10 Things That a JEE Aspirant Should Not Do During the JEE Preparation

by Sagar Mankar, August 14, 2020

JEE is one the toughest entrance exam of this country. It is your gateway to the prestigious engineering colleges of this country. Typically JEE preparations span across two years, but students often get confused during this period and make different mistakes that can harm their final preparation.

On the other hand, these mistakes are easily avoidable with care and proper planning. Keeping this in mind, here is a list of things to avoid during JEE Main preparation.

10 Things That a JEE Aspirant Should Avoid During Preparation

  1. Not having a Timetable

A timetable has multiple benefits. It not only allows you to study in an organised manner but also brings discipline in your life. When you are preparing for such a competitive exam, you need to follow a particular schedule to accommodate every subject and cover every topic in the syllabus.

Therefore, one of the things to avoid during JEE Mains preparation is not to follow a timetable. Doing so will make your study unorganised and increase the chances of missing out on important topics. It ultimately hampers your final exam preparations.

Here is a Sample Timetable That You can Use to Create Your Own



7-7:15 am

Preparing your study plan for the day

7:15-9 am

Going through the topic for the day

9-9:30 am


9:30-12:30 pm

Deep study of the respective topic

12:30-1:30 pm

Lunch break

1:30-4:30 pm

Solving a practice set/ giving a Mock test

4:30-5 pm


5-7 pm

Analysing the test results and marking the mistakes

7-7:30 pm


7:30-10 pm

Studying the mistakes of the test and eliminating doubts

10-10:30 pm

Dinner break

10:30-11:30 pm

Revision of the topic you have studied



  1. Referring to Too Many Books

One of the vital things to avoid in JEE Mains 2020 preparation is reading from multiple books. Every book has its distinctive way to approach a topic and provides a different point of view. If you refer to multiple books for a single topic, it may confuse you. You will feel puzzled and start wondering which explanation is the right one for you.

The better thing to do here is, refer to 1-2 books for studying, and for practice refer to 4-5 books. Also, if you can find any authentic online sources, you can rely on them as well to improve your notes. Additionally, you can discuss with you teachers or your seniors to seek assistance regarding the books to follow.

  1. Neglecting the Basics

You may have purchased a handful of books and study materials for JEE preparations, but if you are not aware of the fundamentals of every topic, it will all go in vain. Without ample knowledge about the basic concept of a chapter, it will be difficult for you to comprehend its advanced concepts as well. 

Thus, one of the top 5 things to avoid during JEE Main preparation is neglecting the elementary ideas of a particular chapter. The ideal thing to do here is to learn the logic behind every formula, theory, scientific laws, etc. JEE exams require you to have an in-depth knowledge of every topic, to answer the questions properly.

  1. Focusing on a Chapter for Too Long

Another mistake that JEE aspirants tend to make during their preparation is wasting too much time on one topic. There are more than 50 chapters to prepare for both JEE Mains and Advanced. So, if you are struggling with one topic, leave it aside and move on to the next one.

If you devote too much time on a topic, and still did not manage to comprehend it, you will end up wasting a lot of valuable time. An effective way to counter this problem is by marking the topics that you find difficult. Prepare them once, and try to mark some critical points, and during your final preparation, only go through these points. 

Instead, you should devote more time into the chapters you are comfortable with and try to cover them well.

  1. Opting for Speed, Not Accuracy

Among the top 6 things you should not do for IIT JEE preparation, is focusing on your speed instead of accuracy. This is a common mistake among JEE aspirants where they fail to mark the right answers in search of speed.

You may feel that if you do not answer faster, you will not be able to attempt all the questions. Instead, you should know that accuracy is the key for you here. Since JEE Mains and Advanced exam structure include negative marks; thus, answering accurately is very important. Otherwise, you will lose marks, rather than scoring.

  1. Giving Up Your Hobbies

Another important thing to avoid during JEE Main preparation is giving up on your hobbies. You may feel tempted to invest that time into your studies as well, but try not to do that. You can reduce that time, but giving it up will not help your cause.

If you spend some time doing the things you love, it will act as a stress buster. Since JEE preparation demands extreme focus and determination, you may feel exhausted at times. In that period if you spend an hour or two on your hobbies, it will release the pressure.

  1. Neglecting Your Health

JEE preparation demands a lot from you, both physically and mentally. If you cannot stay healthy during this period, it will hamper your preparation. A common mistake that students make during this period is to sacrifice their sleep thinking it will give them more time to study.

However, the truth is quite the opposite. If you do not get adequate sleep every day, it will ultimately take a toll on your health. Our brain needs rest to function properly, so be sure to sleep for 6 -7 hours every day.

Along with that, you must maintain a proper diet during this period. Try to refrain from consuming junk food as much as possible, and eat nutritious food.

  1. Not Analysing the Test Papers

Another common mistake that a large section of JEE aspirant makes is that they do not analyse their exam results. If you are giving a mock test or solving practice sets, it is vital to evaluate your performance after the test.

Doing so will help you understand your mistakes and identify the areas you need to improve.

  1. Taking Too-Much Pressure

Typically, students take too much pressure during their JEE preparation. This stems from the nervousness regarding the question paper and how to answer quickly yet correctly. Moreover, family and social pressure also play a part here. It is also one of the significant things to avoid during JEE Main preparation.

Therefore, try not to worry about this pressure and focus on your study. It may be hard for you to adjust to all the comments and suggestions, but try not to think about them too much and have faith in your hard work.

  1. Don’t Think Self-Study is Enough

Another vital mistake that JEE candidates make during their preparation is by opting for only self-study. It may be a great idea when you have completed your entire JEE syllabus. However, if you only opt for this idea from the beginning, it may not be a good idea.

In case of any doubts or if you need further guidance on a topic, an expert can provide you with the correct support. Apart from your mentors, you can seek help from online teaching platforms as well.

The Final Word

Yes, you have aimed to clear IIT-JEE this year, but even if you fail, it is not the end of the world for you. You should know that you can reappear for this again next year. Moreover, apart from the IITs, there are other good colleges in this country as well, so your aspiration to become an engineer will not end here.

Lastly, instead of panicking, you should focus on the things to avoid during JEE Main preparation as mentioned above and prepare accordingly. Also, remember your hard work and dedication can always fulfil your dreams.

10 Things That a JEE Aspirant Should Not Do During the JEE Preparation