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CBSE Class 10 Social Science Term 2 Sample Question Paper - 3 (2015-16) - Download Free PDF

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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Download CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Question Paper - 3 (2015-16) Released By Board

CBSE sample papers for Class 10 Social Science available on Vedantu can help students score higher marks in their board exam. These sample papers come with proper marking schemes and answers to help students prepare for their exams. They also get an overview of the latest exam pattern and question paper design. Solving these sample question papers can help polish the knowledge and have proper time management before the final exams.

Vedantu is a platform that provides free CBSE Solutions (NCERT) and other study materials for students. Students who are looking for better solutions for Maths subject can download Class 10 Maths NCERT solutions to revise the complete syllabus and score more marks in their examinations. You can also register online for Class 10 Science tuition on Vedantu to score more marks in CBSE board examination.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national organisation  in charge of administering the Class 10 and Class 12 exams to all students who attend schools that are registered with the CBSE. It is responsible for administering the CBSE Class 10 examination to both regular and private candidates. The CBSE 10th board exam is one of the most crucial exams in a student's life. Getting good grades in the CBSE 10th grade is extremely significant for every student since it defines the job path they will pursue after high school.

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CBSE Class 10 Social Science Syllabus

Social Science is one of the compulsory subjects in Class 10 and it helps students develop into responsible and well-informed citizens as they progress through their education. It is highly recommended that each student should keep a physical copy of the Class 10 Social Science curriculum with them in class. It will assist students in making an effective preparation plan and ensure that they cover each chapter and topic specified in the most recent curriculum.

History, Geography, Civics and Economics are the four divisions of Social Science.

1. History Syllabus. 

  • The Rise of nationalism in Europe

  • Nationalism in India

  • The Making of a Global World

  • The Age of Industrialisation

  • Print Culture and the Modern World

2. Geography Syllabus

  • Resources and Development

  • Forest and Wildlife Resources

  • Water Resources

  • Agriculture

  • Minerals and Energy Resources

  • Manufacturing Industries

  • Lifelines of National Economy

3. Civics Syllabus

  • Power Sharing

  • Federalism

  • Democracy and Diversity

  • Gender, Religion and Caste

  • Popular Struggles and Movements

  • Political Parties

  • Outcomes of Democracy

  • Challenges to Democracy

4. Economics Syllabus

  • Developpement

  • Sectors of Indian Economy

  • Money and Credit

  • Globalisation and the Indian Economy

  • Consumer Rights


Download Class 10 Social Science Sample Question Paper PDF

All the questions are prepared according to the latest Class 10 CBSE curriculum and are available in PDF format. The PDF format of CBSE sample papers for Class 10 Social Science is available to download for free and can be used for future reference and guidance from experts. Taking a print allows students to refer to these solutions even after solving the questions. They can even use these sample papers during group study sessions with their friends and prepare well for the exam. 


Benefits of Solving CBSE Sample Paper of Class 10 Social Science

Social Science sample question paper Class 10 has numerous benefits. 

  • It can help the students attain the desired marks.

  • Students can easily download these questions with solutions for free.

  • The realistic marking scheme is allotted to all questions.

  • Students can get an idea of important questions. 

  • Students become confident for final board exams. 


Importance of Class 10 CBSE Social Science Sample Papers

Solving the CBSE 10 Social Science sample question paper is important in many ways:

  • It can give students an overview of the exam pattern and the difficulty level of questions.

  • The students can upscale their preparation level and work on weaknesses. 

  • It can ensure time-management.

  • Students can assess the marking scheme pattern.


Previous Years’ Question Papers with Solution

Also, check the following CBSE Class 10 social science sample paper-2 and 3 for term 2 released by the board.

Why Should You Refer To Vedantu CBSE Social Science Sample Papers for Class 10 Social Science with Solutions?

Vedantu provides Class 10 social science sample papers released by the board with solutions and the solutions are curated by the subject experts. You will also find solved previous years’ question papers, mock test papers, and solutions to important textbooks of Social Science. Referring to these study materials will not only help you to prepare well for upcoming board exams but also save your time in searching for study materials elsewhere. Download the PDFs and kickstart your preparations.

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Practising these questions can give an extra advantage to the students. Students find these CBSE sample papers for Class 10 Social Science on Vedantu incredibly useful in preparing for exams. Through these questions, students get an overall idea of how the final board exams will be, including the marking scheme and difficulty level of questions. It also helps to understand the importance of time management in exams. Thus, solving these questions can fine-tune all the concepts and prepare students to appear in final boards and other competitive exams.

FAQs on CBSE Class 10 Social Science Term 2 Sample Question Paper - 3 (2015-16) - Download Free PDF

1. How is the mark distribution in Social Science Class 10?

The marking scheme for Class 10 Social Science subject is as follows:

Unit Name


India and the Contemporary World – II


Contemporary India – II


Democratic Politics – II


Understanding Economic Development




One method of working more efficiently is concentrating your attention on the most major concepts and ensuring that you are familiar with these topics before moving on. You must finish the chapters that carry more marks in detail,  investing all your attention  and energy into such chapters  so that you can answer the questions aptly, whatever it may be, in the CBSE board examinations.

2. Name some of the good books for Class 10 Social Science.

The fact that each topic is vital in itself makes exam preparation a time-consuming endeavour that needs true dedication and strenuous effort. With each passing day, you may wonder about what you can do to improve your chances of passing the Class 10 exam. We have developed a list of important reference books for CBSE Class 10 exam preparation in order to aid you in conquering your issue:

  • India and the Contemporary World-II – Published by NCERT

  • Contemporary India-II – Published by NCERT

  • Democratic Politics-II – Published by NCERT

  • Understanding Economic Development – Published by NCERT

  • Together Towards a Safer India – Part III, A textbook on Disaster Management – Published by CBSE

3. What is the advantage of solving sample question papers for Class 10?

These sample question papers for Grade 10 will help students in many ways:

  • Students will have a better understanding of the kind of problems that will be posed on the examinations as a result of the thorough and step-by-step responses. This will also explain how to approach problems - the most effective method to approach and solve them.

  • With the help of these example papers, students will be able to clear up any confusion they may be experiencing.

  • Students will benefit from the solutions offered in these papers in order to finish their assignments on time.

  • These sample papers will assist you in completing a brief review of the different subjects.

  • Using the solutions can also aid you in your preparation for competitive examinations such as the NTSE and Olympiads, among others.

4. Where can I obtain a copy of the sample question papers for Class 10?

Vedantu provides free Class 10 sample question paper PDFs, which you can obtain from the website. Our top academic specialists have written these answers, who have adhered carefully to all of the CBSE criteria throughout the process. When it comes to achieving success in the Class 10 examination, sample papers cannot be understated in any way. Solving sample papers helps students enhance their problem-solving speed, better knowledge of question patterns, improve their time management, and increase their self-confidence. Class 10 sample papers with answers from Vedantu are available for download in PDF format. You can also avail all the high-quality reading material by downloading the mobile application of Vedantu available on the play store. 

5. How can I use these sample papers to improve my performance in the 10th grade board examination?

We can't disregard the significance of sample papers anymore. They are really beneficial in academics. When you are stuck on a question, the example papers will assist you in dealing with different sorts of problems. These answer PDFs are organised step-by-step to ensure that you grasp each topic and do well on your Class 10 exams. With these sample papers, you will not have to waste time looking for them all over the place and will be able to devote your valuable time to studying and practicing.