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Toppers Study Tips and Time Table for JEE 2024 Preparation

By FatimaDecember 05, 2023
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Study Tips and Time Table of Toppers for JEE 2024 Preparation

The dream of attending an IIT drives every JEE aspirant, yet it hinges on cracking one of the nation's toughest exams. To navigate this challenge, an effective preparation strategy is paramount. We've compiled study tips from IIT JEE toppers to assist you in tailoring a timetable aligned with your learning pace. Quickly peruse the toppers' study tips list for insights on how to approach your JEE preparations successfully and answer the pivotal question: How do JEE toppers study?

Toppers Study Tips and Time Table for JEE Preparation

Familiarizing and Getting Ready

The very first tip on how do JEE toppers study is to get a hold of the syllabus you are going to cover in your time table for JEE preparation. Get familiarized with the subjects, chapters, concepts try finding a pattern or a sequential series on the content page of your textbook. This early exposure is in every toppers study schedule which will help you in a number of preparation activities like forming a timetable, planning out a revision or how and when to plan mock tests. Scanning the syllabus top to bottom will help you develop a mindset on the preparation mountain to scale.

Start Early

A crucial tip from top performers is to commence your preparation early. This gives you a significant edge over those who may overlook the value of a head start. The question of how JEE toppers study varies among students, but a common thread is the recognition that an early beginning provides ample time for thorough preparation.

After the exam, some prefer an immediate start, while others utilise time between their class 10 classes to grasp IIT JEE concepts. A helpful trick is to assess the syllabus familiarity; if it seems overwhelming, begin as early as possible, and vice versa.

Always remember to follow NCERT Books first before touching any other reference book. NCERT exercise questions and their solutions are immensely beneficial for those who are preparing for competitive exams like IIT JEE.

Plan the Mission

You are the captain of your IIT JEE Preparation ship and also the Bond on a mission to ace JEE. In the list of toppers study tips, it will be a crime not to include IIT JEE planning tip. For starters, devise a short term plan say for a month or even for a week for that matter. Keep the goal realistic and see if you are able to achieve it in the given time. Once you have found out the learning time for that short period, increase the time and concept accordingly. But if you ask how to do JEE toppers study, is they have a realistic time table to meet realistic goals. Never under and overestimate yourself.

Divide and Conquer

In the initial familiarisation phase, many feel overwhelmed by the extensive syllabus and limited time. To answer the question of how JEE toppers study, a clear strategy is essential. One effective technique for managing the vast syllabus is to divide it into parts and allocate specific time slots for each segment. The division can vary, whether by concept, chapter, or subject, providing a structured approach to tackle the challenge.

Utilise Vedantu's free downloadable NCERT Solutions for chapter-wise problem-solving. A helpful practice is to categorise chapters or concepts based on difficulty. Toppers recognise individual parameters, adapting their IIT JEE preparation accordingly. This inclusion in the toppers study tips list is crucial, as this exercise contributes to crafting an efficient timetable for IIT JEE preparation.


Coming to the super important toppers study tips which are also one-third of the answer to the question of how do JEE toppers study? How to form a timetable which includes ample preparation, regressive revisions, and frequent mock test? The answer is worked well within the question while making a timetable make sure to include these three at an interval you feel will help you ace the subject. One more tip coming from the study timetable of toppers is to weight the subject according to the frequency of appearance in the JEE exam. Every IIT JEE topper’s time table will have the elements of smart work, hence look for smart ways to ease your preparation.

Regular Revision

As much as you learn the subjects will you ever retain 100% of it? Never! If you ask how do JEE toppers study you would know that revision is at the center of study timetable of toppers. However, since revision is basically the repetition of the concept you learned do not invest the same amount of time you did while preparing for it. Psychologically we like to read or study the concept which is easier or simpler for us because when we excel at it we feel rewarded. However, this is one of the most important toppers study tips hence give equal importance to all the concepts.

Mock Tests

Again one of the most important toppers study tips is a timely mock test and score analysis. A lot of JEE aspirants stop at giving a mock test and obtaining a score for the same and blindly try to better that score. However, one way to answer the question of how do JEE toppers study is to ask what they do differently. IIT JEE toppers time table also includes a time slot for analyzing their score and concepts they need to rework and topics which needs only a finishing touch. The importance of a mock test analysis helps give your preparation a direction and is a must on every Toppers study tips list.


This is an exercise rather than an item on toppers study tips list. During our JEE preparation journey, you will from time tables, fix routines and structure your life priorities to a great extent. However the IIT JEE preparation is not a one day job, it is, in fact, a long hard journey which takes up to 3 years to complete. While at it you have to make sure the strategy you are using is customized for maximum result, hence a self-evaluation of your mindset and time-table, routine, learning will help you stay focused and help you alter the JEE preparation according to your shortcomings.

When Stuck: Take Guidance

Nothing wrong in admitting, You don’t know. You cannot know every subject, every concept. Thus instead of waiting for the help to somehow come to you, quickly reach out to your teacher or a friend to clarify the concept. For an uninterrupted learning Toppers, study tips list will definitely include this tip.

Try Different Studying Methods

Who wouldn’t enjoy studying with a bunch of friends doing everything but studying? However, JEE preparation is a serious business and the amount of effort will directly reflect in your JEE rank. Now, this might come off as a bizarre tip for the toppers study tips list, however, some students feel they can learn better when they are in a company of friends. Hence here it becomes imperative to draw a line between fun and preparation. Do Not forgetting the motive of the group study, and you are good to go.

Consistent Sleep Pattern

Sleepless nights, afternoon naps and evening snacks are a part of every JEE preparation. You cannot define a perfect and iterative sleeping routine however the least you can achieve is a constant number of sleeping hours. If you want to crack the how do JEE toppers study and secure a good JEE rank you must focus on resting, shutting your eyes off for enough number of hours and let your mind digest all the big concepts you stuffed it today. Resting or more appropriately good night sleep is a must-have component of toppers study tips list.

Eat Your Greens

A cheeseburger vs spinach curry if your mum were to call you to eat any one of those. We all know on which option she would get a reply: “Mummy I am busy studying” One more important yet most ignored toppers study tips list item is eating your greens. Eating healthy regulates the biological processes in the human body, which in turn helps our brain retain and process information better. If you're looking to answer: how do JEE toppers study? Do not ignore greens.

Don’t Sweat it

How will I do it? What if I don’t? How will I cover so much in so less time? These and plenty more of such question are going to bombard you at different stages of your JEE preparation. However as much as you think about these questions, you make them small to big real quick. In this toppers study tips list we have to incorporate a mindset where no matter how big the problem instead of worrying about it we formulate an action plan and solve it. In a toppers study schedule for IIT JEE, there is no place for sweating small things.

Overcome Your Fear

Not an easy thing to do, but not an impossible one as well. If we think about it 80% of the exam related fears are superficial or self-created. In toppers study tips we have included this tip because it hampers the flow of preparation more than we would like to think.

Night Before Exam

Fully Prepared for the exam tomorrow, ran multiple revisions, aced hundreds of mock test but did not sleep or eat before the exam or worst still was not able to reach the exam hall in permitted time. Will all that preparation matter? A night before exam prepare for every possible thing that might go wrong because tomorrow is the day that matters the most in your JEE preparation journey. One of the most important tip from toppers study tips is this one!


Excel in JEE 2024 with toppers' insights. Early syllabus understanding aids goal-setting and efficient planning. Start prep early for a vital edge. Divide and allocate focused time for manageable segments. Prioritise NCERT, revise consistently, and embrace mock tests. Seek guidance, experiment with study methods, maintain a consistent sleep pattern, and eat healthily. Overcome exam-related fears. Thoroughly prep the night before, addressing potential challenges. These tips provide a roadmap for JEE 2024 success.

FAQs on Toppers Study Tips and Time Table for JEE 2024 Preparation

1. What is the significance of starting JEE 2024 preparation early?

Starting early provides a crucial advantage, allowing ample time for thorough preparation. Toppers recognise this edge and often initiate their studies ahead to cover the extensive syllabus effectively.

2. How can I effectively plan my JEE 2024 preparation timetable?

Toppers emphasise short-term planning with realistic goals. Dividing the syllabus into manageable segments, allocating focused time, and prioritising subjects based on their JEE exam frequency are key elements of a successful timetable.

3. Why is regular revision essential in JEE 2024 preparation?

Regular revision ensures retention of learned concepts. Toppers incorporate consistent revisions in their study routines, providing a balanced approach to all subjects and maintaining a comprehensive understanding.

4. What role do mock tests play in JEE 2024 preparation?

Mock tests are integral for assessing readiness and identifying weak areas. Toppers not only take timely mock tests but also analyse their performance to refine their study approach and focus on specific concepts that need improvement.

5. How do toppers manage their time effectively during JEE 2024 preparation?

Toppers emphasise smart time management by creating realistic timetables, allocating adequate time for each subject, and considering the frequency of subjects in the JEE exam. This ensures a balanced and efficient use of study time.

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