Study Plan to Crack IIT JEE in One Year

Complete Study Plan To Crack IIT JEE In One Year

Students are passionate about their dream of studying at an IIT one day - you should know that you do need to pull your socks up and put your best foot forward. One way to achieve your goal is by working hard and the other way is to work smart. With reference to the vast syllabus of IIT JEE, working hard is not the apt solution; you need to be smart enough to chalk out the best preparation strategy. You’ve got to be smart and that is what will set you apart from the lakhs of competitors appearing for IIT JEE along with you.

Before moving on to the subject-wise study plan for IIT JEE, lets quickly go through some important points necessary to gear up for the preparation. Jumping directly to subject wise preparation may confuse you. So, to make things clear, you need to contemplate some other important points as well.

By smart it doesn’t just mean using the best study tactics - you’ve got to put in a little extra effort into understanding the trends. Now that you have just a couple of months to go for the January attempt of JEE Main 2019, here’s a couple of things you can do for wholesome preparation.

1. Understand the Syllabus Well: Knowing your syllabus in-depth can immensely help you to boost your preparation. Get a clear picture of what are the topics you need to put extra efforts on and what could be the topics that can be kept aside for reviewing later. The important topics to study if you want to cover the IIT JEE (Main and Advanced) syllabus in in one year

2. NCERT Books should be your Bible: “I am preparing for IIT JEE, there is no use of studying from NCERT Books”. This attitude can cost you a lot, especially if you are not thorough with NCERT books. Year after year, it has become more evident that NCERT books and NCERT solutions have the power to get you a great score in your IIT JEE Main and even Advanced. Also, with Vedantu having your back, you no longer have to wander for obtaining the perfect textbook solutions of NCERT. We at Vedantu provide the most accurate NCERT Solutions that you can download in a FREE PDF format.

3. Fix a Goal that is Achievable: We often see that students end up with incomplete preparation as they target to complete all the important topics entailed in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. This way its too late before they realize that there are still many topics that need undivided attention. Preparation without a proper schedule and time table can take its toll on you. It is highly advised to set an aim that is achievable. You can start with a little in your hand and gradually you can pace up to a level where you can manage all the three subjects simultaneously.

Now that you are clear with some basics points, we can move ahead with the study plan which can be implemented while devising your subject-wise study plan to crack IIT JEE in one year. Studying all the three subjects, viz. Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics equally are imperative. Also, you can emphasize a particular subject if you are shrewd enough to decide what subjects you need to prioritize. Below-given are some of the important points to inculcate while starting off with the preparation:

Important Topics for IT JEE Physics

Mechanics: This chapter has been consistently proving to be the most useful as every year a good number of questions are asked from this.

Kinematics: Kinematics and Particle Physics are also very important and have been in the JEE Advanced Question Papers almost every year.

Electromagnetism: One of the most important topics in IIT JEE Advanced Physics and covers a major part of IIT JEE Advanced Physics question paper.

Apart from the above-mentioned topics, there are several other topics that we need to focus on such as:

· Geometrical Optics
· Thermodynamics
· Rotational Dynamics
· Dimensional Analysis
· Gravitational and Electrostatics
· Current Electricity and Heat Transfer

Important books for IIT JEE Physics Preparation

· NCERT Textbooks
· Concept of Physics by HC Verma (Both 1 & 2)
· General Physics Problems by Irodov
· Solved papers in Physics written by Schaum
· Electromagnetism basic laws by Irodov

Important Topics for IIT JEE Chemistry

Physical Chemistry: Organic Chemistry: With a total of 30–40% weightage, if done well, there’s a really good scope to get a high score and ultimately a good rank. Topics like Atomic Structure, Ionic Equilibrium, Nuclear Chemistry, Mole Concept, Thermodynamics, Surface Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Solid State, Chemical Kinetics, Solution & Colligative Properties are important to prepare.

Inorganic Chemistry: You should try to cover this entire section, and nothing should be ignored. Each and every topic holds great value. Topics such as Chemical Bonding, S-block and Periodic Table and Periodicity in properties are of high importance.

Some important books for Chemistry:

· Organic Chemistry by MS Chauhan
· Inorganic Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced by Dr.R.K.Gupta
· Inorganic Chemistry by OP Tandon
· RC Mukherjee’s Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations

Important Topics in Mathematics

Mathematics of IIT JEE tests the extent of knowledge and aptitude. The IIT JEE Mathematics is not that tough if you prepare it with hard work and dedication. Some highly important topics in Mathematics like trigonometry, probability, circles, differential calculus, and straight lines in coordinate geometry, permutations and combinations in algebra are always easy to Crack in IIT JEE. Focus on Calculus and Algebra: You should be well-versed with the topics under calculus and algebra. These are two of the most important topics and you need to be thorough with these two topics. Practice daily and clear each and every doubt whenever you come across any of them. Below given is the list of a must do topics for IIT JEE Maths.

· Trigonometry
· Probability
· Integrals
· Derivatives
· Circles

Some additional noteworthy points to be kept in mind while chalking out the one-year study plan for IIT JEE

· Previous year question papers and NCERT Solutions should be solved regularly. It immensely helps you to get an idea of the kind of questions that will be asked in the JEE.

· Resolve your doubts immediately. Don’t ever wait, thinking that with practice/more studying you will be able to resolve your doubts yourself.

· Since JEE is conducted in online mode, you must sign up for an IIT JEE online tests to get the real time exam feeling and to know the nature of questions and the pattern.

· Maintain a book of formulas to study from on a regular basis.

· Have separate notebooks to note down your mistakes and weak areas.

· Practice every day so that you don’t lose the connection with the subjects.

· Study all the major concepts with a period of 6–7 months and keep the rest of the period for revision purposes.

· Keep evaluating yourself concept-wise for each subject and map your progress on the same with a fixed schedule.

Keep all the above-mentioned points in mind and you will do well for sure!

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