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10 Most Common Mistakes You Should Avoid In JEE Advanced Preparation

By Shreya GhoshJanuary 30, 2020
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10 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing for JEE Advanced Exam Preparations

IIT JEE Advanced is the second phase of the IIT JEE exam and also one of the toughest entrance exams in the world. This is the exam which is taken by those candidates who pass the JEE Main successfully. Cracking JEE advanced exam with a good score needs a tremendous effort. To receive an engineering certificate from any of the prestigious IITs is the ultimate dream of any IIT JEE aspirant but the 2 years journey path is tiresome as well as meticulous.

Despite hard work & serious preparation, only 23% of students make it to IIT JEE Advanced stage. Though the syllabus for Mains & IIT JEE Advanced is the same, the difficulty level of the latter is much higher.

It is normal to be anxious but there are certain common mistakes, most IIT JEE aspirants commit during the JEE advanced exam that makes all the difference in the score. Once you crack IIT JEE Mains, you should be ready for IIT JEE advanced preparation. Here is a list of 10 common IIT JEE advanced preparation mistakes that you must avoid to ace IIT JEE Advanced with a high score.

10. Multiple Reference Books: During IIT JEE advanced preparation, students end up buying a lot of JEE reference books for a better JEE advanced preparation. Checking JEE reference books is a good practice, but following numerous JEE reference books along with the JEE study material from the coaching institutes can lead to confusion. And, as the exam comes nearby it will only get difficult to revise those multiple JEE reference books in limited time! So instead of buying a plethora of JEE reference books, choose a few JEE reference books wisely and stick to them.

Once you finish your IIT JEE syllabus, by all means, practice & revise everything you have studied for JEE advanced preparation. But for the initial days of IIT JEE advanced preparation, stick to a few good JEE reference books, that are written in simple languages, better-in-quality and contain a lot of practice papers.

Don’t start any new JEE reference books during the last days of your IIT JEE advanced preparation as it will do no good to you, rather it will increase your anxiety level!

9. Ignoring NCERT Books: Completing NCERT books should be your first priority. Understand the topics rather than memorizing it - as IIT JEE Mains as well as IIT JEE advanced test your analytical skills. Cracking IIT JEE Advanced is much more than mugging up the JEE concepts in Physics, Chemistry & Math from JEE reference books.

IIT JEE aspirants have a tendency to ignore NCERT books & focus more on new JEE reference books when they start their IIT JEE advanced preparation. WRONG! Don’t ever do that.

First, finish revising the NCERT books with the help of NCERT Solutions and then only look up to the quality JEE reference books. Remember, in all JEE reference books, the JEE topics are the same. Just the style of representing the topics are different in those JEE reference books.

8. Focusing on 2 Subjects: Are you doing this? Many IIT JEE aspirants study selectively while they have time for IIT JEE advanced preparation. It’s good to be aware of the IIT JEE syllabus, JEE exam guidelines and weightage of different JEE topics but trust me, IIT JEE advanced is unpredictable.

So, focusing on just 2 subjects while you are preparing for IIT JEE advanced, may not help you to fetch a good rank in your IIT JEE advanced. Also, don’t go for selective study from NCERT books or JEE reference books, as the JEE examiners know how to select the best brains!

7. Leaving Important Topics For Last Minutes: Before you start your IIT JEE advanced preparation, check the exam guidelines thoroughly and plan your timetable accordingly. Do not leave any important JEE topic till the last minute else it can be a strenuous task.

When we are talking about IIT JEE advanced preparation, I must mention that there are a lot of IIT JEE aspirants who tend to leave ‘Inorganic Chemistry’ for the final 3-4months of their IIT JEE advanced preparation.

Why? They think ‘Inorganic Chemistry’ is all about memorizing some reactions and nothing else, so no need to spend much time behind those chemical reactions! But they forget that there are topics like Qualitative Inorganic Analysis, Chemical bonding, Co-ordination compounds etc which may take time to revise.

I would suggest complete this Inorganic chapter beforehand and start revising from JEE reference books as soon as you complete your whole syllabus. If there are at least 15-20% marks that you can score easily within less time, then why to leave such a chapter till the end date of your IIT JEE advanced preparation?

6. Taking Class XI Topics Lightly: Don't make this mistake! The syllabus of class XI is the foundation or base for class XII. If your basics are weak, there are chances you won’t understand the chapters of XII with ease. Follow your textbooks & JEE reference books for more knowledge. Just don't ignore class XI- be serious about your class XI syllabus of IIT JEE advanced preparation.

5. Leaving Questions On The Calculation Stage: During IIT JEE advanced preparation, students tend to attempt more tests rather than completing those IIT JEE test papers.

What I meant is, if there is a calculation involved in a sum, the student will leave it there as it’s just a calculation! But trust me, this can cost a student dearly during his JEE exam.

In order to attempt more questions within a limited time, students often follow such practice which is not at all advisable. Attempt fewer questions but complete the calculation- it will improve your marks as well as your speed & accuracy which will definitely be an advantage during your IIT JEE advanced exam.

4. Comparing Your Progress With Fellow Aspirants: When I was a student, I always compared my progress only with myself. But I have seen students comparing their marks and progress with their peers and other fellow aspirants after attempting an exam. Every individual is different & so is their brain & pace of learning and you should understand this! So next time, when you give a JEE Advanced Online Mock Test, don’t compare your success or failure with your fellow IIT JEE aspirants.

3. Depending Too Much On Coaching Institutes: Even if you enroll in a reputed institute, success is not guaranteed. Know your JEE advanced syllabus and understand that IIT JEE examiners will never ask you any question outside that.

So, instead of focussing only on your favorite subject and reading advanced topics, it’s better to focus on the IIT JEE advanced syllabus to strengthen your basics.

Attend JEE lectures, pay attention to what the teachers are saying, solve doubts, refrain from creating backlogs, check JEE reference books & make time for self-study- only then you can master a concept fully and move a step ahead towards your ultimate dream- IIT!

It’s ok to go to a coaching institute but it’s your responsibility to get the most out of it otherwise it will be just a waste of time & money.

2. Revising The Same Topics & Focussing On Simple Ones: Once you complete the IIT JEE syllabus, go through the JEE reference books, start giving IIT JEE mock tests to complete your IIT JEE advanced preparation.

Evaluate & analyze your paper, check the mistakes, and learn your strong & weak points. So, when you start revision for IIT JEE advanced preparation, you can divide your time & spend it wisely on your weak areas to improve that part.

Don't forget to revise your strong areas as that will take less time. It’s better to make JEE notes, revision sheets and flashcards for revision purpose instead of going for JEE reference books every time.

1. Setting A Timetable & Staying Motivated: When you say ‘I want to get into the IIT’, you should be ready for 2-year long painstaking preparation that includes a full-fledged IIT JEE advanced preparation and a reliable timetable.

Study-eat-tests-sleep formula sounds easy but it will become monotonous after some days of spending energy for JEE advanced preparation.

Don’t study for the entire day, have some time for recreational activities- watch tv, play games or go for a walk. Study when you want to study and don’t get distracted while learning. Focus entirely on your learning when you are learning a subject or a topic of your choice.

Stick to your goals, stay strong & motivated for those 2 long years of IIT JEE advanced preparation. Be confident but not over confident or under confident. You will have to go through extreme frustration & depression but the reward you will get in turn of those hardships will help you to forget those long nights!


If you want to crack ‘IIT JEE’ advanced, then try to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes at all cost. Study smart and stay motivated. All the very best!

About Author:

Shreya Ghosh - BE in Mechanical Engineering from Jadavpur University. A content writer by day and a reader by night. An Engineer by degree & copywriter by profession. I love to travel, try new things and guide my juniors for their better future!

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