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How Vedantu Made 700+ Toppers to Secure 90+ Percentile in JEE Main 2023?

By Manasvi GuptaFebruary 07, 2023
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Vedantu’s Success Story in JEE Main 2023 Session 1 | 130+ Vedans Score 99+ Percentile

“Padhai Dumdaar, Results Shandaar”: Vedantu not only chants this slogan but also acts upon it! A household name in the LIVE online learning industry in India, Vedantu has again proved its merit by producing excellent results in the JEE Main 2023 Session 1 exam.

Around 16 Vedants achieved an overwhelming victory in the JEE Main 2023 Session 1 exam by securing 99.9 percentile and above. Over 155 students secured the 99+ percentile, and above 413 students secured the 97+ percentile. Vedantu produced 875 toppers who secured above the 90 percentile in the exam.

16+ Vedantu Students Scored 99.9 Percentile in JEE Main 2023 Session 1

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As for the subject-wise breakup, 6 Vedantu toppers hit the bull's eye in Physics by securing the 100 percentile, while one Vedan secured the exceptional 100 percentile in the Maths subject.

List of Students Who Excelled in JEE Main 2023 Session 1

Check out the JEE Main 2023 Session 1 toppers at Vedantu who cracked the tough nut by securing a whopping 99.9+ percentile under the guidance of Vedantu’s master teachers.

S. No

Name of the Student



Krishna Gahlod



Subham Kumar



Parth Eknath Mahajan



Shreya Nigam



Soham Panchal



Adithya Addepalli



Ravpreet Singh Ahluwalia



Krish Singla



Prakhar Jain



Deevij Bansal



Aditi Singh



Satyam Sinoliya



Parth Agarwal



Aditya Anand Sawant



Suyash Kapoor



Shreyas Mehta


JEE Main 2023 Session 1 Overall Result of Vedantu 

Below is the list of Vedantu toppers who scored more than 90 percentile in the JEE Main 2023 Session 1 examination. This overall analysis will help students to make an informed decision on the success rate of Vedantu.


No. of Students 









Tips From Vedantu’s JEE Main 2023 Toppers 

Carving a place for oneself among lakhs of candidates who sit in the coveted JEE Main 2023 Session 1 exam is not easy. So, what do the toppers do differently that makes them achieve their goal? Let’s read below.

  • Revise! Make notes, practice questions and start preparations early.

  • Solve as many mock tests or sample papers as you can.

  • Don’t be hard on yourself when you can't study; always choose quality over quantity.

  • Work on getting your concepts clear. Formulas and numerical-based questions can be practised after that.

  • Identify your weaknesses and work on them diligently. Make sure no loophole is left.

  • Remain calm in the examination hall even if you don’t know any questions. It is the key to securing better results.

  • Don’t overburden yourself, as it will only lead to inefficiency.

Vedantu’s Role in JEE Main 2023 Session 1 Toppers’ Success Journey

Vedantu boasts of exceptional results across various competitive exams throughout the years, which has made the online-learning platform a go-to platform for students all over the country who want to prepare for different competitive exams including IIT JEE, NEET, BITS, KVPY, and other State Engineering Entrances.

Exam toppers who have excelled in their respective exams under the guidance of Vedantu’ master teachers and mentors speak highly of the learning platform. They vouch for its quality, interactive content with immersive concepts, and great teaching. Here’s how Vedantu made toppers out of its hard-working students.

  • Vedantu focuses on continuous practice and dedication. Students are encouraged to sit for multiple rounds of revisions and solve 70+ JEE Main papers.

  • Master teachers and mentors dedicate one-on-one time with the students for comprehensive discussions on JEE-specific questions.

  • Vedantu’s Master Teachers not only assist students academically but also host motivational, counselling, and mentoring sessions to build students’ overall confidence. 

  • Round-the-clock support from Vedantu’s Master Teachers is another important factor for the success of students. As per some of last year’s toppers, the teachers discuss the papers after every practice test. They help students identify their weak and strong areas and guide them in strategising how to solve the JEE Main paper.

What Makes Vedantu Different?

Here are some key features of Vedantu which have made it the top online learning platform choice among the toppers.

  • Vedantu has its new-age technology for interactive classes.

  • It offers LIVE online classes with the LIVE doubt-solving feature for students’ convenience.

  • Its online classes are extremely affordable.

  • Vedantu provides customised study material, assignments, quizzes, exam-tailored tests, and 3-D learning experience for the overall preparation of the students.

  • Vedantu has skilled and experienced master teachers who employ unique teaching methodologies to produce excellent results year after year.

  • With its Vedantu Improvement Promise (VIP), the ed-tech delivers improvement in students’ performance, as promised by Vedantu, which is visible from its triumph in various competitive exams over the years.

The excellent track records and the results of JEE Main 2023 Session 1 have proved Vedantu is one of the best platforms to achieve your potential. To see your name among these JEE Main toppers, enrol in Vedantu today!

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