Why IIT JEE is One of the Toughest Exams in the World?

IIT JEE: Is It Really The Toughest Exam in India

IIT-JEE is the dream exam for practically all aspirants in India with an aim to give the perfect shape to their future. However, IIT JEE is not just another exam which one can pass without proper preparation and skillset. There are various reasons why IIT JEE is the hardest test on the planet and is included under the top 10 toughest exams in India. The schedule is gigantic – crossing three subjects and just about 4 years of concentrate material. The question paper format is also vast with all the sections having intricate questions in them. One of the reasons which can easily prove that IIT JEE is indeed in the category of the toughest test is the number of applications. Every year, Lakhs of students apply for this exam and under 1% reach their destination. Still not persuaded that it is one of the hardest tests and the toughest exam in India? Scroll down and check yourself.

IIT JEE – One of the Toughest exams in the World

In 2018, 11.5 lakhs students appeared for the IIT JEE exam and for them, only 11279 seats were available in all the IITs put together. Although, JEE is one of the toughest tests, yet the number of candidates attempting this examination is increasing every year. The reason behind this is very simple – the brand name, IIT. IIT graduates are acquired by big Multimillion companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, IBM, LinkedIn, and many others. A seat in IITs guarantees great job opportunities, high pay package and of course, a bright future.

On the terms of difficulty, the joint entrance exam certainly defeats the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) as you judged based on your academic toughness, rigor, depth of thinking, competition etc. It also defeats all their engineering examinations (like AIEEE, BITS, Common Entrance Exams of various states) on the same metric. This can be assured by just looking at the average scores or comparing the questions. However, it will still fall short when you compare some specific section to specific Olympiads, that require greater rigour and in-depth thinking.

Compared to other engineering entrance exams, it is not much harder. But the matter of fact is that it has got negative marking, MCQ (both single and multi-correct), match the correct answer, integer type, long paragraph type, (and even subjective) questions “kill” half of the eligible applicants. Those who survive, are the best in the best because they not only have attempted most of the questions in the same time duration but also attempted them correctly. they are the true “heroes” of the IIT JEE exam.

Even though it is extremely tough to crack IIT JEE, it is advised to start your preparation from the start. If you are serious about it and see yourself getting admission to your dream college, you will have to work accordingly. It is good to commence your journey with a companion who can assist you at every level. Vedantu is an excellent platform IIT JEE Mains and Advanced preparation. With its online classes and expert master teachers hailing from IITs and other deemed institutions of India, you will no longer be facing the trouble of finding a good teacher. Students from Vedantu have scored great ranks in various competitive exams including IIT JEE and got admitted in the world’s most prestigious institutes.

Preparation for IIT JEE requires a great amount of effort and also a good mentor who can assist you when you are stuck and also teach you the right methodology to approach the questions. You need to have smart preparation strategy rather than studying without proper planning. As we are talking about the toughness of the IIT JEE Mains and Advanced exam, it is critical to include the preparation outline for students. In this way, you will get to know the toughness level of this exam and also how to overcome this tough paper pattern and mark your flag of victory.

Is IIT JEE Really the Toughest Exam?

The syllabus is indeed tough to cover as it entails all the basics and advanced concepts. The questions asked are also not directly from the NCERT Textbooks Solutions or any other reference books (Sometimes it might come directly but not every time). The questions are twisted in an uncommon way just to test your question-solving approach and readiness and are more logical and require more analytical skills. You need to have your concepts very clear while attempting IIT JEE questions, especially JEE Advanced.

Also, when it is said that lakhs of students appeared for the exam but only a few were selected, it doesn’t increase the toughness of the exam. As a matter of fact, if we do the right research, a lot of students don’t have that passion and aim to clear the exam. A major portion of the total applicants are not serious about IIT JEE and the majority of them will be giving just for getting the experience of attempting IIT JEE. This makes the competition fierce resulting in lesser number of available seats.

So, we can consider that cracking IIT JEE is not an uphill battle for students and also it not the syllabus alone which is to be blamed for making it tough. A large number of applicants (with a portion of students who are not serious) eyeing for a handful of seats in this exam cumulatively makes it relatively tougher.

In conclusion, what should be included is no exam in this world is that tough which a human mind cannot conquer. You should go through all the essential statistics before reaching any final statement including all the relevant points.

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