5 Myths Uncovered about IIT JEE Exam

by Saurav Mishra, August 24, 2020

Preparing for an entrance exam where you compete with the rest of your country can seem a little overwhelming. Here you will see 5 myths uncovered about IIT JEE exam. As the more people involved in a particular thing, the more it is difficult to differentiate the fact from the fallacy. Friends, family, teachers, they all have some advises or go-to rules for you to prepare better. 

It is only apparent you listen to what your peers and well-wishers say. But it is better if you ignore these 5 myths while preparing for IIT JEE. Do not panic and focus only on what is important. Some of the information can divert your attention.

Top 5 Myths Uncovered about IIT JEE Exam

  1. The More Hours You Spend Studying, the Better

Hard work indeed pays off but studying for 13-14 hours every day can prove detrimental. Do not push your limits and fall sick because you want to crack this exam. Study smart and fix a healthy number of hours for your preparations.

Different people have a different level of grasping power. You might need a few hours more than your friend to understand a particular subject. A lot of students have found that the optimum range of hours one should spend studying for IIT JEE is 8 to 10 hours, depending upon your strengths and weakness. Smartly use the time, and you will find your mind can concentrate better.

  1. There are Shortcuts to Pass IIT JEE

There is no shortcut to success, and the faster you realise that, the better. Many of your friends and sometimes teachers will tell you shortcuts to crack IIT JEE exam. This myth might be the worst of the 5 myths uncovered about IIT JEE exams.

There is no way you can prepare for IIT JEE in a handful of days or just trick your way out of it. Do not waste your time on books that claim to prepare you for IIT JEE within a week or so. Study hard and learn everything. The primary way is the high way here, and you should only follow that.

  1. More Materials Mean More Marks

Stacking more and more study materials will occupy space and will do no good to you. The more stuff you hoard, the more confused you will get in the end.

Sometimes many of them will tell you the same thing, and it ends up only consuming time. Time is precious, and you would not want to waste it on information that you already know.

Big articles and study materials are stuffed with information that is of no use to you. Why not only study to the point and spend time smartly. It further proves how you can avoid the first myth by avoiding unnecessary objectives.

You will have to spend more time if you have towers of study materials to cover. You will find many useful and precise study notes online that will decrease your study time in half. So, study well and ignore these 5 myths about IIT JEE exam. 

  1. Only Private Coaching Students Can Crack IIT JEE

Extra guidance is always helpful. While it will clear your concepts and your doubts, coaching can not ensure your success.

Not only students but many parents of IIT JEE aspirants also believe that. You have to study hard by yourself if you genuinely want to get a good rank in IIT JEE exam.

Numerous institutions are promising a good result if you study there. There is no doubt that there is a chance of your quality of study to improve, but it depends on you as well.

Thorough practising will sharpen your skill to the next level. Many have cracked the exam without ever going to any private tuition, proving that it is possible. Work hard, plan your study and refer to precise notes. If you follow that you will surely get success.

  1. Offline Study Materials are Enough

With the changing times and increasing competition, you need to widen your source of knowledge. While more materials is not necessarily a good idea, better materials should be your target.

The internet is full of information that is easier to comprehend and practice. It gives you an upper hand on the ones who are still following only hard copies. Among the 5 myths uncovered about IIT JEE exam, this myth can hinder you from not just learning more but learning better. Search your doubts, visualise the concepts and read notes that are referred by scholars. Though offline materials provided by your teachers are of great importance, it is not enough.

Some Common Myths amongest JEE Aspirants about IIT

There are n number of myths regarding the IIT JEE exam and in IIT itself. While you can't know all of them, you will come across these 6 common myths in JEE aspirants about IIT. They seem so legitimate that one can easily consider them as facts and not something made-up. Like you will ignore the above mentioned 5 myths uncovered about IIT JEE exam, ignore these common myths as well. 

  1. You are Useless if You do not Get into IIT

The strangest notion should be addressed first. An exam does not decide your credibility or worth. You can be bad at physics but a great painter. You will find IIT graduates pursuing their passion and not acting like a textbook engineer. Talents are of many kinds, do not tunnel your vision and only focus on IIT. 

  1. IIT JEE Exams are Tough

Though the bar set for cracking IIT JEE is high, it is not unattainable. Had that been the case, so many students every year would not clear the exams. Science subjects itself is a bit tricky to handle, but if you have got the grasp of it, then IIT JEE is not impossible. 

  1. The Students of IIT Study 24/7 

IITans are also humans, and they need to eat, bathe and sleep as well. Yes, some IIT students do not indulge themselves in socialising and only study in their spare time. But this is not the case for every individual at IIT. While discussing the 5 myths uncovered about the IIT JEE exam, you have already seen how foolish it is to overdo something. 

  1. IIT Graduates Get Highly Paid Jobs

Only the best students get those big numbers. The general mass of IIT does not get placements abroad and start their career with moderately paid jobs.

  1. IITians do not Know What is Social Life

They do all the "normal" things like any other human being. They party, watch movies, play games and also study as much is required. These make the must-know top 10 most popular myths about IITs.

  1. Ragging is a Staple at IITs

Lastly, if you think that one would have to face ragging if they study in IIT, then you are wrong. It was a fact a few years back, but now the Supreme Court has declared it as a criminal offence. There are even anti-Ragging cells now for anyone who faces any sort of ragging. 

These myths about IITs, along with the 5 myths uncovered about IIT JEE exam, makes for the most common misconceptions. Ignore these 11 myths about IIT JEE we bet you didn't know. Do not fall for their appeal and believability. Focus on what is essential. Study wisely and do not believe everything you hear.

5 Myths Uncovered about IIT JEE Exam