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Louis Braille Script: A Blessing for Blind Kids

By AiswaryaMay 17, 2023
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Everything you Need to Know about Louis Braille Script

The Louis Braille script has become one of the essential things to teach blind kids and adults. But, of course, you cannot teach the blind kids as you do with the other kids. Since they are different, there has always been a need for something different to teach them. Louis Braille’s invention of Louis Braille's script has changed the life of every specially abled kid. 

Louis Braille Picture

Louis Braille became blind at the age of 3 years as a tool slipped and plunged directly into his right eye. He suffered sympathetic ophthalmia due to this, followed by total blindness, which later inspired him to invent the Louis Braille Script. Using this script, the blind kids are able to read and write. Not only that, the invention of Louis Braille Script has become a life-changing invention for all kids who face visual problems. In this article, we have talked about every small detail of Louis Braille's Script. Read along to know about it.

Who was Louis Braille?

We know Louis Braille because he invented the Louis Braille Script. But before we go ahead and learn who invented Braille's script, it is important to know what his other profession was. Besides being a French educator, he was also a French musician.

Born on January 4, 1809, in Coupvray, France, Braille first became a musician and organist, and then became an educationist at a blind school where he taught some blind kids in the National Institute for Blind Children. Later these kids helped the Louis Braille Script to get the recognition it deserved.

How Louis Braille Got Inspired to Invent Louis Braille Script?

Who was Louis Braille? Besides being a musician and educationist, he was a good student too. When Braille later became interested in ‘Night Writing’, writing that helped the army to communicate using dots at night, Braille became fascinated by this. Like a good student, at the age of 15, he trimmed Charles Barbier’s 12 dots into 6. He also found 63 ways to use a six-dot cell in a small area, an area smaller than a fingertip. Though this method was first modified for the French army, it was later used in Mathematics and Music.

Benefits of Louis Braille Script
Louis Braille Script

  • Use of Technology

Who was Louis Braille? Louis Braille, the person who invented the Braille script, has successfully made this technology useful in modern times. Digital assistive technology has enabled Braille technology to become a part of daily life for those who are dependent on Braille technology for literacy. This technology requires knowledge of writing and reading.

  • Better Navigation

Many of you may not know that this Louis Braille invention is used in different ways. Louis Braille's Script has become one of the essential things for navigation. You can see many public places have braille signage. One of the most common examples is Lift. Here you can see Braille on the lift keypads or doors. 

You can also find braille labels on any everyday use item to identify what the product is. Not only that, but medicine manufacturers also use Braille on the medicine packages, and in supermarkets, packaged foods usually have braille labels as well.

  • Professional Benefits by Braille Technology

We all know how Braille has become useful to differently-abled kids and that Louis Braille had been blind since childhood. But just like his courage never let him stop in his life, his invention did the same. The Louis Braille Script has become a necessity for people with visual impairment. That is why Braille technology has become so important in professional spaces now.

From the story of Louis Braille, we understand how his codes can help blind kids to read and write. In the same way, people use electronic braille note takers to take notes wherever they are and whoever they are. It does not matter if you are at a university, a lecture hall, or attending a meeting in a workplace; if you feel the need to take notes, Braille technology can help you do that.

Braille technology can also help professionals to take down notes. They can also find the Braille dots helpful while giving any speech or presentation. That is how Louis Braille’s invention has become essential for students and professionals.

  • Helping Everyone to Get Equal Access to Written Words

People with sight have access to all the letters and words, which is undoubtedly the biggest challenge for those with visual problems. But have you ever thought about how visually impaired people get affected psychologically? They can feel less able even after having the same capability as anybody else. The invention of Louis Braille Script has changed this forever.

Since the person who invented Braille Script was blind, he was capable of understanding the challenges. That is why enabling visually weak people with the power of writing and reading and enjoy the written words; the Braille technology has provided equality to everyone. This invention can also be important for encouraging people to reach their goals in life. It can also build their self-esteem and ability to express themselves in written words. Moreover, many can manage their business with proper knowledge of Braille technology.


While people with visual capability can read and write words and help themselves become literate, people with a lack of sight can help themselves to find a means to educate themselves. The difference lies in the process. While others can learn by reading the words, for blind students, the process becomes a little different by using the Louis Braille Scripts.

Besides helping professionals and students take notes, Braille technology also strongly impacts people’s psychology, especially those who lack visual capability. By building self-esteem, the Braille script helps to build confidence and a sense of equality between everyone and brings the best potential out of everyone.