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Top Strategies To Score Better in JEE Main 2023

By Manasvi GuptaJanuary 21, 2023
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“How to Get Good Marks in JEE Main?”

This is a common question that pops out in the minds of JEE aspirants preparing for the upcoming JEE Main 2023 exam. And why not? JEE is one of the most challenging entrance exams for students dreaming of studying in the country's top and the most prestigious engineering colleges. Divided into two stages, JEE Main and JEE Advanced, only the students who successfully crack Main are eligible to enrol in Advanced.

How Can I Improve My JEE Main 2023 Score? Find Practical Tips

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Since JEE Main is the determining step for every aspirant throughout the country, it is critical to get good JEE scores to secure admissions into IITs further. But only a few students get to pass the exam. Many candidates are still looking for a decent score. This blog will help candidates who get fewer marks in JEE Main paper improve their scores. Take a look:

JEE Main Preparation Tips to Improve Scores

Scoring high marks in India’s most challenging entrance exam, ie. JEE is the dream of every JEE aspirant. They work dedicatedly to achieve their goals, but a strategic study plan and effective time management must follow it. This is the first step if you’re aiming for a seat in the renowned IITs, IIITs, and NITs. Below are the JEE Main 2023 preparation tips and tricks to help you score high in the exam. Keep reading:

1. Segregate The JEE Main Topics and Complete them on Time

If you’re wondering “how to improve JEE Main score”, the first step is to take out your JEE Main syllabus and go through all the topics in detail. Then, you need to divide the topics in each subject into classes 11 and 12 so that you can prepare for both board and entrance exams simultaneously. Second, you also make sure to segregate the topics according to their levels, such as - easy, tough and very tough. It will help you allot sufficient time for each topic and complete the syllabus on time.

2. Prepare High-Scoring Topics First 

What is a good score in JEE Main? If a candidate aims to get admission to the top engineering colleges in India, they should score between 90-98% in JEE Main. And keeping high-scoring topics on priority is the most crucial step to securing maximum marks in the exam. Gather in-depth and updated knowledge about the JEE Main syllabus and find the essential topics with high weightage. Prepare a study plan accordingly and stick to it throughout the preparation. Besides, candidates should know about the JEE Main exam pattern 2023.

3. Focus on Concept Based Study

No matter how well you’re prepared for the exam, if your concepts aren’t clear, you will easily be knocked out by a tricky question. Be it Mathematics or Physics, you should focus on studying with cleared concepts to solve any type of question with accuracy and confidence. Concept building is a crucial step to scoring well. You should practice maximum questions related to a topic and revise notes regularly.

4. Read From the Best Materials

While NCERT books are considered suitable to strengthen your base, referring to other important books for JEE Main is advised if you’re thinking about how to get good marks in JEE Main. The market is filled with various books available to prepare. It often confuses students on which books to select. Some of the books that can be referred to for JEE Main preparations 2023 are:

  • Concepts of Physics by HC Verma

  • Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov

  • Concepts of Organic Chemistry by O. P. Tandon

  • Differential Calculus by A. Das Gupta

  • Class 11th and 12th by R. D. Sharma

5. Brush Up Your Speed and Accuracy

Improve your speed and accuracy in attempting questions in the exam by solving JEE Main mock tests and last year’s question papers. Many students wonder how can I crack JEE 2023 if I start now. The answer lies in practicing as many mock tests and last year’s question papers as possible. You’ll get to know the type and level of questions asked in the exam and the areas where you lack and need more practice. Most importantly, you can track your speed of solving each question and improve it.

6. Prepare Notes and Use Study Aids 

Whenever you study, prepare notes of important information like formulas, equations, dates or graphs, etc. You can refer to these notes a couple of days before the main exam to save time instead of revising the whole book again. You can use study aids such as flashcards or online notebooks to help you understand and retain crucial information.

7. Continue Practicing

Don’t get overconfident or demotivated by your performance in JEE Main mock tests. If you’re doing well, it's good; keep practising till the exam day, and if your performance is poor, you must keep going. This is an ideal way to ensure how to get good marks in JEE Main. Remember, you can make the maximum use of time.

8. Beware of Negative Marking

You should be aware of the negative marking while appearing for JEE Main 2023, as it can ruin your marks. You will often encounter multiple-choice questions with similar options with slight differences. It can further increase your chances of attracting negative markings, so you must be careful while marking the answer.

9. Keep a Positive Attitude

Lastly, the most critical strategy to score high in JEE Main is to keep a positive mindset toward your preparations. Instead of panicking about the results, you should concentrate on attempting maximum questions while preparing and also ensure frequent revision. Always believe in yourself.

Summing Up

So, take the exam pressure out of your mind and start following these tips mentioned above to improve your score in the JEE Main exam. Solving questions isn’t enough. You need to maintain speed and accuracy and make the necessary changes. There is no doubt that JEE is one of the most challenging entrance tests but if you genuinely want to achieve your goals, and get into your dream college, follow these tips now.

FAQs on Top Strategies To Score Better in JEE Main 2023

1. How will solving mock tests help me?

Though it isn’t necessary to solve mock tests, it is always better to take JEE mock tests. It helps improve our speed and accuracy in attempting each question.

2. How much negative marking is in JEE Main?

Candidates will get four marks for each correct answer and one negative mark for each wrong answer.

3. What type of questions are asked in the JEE Main exam?

The JEE Main will include both numerical and multiple-choice questions.

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