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Electrical Energy and Power

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Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Introduction to Electrical Energy and Power

The electrical energy is said to be the ability of an electrical circuit to work which it produces by creating. This action which we are talking about can take many forms for example such as electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical, electrical, etc. 

The energy which is said to be the electrical energy can be both created from batteries as well as the generators, dynamos, and photovoltaics, etc. These are  stored for future use too using cells which are fuel, batteries, capacitors or we can say that the magnetic fields, etc. Thus the energy which is the electrical energy can be either created or stored.

Examples of Electrical Energy

For example, we can take a motor which converts electrical energy into mechanical or kinetic energy or we can say rotational energy. while a generator generally converts energy which is the kinetic energy literally back into energy which is said to be electrical energy to power a circuit. That is we can consider here the  electrical machines which convert or change energy that is from one form to another by doing work. 

We can again take another example of a lamp, light bulb or LED that is a light emitting diode which converts energy which is electrical energy into light energy and heat or thermal energy. Then energy which is electrical energy is said to be very versatile as it can be easily converted into many other different forms of energy.

What is Electricity Made of?

We have seen in this article that the unit which is of electrical charge is the Coulomb and that the electric charge flow  around a circuit is used to represent a current flow. However we can say that as the symbol which is for a coulomb is denoted by the letter “C“, this can be confused with the symbol that is for Capacitance starting with C.

To avoid this confusion which is between both  of them the common symbol used for electrical charge is the capital letter “Q” or small letter “q“, that is said to be basically standing for quantity. Thus we can say that hwew Q = 1 coulomb that is of charge or Q = 1C. Note that the charge which is denoted as Q that can be either positive written as +Q or negative -Q, that is an excess of either holes or electrons.

The charge flow around a closed circuit which is in the form of electrons is known as an electric current. However, we can say that the use which is of the expression “flow of charge” implies movement so this is to produce a current which is odf electrical charge must move. This then is said to lead to the question which is of what is making the charge move and then this is done by our old friend who is said to be as Voltage from above.

Difference is Between Electrical Energy and Power

  • The energy which is said to be the electrical energy defines the energy which is generated due to the movement that is of charge that is carried in a conductor. 

  • While we can again say or consider here that the electrical power specifies the rate of consumption of electrical energy by a device. 

  • The SI unit which is of electrical energy is said to be Joules. But the power which is electrical is measured in Watts or KWh.

FAQs on Electrical Energy and Power

1. What is the electricity?

We remember clearly from our class's school science that the Law of the Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be destroyed or we can say created. But we can say that it can only be converted. But another case which is for energy to do any work which is useful it must be converted from one form into something else. 

For the energy which is the electrical energy to move electrons and then produce a flow s of current around a circuit work must be done that is the electrons must move by some distance that is through a wire or conductor. The work done is stored in the electrons flow as energy. This term that is Work is the name we give to the process of energy.

2. Explain what is meant by electric energy?

The electrical energy is said to be the energy that derived from electric potential energy or we can say the kinetic energy. Thus we can conclude that all electrical energy is said to be the potential energy that is before it is delivered to the end-use. Once it is converted from energy which is potential energy or the electrical energy that can always be known as another type of energy heat, light or the motion, etc.

3. Explain what are the types of electrical power?

The Electric power is classified into two types of electric power and they are as following:

  • The DC power: It is generally defined as the product that is of current and voltage and is produced by the generator, battery and we can say the fuel cell.

  • The AC power: There are basically three types which are AC power.

4. Explain whether power is equal to energy?

In physics we have the power of the amount of energy that is transferred or converted per unit time. In the International System of Units as it  is the unit of power in watt which is said to be equal to one joule per second. In older works that is power is sometimes known as energy. The power is said to be a scalar quantity.