How to Crack JEE Main in the Last Couple of Months

by Archana Rao D, April 16, 2020

Indian Institute of Technology is one of the most sought out engineering institutes for every JEE aspirant. But before we make our dream of sitting in an IIT classroom listening to those engaging lectures we have to crack one of the toughest exams in this country. To crack the exam of such immensity you will need a proper preparation strategy which will generate satisfactory results. Hence we have put across all the toppers study tips to help you design the IIT JEE toppers time table according to your learning curve. 

Revision Of Important Chapters

You’ll have to revise the chapters which are important from the examination point of view must be mastered. This is to ensure that you do not lose out marks from chapters that are likely to be asked in the main examination. If you are in a position to answer questions of any model and difficulty level from those chapters, you will definitely fetch good marks in the exam. In order to do that, you must have an in-depth knowledge of each and every single topic and concept from the JEE Main Important Chapters. As and when you study for the board exams, you’ll have to focus more on these chapters.

Revision Of Your Weak Chapters

Always you must keep in mind that initially, you need to focus more on your weak chapters and topics and improve on them. Make sure you’re not attempting the questions you're not sure of with this you can minimize your negative marks in the exam. By now, you must be knowing your weak areas. So, learn and keep revising them frequently and solve practice questions as you study for the boards. After the board exams get over, you’ll need to concentrate on JEE Main mock tests and gauge your paper to find the following points which are mentioned below:

  1. Concepts and topics you got them incorrect

  2. Concepts and topics you couldn’t answer or attempt. 

  3. Concepts and topics you were confident but took more time to answer

Once you make a list of all these chapters, the next step is to learn them and revise the related concepts and solve practice questions.

Revision Of The Whole Syllabus

You must always revise the whole syllabus before the exam. Do not focus only on important chapters, and chapters you are weak in. Having the basic conceptual knowledge of the complete syllabus is a must if you want to clear JEE Main examination with a good score that ensures a seat in one of the NITs, IIITs, or other top engineering colleges.

Revision Strategy For Physics

  1. Have a glance on every single topic and concept as fast as possible from your revision notes to understand them well. In case, if you’re not sure of a particular concept or topic, refer to your textbooks.

  2. Make sure you are able to visualize the various mechanisms, processes, etc.

  3. Only by practising, you can remember the formulas, equations, etc. You should also practice their derivations as well.

  4. You have to go through the steps to solve problems.

  5. First, start solving the questions which you think are difficult.

Revision Strategy For Chemistry

  1. Your main focus should be on understanding all the concepts of Organic, Inorganic, and Physical Chemistry.

  2. Understand, practice and remember the formulas, equations and reaction mechanisms. Spend more time on Organic Chemistry as this includes many reactions.

  3. Solve difficult questions first. 

Revision Strategy For Mathematics

  1. Understand and remember the formulas by heart, do not mug up them.

  2. Remember the steps to solve problems and solve them in a step by step manner. 

  3. You have to solve various questions from every single concept, especially the difficult ones.


Students have to build-up a shield to their brains which makes them work faster than regular to achieve their goals. Students basically get stuck in the middle while solving questions, at this moment, they have to look at the solved solutions which will make them understand the concept and solve the problem. In this way, they don’t feel demotivated.  Do not give up at this point, they have to understand where the problem is and then concentrate on rectifying it and then move forward.

How to Crack JEE Main in the Last Couple of Months