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Bihar Board (BSEB) Question Paper for Class 12 Biology 2019

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Bihar Board Biology Class 12 Question Papers 2019 with Solutions - Free PDF Download.

The Bihar board biology question paper 2019 is available on Vedantu in PDF format. Students can download this BSEB previous year question paper class 12 biology 2019 for their board examination preparation. The more you practice the more you learn, and the better you will perform in your board examination. We have provided the Bihar board biology question paper 2019 at our portal. These are available for free, students can download them from any place at any time from our website.

These BSEB 12th biology question paper are prepared by our highly experienced, qualified expert team. In this Bihar board biology question paper 2019, we have covered all types of value-based questions. So, the students can understand the practical value of what they read in their course. These BSEB previous year question paper class 12 biology 2019 are prepared and updated according to the rapidly changing standards and style of board examinations.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

BSEB 12th Biology Question Paper 2019

The other important features of the BSEB 12th biology question paper have also been strengthened by:

  • Scrutinizing the entire text adding and deleting the topics as per the  Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) and other state boards and CBSE.

  • Adding the new curiosity questions with answers.

  • Enriching test your grip consisting of short answers, fill in the blanks, and true and false questions.

  • Updating the current questions and answers.

  • Overhauling the competitive examination focus of every unit in light of the new pattern for the NEET and other states competitive examination for admission to the MBBS course.

This BSEB 12th biology question paper pdf of the previous year’s board examination has been thoroughly revised in light of the new syllabus and the detailed scope of the syllabus prescribed by the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB). In this Bihar board biology question paper 2019 pdf our team has covered all the types of questions like MCQs, short questions, long questions, match the following type questions, and true or false questions. The solution part is also provided in this pdf.

The Bihar board class 12 biology question paper 2019 pdf have covered all the important units like:

  • Reproduction in Organism

  1. The reproductive system of male female

  2. Gamete formation

  3. Menstrual cycle

  4. Fertilization

  5. Implantation

  6. Embryo development

  7. Pregnancy

  8. Parturition

  • Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

  1. Pollination and fertilization in flowering plants

  2. Development of seed and fruits

  • Human Reproductive Health

  1. Reproductive health

  2. Birth control

  3. Contraceptions

  4. Sexually transmitted disease (STDs)

  • Genetics and Evolution

  1. Mendelian inheritance

  2. Chromosome theory of inheritance

  3. Incomplete dominance

  4. Co-dominance

  5. Multiple alleles

  6. Sex determination

  7. Linkage and crossing over

  8. Inherited disease

  9. DNA replication

  10. Transcription

  11. Translation

  12. Gene expression and regulation

  13. Genome and human genome project

  14. DNA fingerprinting

  15. Theories of evolution and evidence

  • Biology and Human Welfare

  1. Animal husbandry

  2. The basic concept of immunology

  3. Pathogens and parasites

  4. Plant breeding

  5. Tissue culture

  6. Food production

  7. The microbe in food processing

  8. STP and energy production

  • Biotechnology and its Applications

  1. Recombinant DNA technology

  2. Application in the health industry, and agriculture

  3. Genetically modified organisms (GMO)

  • Ecology and Environment

  1. Organism and population

  2. Ecosystem

  3. Biodiversity

  4. Biodiversity conservation

  5. Environmental issue

In the BSEB 12th biology question paper all the typographical errors have been eliminated to the possible extent and additional study material has been added in several chapters and the study material not required by the current syllabus has been removed. By practicing BSEB previous year’s question paper class 12 biology 2019 will provide you with many advantages. This will familiarise you with the board examination pattern, and help you in time management. 

Those students who face difficulties in finishing the paper on time are advised to start solving this paper to lead the time lag in the examination. Our highly qualified and experienced expert team has curated these BSEB previous year question paper class 12 biology 2019 and has developed the sample paper for the preparation of the board examination for the students. These papers are available in pdf format on the website of Vedantu. Students can download this pdf for free.

The candidates or students who will download this BSEB previous year question paper class 12 biology 2019 will find that the paper is consists of all three sections (section A, section B, and section C). Along with this previous year’s paper, we have provided the other previous years’ (2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015) paper as well. With this question paper, the solution or answer part has also been attached this will help the students in checking and understanding the correct answer. Every effort for the preparation of this BSEB 12th biology question paper pdf has been made to make the more difficult portion of the paper easily understandable.

FAQs on Bihar Board (BSEB) Question Paper for Class 12 Biology 2019

Q1: Was the BSEB Previous Year’s Question Paper Class 12 biology 2019 was Tough?

Answer: There are many students who say that the overall paper was not so tough. Section C was a little bit tough as compared to the other two sections. In section C there were very time-consuming questions that made the whole paper length. Student needs to be good in time management for scoring good marks in the board examination.

Q2: Is the Coursebook is Enough to Score Good Marks in the Board Examination?

Answer: Coursebooks are the first necessary step that we need to cover first. These coursebooks can be used to build the foundation of our basic knowledge. Apart from these books, you need to cover the revision material and sample papers for a better understanding of the examination pattern and time management for the board examination.