How to Prepare the Best Study Time Table for JEE Main and Advanced 2019

Best Study Timetable for IIT JEE 2019 Preparation

Time is of the essence when we think about any activity that we do daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. An activity planned well before ensuring a quality output. Increasing number of aspirants for IIT every year has made the competition fierce and students look for that extra edge in their IIT JEE preparation. In this article we will cover questions like: How to crack IIT JEE Main? How to crack IIT JEE Advanced? Timetable for self-study and many more such common concerns which are haunting the minds of many aspiring IIT students. Now, while we are at it, the two most important factors which drive IIT-JEE results are IIT JEE study preparation strategy and altering it for maximum results. The process of building the perfect study plan for IIT JEE yields desired results when an iterative process is followed rather than a one shot try to perfection.

The Experiment

Since all of us belong to the science stream we know the importance of “The Experiment”. When the process or reaction is experimented on different factors many times, best results are obtained. Similarly while devising an IIT-JEE study plan the importance of experimenting is the same if not more. Think of this activity as a trick to answer how to crack JEE Main? and How to crack JEE Advanced?. The extensive the experiment the better the JEE Main preparation timetable.

Now, as we are speaking about an experiment here, just like any other experiment one should have a variety of factors to test it in. As far as JEE study plan is concerned, the factors can be time estimation for topics, revising, testing etc. While experimenting, be as creative as you can, try to learn different concepts across short and long time frames. Try out micro rapid revise or extensive tests in short and long formats. As far as your mind goes try out all and any format you wish to but as good scientists make sure to write down your observations precisely. This data will help you build a great approach to solving JEE Sample Question Papers and customize you according to your observations.

Understanding and defining an Approach

In our school and tuitions, we see a fixed-teaching approach to impart education. From the first step of teaching new concepts to the last step of testing and providing the result whether the grade changes or the school the approach is somewhat similar. Hence, as a rule of thumb, make sure you choose the right approach to put together a great time table for JEE preparation and follow it no matter what. NCERT Books should be the first book that you should read and complete. Choosing and following the approach is the key to answer How to crack JEE Mains? And How to crack JEE Advance? How to choose the right approach during forming and implementing the study time table?

This can be acutely answered by a number of parameters. How much time do you have, how much syllabus is remaining, what is your goal: high percentile or JEE AIR rank etc. These are a few factors which will establish the approach for preparing your ideal time table for IIT JEE preparation. Now in a certain scenario, you have plenty of time and equally more IIT-JEE syllabus to cover then go for an approach which weighs revision and testing modules equally. The best IIT JEE study plan is developed when all the factors determining your IIT-JEE preparation are well-thought. Hence, first, make a list of all such possible factors and develop an approach for your IIT preparation timetable.

3 kinds of Time

Once you are through with the developing approach, you have got yourself a road map to allocate time accordingly and formulate your IIT preparation timetable. While preparing for IIT JEE as discussed already, Time is of the essence. The three kinds of time you need to take into consideration while IIT preparation timetable is essential. The 3 kinds of time are IIT-JEE Preparation Time, Revision Time and Testing Time. The questions how to crack JEE Main? And how to crack IIT JEE Advance? Can only be cracked if the time is allocated properly. The first stage of dividing the 3 kinds of time across IIT JEE study plan is to figure out which is the area we need to focus more on, be it preparation, revision or testing allocate the size in your IIT preparation timetable according to the learning need is also one important tip from a study timetable of toppers.

Now, it can be challenging at times to decide the size of time to allocate for IIT JEE preparation. For this as we have already discussed there is a testing phase before you are even deciding on making a perfect study routine for JEE. Take full advantage of the testing phase find out which is the most or least time consuming activity depending on concepts and subjects or any other accountable factor. Once you know the time required for each activity, you can easily answer the questions: how to crack IIT JEE Mains/and how to crack IIT JEE Advanced?

Evaluating your IIT JEE study plan

Customizing your study plan for IIT JEE can make wonders in your IIT JEE preparation. Nowadays many students are looking for ideas on a daily timetable for IIT JEE aspirants. To all of them, we would say one of the most important tips from study timetable of toppers is a customized timetable. Here, many students would say that they know the importance of a customized timetable but do not know how to go around it while formulating a result-oriented study plan. Okay, so follow your current timetable for a week or a month (not recommended until necessary) and attempt a test on the concepts you prepared for in that week or month. Strictly follow NCERT solutions of the textbooks exercises that have also been provided by Vedantu in free PDF downloadable format. The effectiveness of your timetable is directly measured by the score on that test. If the score is satisfactory means you have allocated enough time in your preparation for learning and revision. Although in this process you have to determine whether the concepts you learned in one week or month actually requires so much time? If not, immediately reduce your allocations in your IIT JEE study plan and vice-versa.

There is no short-cut to answer how to crack JEE Main, how to crack JEE Advanced or prepare a study chart, however, if you know tips and tricks you can really speed up the process. Self-Evaluation is not only limited to the preparation of IIT JEE. To make sure that you are both mentally and physically healthy to secure your goal. Because if you are not fit, even the best study routine cannot furnish any merit.

The Goal is not perfection

At times we are so into a process that we completely forget the end result and focus on perfecting the process. It is highly likely to happen while preparing the JEE Main and Advanced. When we speak about customizing your IIT preparation timetable, the goal is to simply arrive at a schedule which is tailored to our daily routine. While formulating this routine, students often get carried away and waste a lot of time perfecting the timetable which is not the goal. The goal is to achieve timetable to save time and waste time in avoidable changes. Time is of the essence hence formulate a plan to test it, better it and follow it to achieve your goal. As simple as that!

To all the IIT JEE aspirants out there - prepare a customized IIT JEE preparation time table and kick-start your JEE preparation keep it simple and you will see how easy it is to achieve your goal.

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