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Blind Visually Impared Braille

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Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Languages are one of the most important things in human life that helps one not only to express but add feelings to their words. There are different modes and languages to talk or express of those is braille language or code. In this language characters are represented by patterns of raised dots that are felt with the finger tip.This is used by  the people who are blind or physically impared. People can read it by eyes (which are not physically impared or blind). We do not designate braille as a language, but rather by a code.

What is Braille?

It is basically codes written on the paper in the form of raised dots which can easily be seen by normal people and can be touched and feeled by impared or blind people.

This code is not just restricted to one language but it can be inscripted in many more languages  for example  chinese, english, hindi etc.

It’s even written in the native language of people so that everyone can access  education. English braille is a specific code used in US, american edition, however from 2016 unified english braille code  became the main code for reading material, a code used in seven other speaking companies.

Find Out What Braille is?

As we know that it’s a system of touch reading and writing for the visually impaired . Equivalent punctuation that marks and provides punctuation marks and provides symbols to show letters grouping. It's written from left to right by moving fingers on the letters, and the reading process involves both hands and index fingers. 125 words per min is the average reading speed but greater speed is 200 words per minute.

This code gives a broad range of reading material that includes recreational and educational ,financial statements and hotel reviews. They can also access their hobbies like music scores, hymnals, playing cards and board games.

What is Braille Communication?

The Braille system is a tactile writing system for visually impared people, Traditionally it was embossed on the paper. But now they can use the computer screen also and other electronic supporters by using a refreshable braille display. They can also use  original slate and stylus or they can use braille writer for typing  e.g. braille notetaker or a computer which prints braille embossers. 

Louis Braille a Frenchmen  is the creator of this braille code .He lost his  eyesight in a childhood accident. When he was in the age of 14 he had discovered code for french alphabets as an improvement on night writing then he started including musical notations in 1829. In 1837 a second revision was published in the modern era. It was the first small binary form of writing developed in the  modern era.

What is Braille Code? 

It is a code which enables blind or visually challenged people to read and write through touching the dots.

Its written in raised dotted form on the paper with cells of upto six dots in a 3*2 configuration. 

[Image to be added Soon]

The position of the dots are identified by the numbers from 1 to 6. Using one or more of these dots, 64 combinations are possible. An alphabet letter, number punctuation marks or even a whole word can be represented as a single cell. How the dots are numbered and how cells look like is illustrated by braille alphabet and number pages.

Few of the Alphabets

[Image to be added Soon]

What Language is Braille ?

Though it is said that braille is a language, a code for blind, visually impared, and is said to be after its inventor's name Louis Braille. It is not a different language than one's own languages e.g. we can study it in Chinese, French, Detch, German, English, Hindi etc Even we can learn it in our native languages.

it's derived from the latin alphabet albeit indirectly . the upper four dot position occupied by first ten alphabets from a to j ⠁⠃⠉⠙⠑⠋⠛⠓⠊⠚  .these stand from 1 to 10 .though these dots have no obvious orders  the cell with the fewest dots are assigned to the first three letters abc=123.(⠁⠃⠉).

What is Braille for the Blinds?

Everyone doesn't have this gift to experience, there are few exceptions like the visually impared or blind. A man called Louis Braille had discovered this whole. We can easily and shortly read something very easily due to the gift of vision. We can easily watch all beautiful colours present in the universe and near us but thinking about those who do  language for blinds to access education and knowledge.

What are Braille Dots Called?

 It looks like this for letters  

 [Image to be added Soon]

It is embodied on the sheets and it is read by both the hands and the index finger tips.

An uncontracted braille is described as when every letter and every word is expressed in braille. Many newly blinded people find it uncomfortable to understand. 

There are around 180 letters which are circumscribed in 75 letters only. These are the shortcuts which reduce the volume of paper needed and it becomes easy for the people to understand it quickly.

What is in Braille?

There are many different symbols which can  be used as shortcuts and can reduce lode on paper also. Six letters are inside one rectangular box. There are no different letters in braille language for capital letters, However, by placing dot 6 in a cell we can achieve the same. Numbers are made by using the first ten alphabets of numbers that are produced by signs or dots 3-4-5-6.

There are many reasons why blindness happens, few by accidents and few by disease but the  major reason is when there is a disturbance in the path of light in the eye also known as reflective errors. However there were remedies for these diseases also such as magnifying glasses , telescopes etc.

FAQs on Blind Visually Impared Braille

Q1. What is Braille?

Answer: It's a code or a system used by blinds or visually challenged peoples to read and write and express their is read with the help of both the hands and using the index of the finger .

Q2. What is the Major Cause of Blindness?

Answer: Blindness can occur either by birth or any calamity like accident or either when beams of light do not reach our eyes properly.

The contract blocks the light from entering.

But there are technologies like magnifying glasses that can help.

Q3. Can Braille be Replaced with the Help of Technology?

Answer: Braille is the code used by blinds to read and is very old form of technology. Still there are ways in which visually impared can also read and write by using slates, notemaker etc.

Q4. Which Languages can be Transcribed in the Braille Code?

Answer: The transcription services are available in different languages, if we want we can transcribe braille code in any of the languages which we want be it our mother tongue or be it our native languages.