains and Advanced is the gateway to the top engineering colleges of this country. Therefore, the competition level for these two exams is high. If you have not managed to secure a good rank in the JEE mains, then there is no reason to feel down. You can still salvage your chances by preparing properly for the next phase.

Instead of worrying about your current rank and how to get good rank in JEE Advanced and panic, you should focus on your studies. You can prepare a schedule like the one mentioned above, and take a cue from the tips as well, to improve your final preparation and fulfil your dream of joining the prestigious engineering colleges in India.

How to get a Good Rank in JEE Advance Without Performing Well in Mains?